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Utility MQ2AutoForage

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watlol, Bl!ng, eqmule, ChatWithThisName, Sic, Knightly, JerkChicken, GoldenFrog
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Wiki Manual
MQ2Autoforage - INI driven autoforaging. Uses the forage skill and your configured .ini file to keep or destroy foraged items.

It's as easy as,

/destroyitem <item>add/change the specified item in the .ini file to auto-destroy.
/keepitem <item>add/change the specified item in the .ini file to keep.
/startforagecommence autoforaging.
/stopforagestop autoforaging.
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Latest updates

  1. Add Global option to MQ2AutoForage

    Added default [Global] section to INI: Items will read from or write to a global section...
  2. per server ini files

    Support per server INI files to reduce the management of multiple per character INI files. If...
  3. foraging is for the living

    No longer try and AutoForage while FD or Dead

Latest reviews

Fantastic!!! This helps keep me organized and only collecting what I am foraging for.
This just works. Solid and 100% necessary.