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Latest reviews

Once you get it up and running this is fantastic (even adhoc and not knowing what I was doing still made some good AA). Hytiek is a good dude and was helpful in answering my dumb questions.
Slight issue, it targets the bard and kills it consistently with the DoTs due to melody.
Love this one.
best thing for a DPS member of ur box team
Solid macro - used it this past weekend and took my little bst from 10-60 with ease. Very few hiccups - mostly with the SK being pushed out of the zone sometimes - just play attended and you will see it happening and correct for the win.
This saves so much time while multi-boxing, you are awesome!
Someone beat me to it, now I dont' have to work on it. Is there any way tho to remove the server name from the name in the box. But I like more info, and it gives me a starting spot
that is coming from a dannet setting i think, try this?
/dnet fullnames off
Replaces a number of plugins I was using with one well designed lua script. Definitely a must have.
This hud is a big quality of life improvement. Very customizable!
I own every CWTN that ChatsWithThisName has put out and I have to say I have made more money since having them then ever before best stuff ever
Took me a nin to get the hang of it but so sic yo.
Makes it easy for a newb to set up a team.
This is a great tool!

The click to bring the character into the foreground is a fantastic feature, really changes how I play. I just make sure the Hud is on a separate monitor and just let the EQ windows stack on top of each other.

Adding columns is really easy! I've got a new box crew going, so I was constantly looking at levels, % to go till the next level, and bag space... Putting these values on the Hud kept me focused on leveling and not swapping screens all the time lol.
very worth, tbh worth more than 50/year, cant wait to see how far this goes!
Dude this is awesome! Nice work!
This is awesome, very useful as it is and shows how easily lua can be used to make some impressive tools for use in EverQuest. Thank you for sharing!
This plugin is like /mac scribe but does all the vendors.
Highly recommend CWTN's plugins. Ease-of-use of mercs, but much better AI and customizable. Makes boxing a very enjoyable experience.
Using it already, and has given me a few ideas about my own hud's