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Latest reviews

little slow but ....Everquest. Cant double amount and not sure if can make it faster without raising flags. Thank you
This plugin has made a huge difference over KA for my cleric and well worth the purchase!
Great effort and thanks. The group macro has been flawless and simple+easy to use.
Cant wait for this to be effective, thank you for working hard on these ini files.
I just added my baby bard who hit 110 today, using this INI boosted dps dramatically. Bard only had 5K AAs but all 106-110 RK2 songs, Amazing!.
Great work as always make my life better. Congrats CWTN/Sic.
Love Love Love Love Love
Thank you!
Thank you
Love this plugin, and all the hard workers who contribute to its development =-)
Had a small issue with the macro, sent a message to jande and within minutes had a response. The fix took a little bit of time but was definitely worth it! Always dreaded the grind to 350 but this macro is amazing, just the shopping list alone would of been great but this goes above and beyond. If I could give this more then 5 stars I would.
Outstanding plugin Doc!!!
I very much appreciate MQ2Nav being used for this version!
Tested it out for about an hour in RoS' Howling Stones using Brewall's Maps and MapFilter NPC Off. There was need to assist with navigating around a few pit traps when I did not want to go down, however, this worked spectacularly. I look forward to testing this in a few other multi-level complicated zones as well.
I would definitely consider RoS Howling Stones to be one of the more difficult dungeon locations to use this.

@TreeHuginDruid, @TeslaTrader
Props to both of you collaborating on upgrading this.
I would love to see this version be added to the RedGuides basic deployment of Macs and Plugins.
Thank you for making this. I also like the flavor text.
Great program! It really is a 'must' tool for your EQ-army!