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Latest reviews

Does everything I need and does it well. Dps is steady and great. Shrinks group and stupid tree pet. It doesn't cure Covid-19 but it makes me stay home and not go out so that is just as good I say.
Fantastic! Helps with those annoying epic 1.0 time sinks. I might actually tradeskill now!
Thank you so much. Was looking for a way to cast if aggro was lower than X and you answered it. Also got a couple of other good tips.
Great work and frequently updated. This tackles a huge pile of tedium and makes it manageable. Your sanity will thank you
Absolutely great mac to dump your supplies to mules. 5*.
My only wishlist item is to be able to send specific items to different mules, but at least they can dump out of your bag space!
Still playing with it but so far it’s great man, very diverse
Thank you for your review!
I am having the same from as Telepathically max AA shaman with all spells and it only loads spell gem 8, any clue why?
Does the job with no setup required, but has some customization ability which is also nice to have. My Rogue is not evading, and my Paladin doesn't know how to go into assist-only mode, so I'm looking into more of those options.
Very creative, well-written macro for the Shaman. The makebuttons ability is out of the box thinking at its best. More important, the macro makes for a very effective shaman. I love the combat nuker option (which weaves frostbitten gift followed by swell for excellent healing power). This is how I like to play my shaman.
Thank you for your review!! Glad your enjoying it!
I've been using MQ2BerZerker for about 2 weeks now, and doing parses between the alternatives, this consistently parses at least twice as high as the others right out of the box. 100% worth every penny. Good stuff CTWN.
Has a ways to go in group(merc) dynamics, and with normal (non-burn/AE) sustained damage.
These work great with very little set up.
Super useful plugin. No more flipping screen to screen to see which toon didn't start their macro/plugin or was still paused.

The quick counts of items in inventory is great on zerkers too, can see how many axe components everybody has in a quick report to your MQ2 window.
When assisting out of group the shaman pet will not attack. How do you fix this? other than that it works great!
Nicely done, works well for standard ground objects, EQ designers must be putting them in difficult to get places that requires manual jumping and such now.
I got all spells, and 40k aa's spent... for some weird reason its only loading spell gem 8... and nothing else