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Latest reviews

It sits! When once my toon wanted to stand when getting hit, he now sits! Amazing! Now I can commit both my German hands to beer and pretzels while my toon sits with the best of them!
Got it working with some help from Aipoc76 as I had things in the wrong folders - but now everything runs smooth and it's a great program!
This worked really really well. Really appreciate the creation of this macro!
Saved me alot of time and hassles filling my shamans spellbook with all the missing spells from serveral old expansions.
This plugin takes a rookie mage player and teaches them what a mage is supposed to be like. Excellent addition to the entire VV package. Only thing to even consider as an issue is when it rests you underwater in hunter mode. :p
created a new ftp Rogue just to sit in the gh to keep the prot open. Used this mac for the first time. Worked fine for serveral ours ... just once a while /mqp'ed which could easily contiunued wwith /mqp
all skills listed where raised by serveral hundreds, apart from forage which stopped at 100 as intended
WONDERFUL addition to the library. Huge QOL upgrade.
I had my doubts, partially because there are so many great reviews, maybe they are screening the reviews? Now that I bit the bullet I understand why they are all 5 star. I wish I did it sooner. I'm honestly amazed at how well its working with me with so little set up.
Works Good so far. Tyvm, for putting the time to create. Very easy to use.
BE WARNED! This macro will also destroy anything you have on your cursor when it is running. So if you pickup an item in inventory and the macro is executing, it will destroy what you have picked up.

That being said, it is a great macro for leveling spell skills.
Thanks for the review. the overview dies say it destroys everything non stackable. Guess i should also add dont pick up stuff.. sorry if you destroyed something on accident.
It saves looking up the conditions. There is ActiveDisc to check, and then 3 types of ability: AbilityReady, CombatAbilityReady, and AltAbilityReady. Any good tank needs to do all this so this is a good starting place for your own ini.
This is one of those gems that is simply indispensable once you realize how much you need it. Talk about saving you from carpal tunnel syndrome! This is it!
Right out the box, ready to use. Recommend watching the video to make sure your classes are using what you have (i.e. Mq2Eskay for tank, kissassist for whatever classes are using it, etc.) Worth every penny!
Love this plugin.. Do wish there was a way to ensure the tank always lead the charge but other then that it is great for leveling :)