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Latest reviews

Newish to MQ2 and even newer to CWTN plugins but this is great. The mez is quick and charm seemed to work well even though my chanter died so quick after charm break i turned it off.

One thing i would request is debuff while mez if possible. Or maybe it is there and i haven't found it yet.
Great plugin. I highly recommend making a hotkey on your "driver" character to tell the group to use the same relocate, such as stein, anchor, fellowship, etc. This makes life so much better!
I have so dreaded setting up my BazaarMule but this has so made that process easy! TY for the hard work.. Def recommend.
Worked great once I zoned into Plane of Health. :)
Worked Great! Easiest quest I never did. :)
Love it. Good dps and it works well.
You set a great macro in motion with tradeskill.mac Thank you for all the effort and time you have given and your willingness to share it with the community. Great Stuff!
Needed to add a bunch of items to my advl ini, and this worked perfectly. I did have to camp out and back in to get the character's ini file to acknowledge my update.
Thanks for the review! If you use the advloot tool and save the generated syntaxes to a new file in user data, then merge that into your character's advloot list using the in game advloot merge utility you wont have to log out.
You guys are the bomb!!! Thanks for all you do!
I really love this program. It has breathed new life into my favorite game. Keep up the good work!
I have been Brewall's maps forever please never stop making them.
Thanks for making this. Great for those casters that you PL up,
Thanks guys. I could not get my enchanter working until I download this.
Great job guys. I can't wait to buy this one.
My boxed cleric is no longer just heal bot. Great job!
This is a great mac that makes it so easy to setup and box. If you have a war you should be running this
This plugin made me create 2 more rogues. Boxing a rogue has always been tough until now. Thanks!
This makes Tankin simple. Thank you for making this plugin.
This is a must have plugin. It makes things so simple and easy.