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Latest reviews

Just Wonderful!
Great way to get going with a fresh heroic SK
Its pretty good for a plug and play plugin for a Zerker. Its not perfect for progression players due to not having all the discs/spells (if it did, I'd give it 5 stars). But its pretty awesome. If your like me and box Zerkers and dont want to mess with KISS settings, this is worth the $20. I'm ready to buy a monk and ranger version.
Really good macro, it’s still a lot of work to farm mats but certainly makes it a lot easier to manage,
So good it makes me want to do tradeskills on all my toons!
Works great. Love this one and the Berzerker one as well. I mained a rogue for years and this plays like I did when fully focused and playing at my best. Actually this is a few steps better than I ever was.
Been fighting a mob a mob for 2 days, I never really came close.... downloaded this, nothing to set up other than /writespells and killed the mob with ease!
A+, very useful.
Holy shizballs... I was sitting on the fence thinking my ini was good but man this is better.
Thank you for taking the time to review the plugin. I rarely advertise it and I let the customers who've already purchased it spread the word on it's abilities to out perform the alternatives. Your review is a welcome addition to the list of reviews.
works as intended
Love this plugin!
Loving this so far, it's increased my survivability by quite a bit. To be honest I've actually learned a few tricks and skills from watching it in action. Running it on a toon in conflagrant and gmm non visibles.
Does very nice fit my playstyle. Does not work like an automatic bot, but helps you doing your job, if you feel a little lazy tonight.
Going to use this all the time
Love it, thank you so much! This is awesome
Within a view our's after EQ-patch a running version out! Great work ... and autogroup now works for me as well.
Hella 5Star Review - I recommend this plugin to everyone
My rogue is only level 75 (TLP) but I like the way this handles the everything since I am not familiar with maximizing rogue game play.