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Latest reviews

Excellent work!
This Mac is worth every Cent ! Jande is very responsive and helpful and continues to improve this almost daily.
My hardware is sufficent to run 4 accounts smooth, adding the 5th account, all 5 boxes start to lag. Now, using MQ2EQWire I can run the full group of 6 accounts without any sign of lag. Does nicely what I hoped. Gread Plugin.
Absolutely fantastic!
@wired420 maintains and hosts a brilliant navmesh repo as a free service to the community, and now he's made a program that makes it simple to keep your meshes updated. Everyone should run this every single update.
I downloaded this when my 12 box crew started lagging. I use Isboxer's "click though FX windows" which require the background to run at 30fps which I was able to do with this program (very versatile) and it really helped cut my CPU usage. If you are not needing your background windows to run at 30fps you would get even more benefit from this program. I could no longer 12 box without this program unless I bought a new computer.
Wonderful and handy macro!
Thank you for this! Great work
Such a time saver when leveling multiple characters. Thank you
Trying it on a alt who is max lvl but not max aa and all I can say is I reactivated one of my accounts and bought the expansion just so I can use the 110 max aa zerker on it that I thought I was going to retire.
HUGE group dps improvement. Running 2 monks in a group that never would out dps my other groups that now are always doing it!
thank you - 4 and slot 8 spells but can not see what spells are not loading
Make sure your not missing those spells
ok for a bst
I seen this in action and the DPSAPV parse is amazing!