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Utility MQ2AutoForage 2.3

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Other Authors
watlol, Bl!ng, eqmule, ChatWithThisName, Sic
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
Live, Emu, TLP, Test Server
MQ2Autoforage - INI driven autoforaging
Rich (BB code):
/startforage - commence autoforaging.
/stopforage - stop autoforaging.
/keepitem {item} - add/change the item in the .ini file to auto-keep.
/destroyitem {item} - add/change the item in the .ini file to auto-destroy.
Character .ini files are automatically updated with items foraged and can be modified via the MQ2Forage_CharacterName_Server.ini file.

Sample .ini file:
Rich (BB code):
[The Emerald Jungle]
Pod of Water=keep
[The Feerrott]
Tuft of Grizzly Bear Fur=destroy
Rabbit Meat=keep
Fishing Grubs=keep
[Plane of Fear]
Fishing Grubs=destroy
Fishing Grubs=destroy
Tuft of Black Bear Fur=destroy
Black Bear Skull=destroy
[Temple of Veeshan]
Pod of Water=keep
Wurm Egg=keep
Glob of Slush Water=keep
Lichen Roots=keep
Dragon Claw Sliver=keep
Drake Egg=keep
Dragon Egg=keep
[The Ruins of Old Paineel]
Fishing Grubs=destroy
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    Removed unnecessary defines Removed unused variables Abstracted ini name setting from the places...
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  3. plays nice

    Sic - Lowered pulsedelay to better avoid conflicts with other plugins and macros