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Latest reviews

This is a super bad azz script. Just found it today and tried it. Love at first sight. Thank you for your time and efforts in sharing this. Can't say enough about it.
Another fine script. Well done. Thank you for sharing.
Simple and to the point. For anyone that likes to check Lua Expressions for accuracy, this Saves a ton of time. Thank you for sharing.
Fantastic plugin! Impeccable, sustained, consistent blade-work from my rogue thanks to this.
This is incredible! No more burning my eyes trying to read partial names on the taskbar. Excellent tool! Many thanks.
This is macro is awesome lol; I was just blown away how fast it skilled up. If only there was a macro for every skill that leveled up skills this fast lol
I don't know why it took me so long to find this or how I survived without it. One of the best little efficiency plugins ever.
Really awesome utilization of the warrior kit. The dps and survivability is top notch, can't ask for more. Highly recommended!!
Another fantastic plugin, great dps and overall utilization. They've even incorporated things like CotH so that you don't need to pause anything. I've learned by now that when in doubt, trust that all these plugins are working exactly the way they're supposed to. Can't ask for more than that!
Really amazing plugin like all the rest! How you use your kit while tanking is highly customizable. Depending on your content you can optimize things for dps/defense/chain pulling. Many thanks to all involved!
Highly recommended, customizable playstyle between dedicated healer and hybrid dps, totally worth the money!
Awesome plugin, fantastic DPS, couldn't ask for more.
Highly recommended, customizable playstyle and all you could ask for!
Highly recommended, really fantastic work!
Thanks!!! worked as expected!!!
A very cool feature, neat and handy, thank you
Got given a free trial by Hytiek around 11am, by 14:00 I'd asked for the trial to end and just bought it.

I work in multiple locations and being able to run this without fear of busybodies and safety of not encroaching other would totally recommend. Thanks for your help and guidance Hytiek.