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Latest reviews

Works Great! love the xdots, hotbutton generator, hud everyting. great job for sure. i do get an error, well i take it as an error, where i keep seeing this spammed in the MQ window. "There are no spawns matching: (0-200) pc ID: 14001" does this mean shaman is trying to target something not targetable or found? not sure if it is impacting anything or not.

Keep up the good work !
Thank you for the review! the no spawns matching was a targeting issue trying to get a invalid /target that i had for group main tank, its fixed. Ill release that patch now.
Granted everything promised. DPS easily doubled. Runs great out of the box. No more trying to time the rotations or micro manage character. Really makes the class and game so much more enjoyable.
New Toon Macro has become go-to starting out macro. It's brilliant, thank you.
Phenomenal!!! Heals better than I could. Uses stuff I didn't even know about. Great shaman healer and debuffs/slows mobs and OMG I got 1% life left saving heals. Just WOW! No More Clerics!
Amazing work.
Takes a tedious daily process and turns it into one button.

After some initial setup of the ini, my least favorite part of mulit-boxing is now totally painless. I can't recommend this highly enough.
Worked well.. did it as a druid. Minor tweeks. Thank you very much.
Worked great for a level 100 freshly leveled from 85!
I wanted something that I can set and forget since I am still new to this. I have already seen my DPS increase by 30%
Ty for the review. Still minor bug fixes incoming. So keep an eye out!
A fantastic program that has made running both of my shadow knights much easier. I wish I had gotten this much earlier. The ongoing support is well worth the cost as well.
would have given it 5 stars, but it needs a little more love, is a great macro though, spent hours and hours testing and working out kinks, im willing to say after some twinking it will go above and beyond anything else. good job aipoc
Thank you for your review. Always striving to update as i can!
Fantastic macro, took the pain out of doing one of the worst grinds in EQ history
I fire this once in the morning and once at night. Works great
CWTN Plug ins are the best! The Mq2Cleric makes using a real healer a cinch with great support. Thank you guys for your time and effort!
Works like a charm.
Can run on 9 instances without issue at once while I casually watch Netflix in background.
Amazing plugin, I was doing loot by hand until I discovered this. It saved me so much time and clicks THANK YOU!!!
Minor bug but otherwise this is an amazing plugin and well worth the license fee. I am looking forward to both the MQ2 for cleric and enchanter as well. In addition, I use the MQ2 for Berserker and Shadow Knight with my groups. All of the utilities are a great boost to DPS and functionality. Thank you.

The bug: 64 Beastlord with warder. Warder has level 63 Arag's Celerity and my Beastlord continually casts level 59 Sha's Ferocity. These spells are in the same line and Sha's is blocked by Arag's. This is causing mana issues and a delay in the group pulls. I am not sure where to go to edit this in the plugin. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.