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Latest reviews

Works great if you run the updater after patches.
Very helpful when working with INC and MAC files in Notepad++.
So easy to figure out thank you!
Works exactly as advertised. Cut my CPU and GPU utilization a substantial amount. I'm using it with ISBoxer and I actually adjusted my FPS limits higher for both fore and background in that CPU strategy wizard. Then using this I've set my background to 2 fps so I can still get an idea what those characters are doing on my 2nd monitor. With 6 chars running before I'd be close to 100% CPU on my 6-core FX-6300. Now I'm running about 50% with all 6 instances running Kiss 11.008 and I'm actively pulling mobs. There is one thing to get used to, when running in the background all you see is the base picture without any text boxes. It's more like watching a movie in full screen mode.
Works great does what it says on the tin.
20180921a does not work, gives me a date mismatch for Sep 18...
Hey bud, run the Very Vanilla updater and the EverQuest launcher again. DBG released a new eqgame.exe yesterday.