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Latest reviews

Excellent Mod. Takes some time to figure out, but deff. worth the effort.
Works well War doesnt die often :-)
Used this as the basis for my 95 SK, just swapped out the spells for the lower level versions and works really well.
Best Nav Meshes around!
QoL improvement. Coming from a person who spends a lot of time on their back. I love you.
MQ2DanNet version .75 not only allowed me to walk for the first time in my life, but also got me exclusive access to a room full of naked Kate Upton impersonators who were all madly in love with me. It's really incredible. Highly recommend this plugin. Thanks, Dannuic.
I absolutely LOVE this macro - thank you for your contribution to the community!
Outstanding info
Simply the best plugin i have used for zerkers. Easy to set up, and delivers exceptional results. I have been boxing several zerkers for about a year and I have tried various combat assists, this one is the best I have used. Well worth the $20. My box crew is even more insane now. 10/10
The ones I've used so far are perfect
Fantastic plugin. I recently came back to the game to play on a Progression server. Created a Zerker since I never played one outside of a box back in the day. MQ2Melee was getting the job done ok, but I decided to give MQ2BerZerker a try and won't be going back to Melee for this character. This is plugin takes the class to the next level.

On top of all of that, ChatWithThisName is an extremely active member of the community, approachable in chat, and is actively working on updating the plugin and fixing bugs that may pop up. (Note: there was only a typo I found, everything is working fantastically. He still fixed it immediately upon reporting.) Highly recommend this if you play a Zerker or have a Zerker box.
Top notch. This is definitely worth the cost.
Well thought out with good use of conditions.
im hooked! keep up the good work