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Latest reviews

Had this Macro for over a year, and the love the ease of use that this and the many other macros that CWTN and Sic create. Worth every penny! Even pulls the mobs to your group!
Really great, this is exactly what I needed!
Outstanding job! Even for someone who is illiterate at computerish, this is simple and works.
My cleric is 106, so I copied this to my Clerics' kissassist macro then replaced the spell names that were higher than lvl 106 with my spells that I had at 106, and INCREDIBLY, it worked the first time out!!!
Thanks so much Sic.
P.S. I still do not know what some of the stuff does, but I love it.
Very consistent and easy to use when it is updated, which unfortunately is only about half of the time. Daybreak has been updating quite a bit, and every time this breaks due to a simple version desynch. With gamefile updates every ten days and updates to this version lagging by five, it just does not keep up or get the attention that the live version does.
Updates break more than just offsets, there are entire structs that need to be re-done. Some of the most destructive (from our perspective) updates to EverQuest happened this year, and like all patches they hit the Test server first. Even if there was twice the effort put into Test that we put into Live, it would still lag with updates in comparison.
even a blunt instrument like myself was able to understand
Great work!!, waiting for the 115
Great plugin. Easy way to grind AA's and those last levels on a new toon.
Group missions went flawless! Raids worked great especially with the map and strategy posted!
Nice one !!!! Thanks Worked perfectly!!!
Used Brewing, Pottery and, worked pefectly, but TAILORING dont worked for me.
Collected all items on requiered list but, not worked. List needs be revised... I think , in the list (the one u see on the web) it will be necessary to add some things Cat pelt... an other smithing ... but im not sure.
Just revise it if u want it works 100%.
Anyway thanks for your great macro.
Wow this thing is awesome!!
Great for low maint playing
I was hesitant at first after seeing some of the posts mentioning all of the configs needed. I was pleasantly surprised after the purchase to find it not as scary or as difficult as the posts made it seem. Absolutely worth it. Hytiek - well done! and thanks for the personal support when needed!!
excellent work with v2 and v3. Great tool to have unless you like spending 2 hours a day updating traders.