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Latest reviews

Before I basically moved my group over to the CWTN plugins, I ran Sic's BST ini for several xpacs and it kicked ass! Definitely the one to run if you're using KA.
Fantastic Program, works like a charm.
It does everything as expected ! What are the req's for the stratos mission? EQ wont let me do it or any of the other higher missions. 120 sk, 120 zerk, 115 bard, 112 beast, 115 mage , 115 bard
Make sure you Get Xgen bridge i was started using it with out it and wow makes it 100x better The dev who made this program is great helps out with all my questions
This is great the Dev who made this xgen is the best really helpful i just started playing again and hard to find groups. this made everything perfect
This works like a dream. It just does all of it. I had some minor things first, when I was bit low on char lvl, but after getting 85+ no issues what so ever. Totally worth of it.
Runs fantastic at 114. Eager to see it run through the higher level once mage gets there.
Runs very well for PoK and Argath, but won't run beyond that now. Tried on every INT caster class and two different plate classes. Very smooth otherwise.
Don't know what I would do without this macro when I start new characters. It ticks off a bunch of mundane tasks so I can get right to the action.
Worth every penny. My necro was PLd, i have no clue what the spells or AAs do. But stuck this in a group and outparsing everyone by a lot and then... the burn? Whoosh!
Interesting setup, tried it briefly but rolled back to another. I'm unfamiliar with CWTN so not sure what you're trying to emulate but felt that named burning specifically was more helpful. A few of the abilities need to be updated, still using older ones here.
my sk zones in fine and drops task fine however my other toons do nothing and cannot figure out why hopefully i can get some support and did not waste $50 on this
don't have much experience with it so far, but truly I'm impressed now!!💯😎👍🏻
I love this so much! Thank you it is amazing!
One of the most useful things that exists in any MQ site, forum, or resource!
just found out its going to take a few weeks for you to write the code to get this to work, i left 3 stars because i assume it works, you just need to learn to code to get it to work.
While on a break my MQ2Chanter expired. I was skeptical about KA for this role. This ini works fantastically. I am only farming ToL named for FTP gear for alts and this makes my chanter shine. Decent dps and locks up mobs nicely. Breaking spawns 6-7 mobs are no problem as the CC is spot on.
Super cool, frees up a few buttons and allows for dynamic updates to rg settings to pcini files. Especially like the moblist dropdown very nice feature :)
This plays my mage better than I do. More dmg - less mana use.