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Latest reviews

works great. makes life easy!!
I had a chance to pay a little early and use it while it was in its final stages of development. It's awesome. Buy this.
Rock solid. Latest update is a definite improvement too.
been working great but on pulls will run out grab a mob go back to camp then turn around and run out again to pull another mob gets stuck out at second mob any changes to fix this ?
Check with KISS as it sounds more like the base macro rather than the ini
Great Plug-in!!! Amazing Job, Hope he comes out with more plugins for the other classes I Play!
Healing Mearatas named NO problems. with just this Shaman ini Group geared and Nowhere near max aa Only about 2k above autogrant. In t2 and nonVisible from the zone.
Just started playing with this. OMG where have you been all my trade skill life?
Great work, eliminates the guess work.
Works perfectly for my needs, doing Whistling Fists and using this to gain faction so an enslaved iksar will talk to me.
Love the ini. Max AA Shm. I need to get from T2 to T3 TBL gear for the shaman to drop the cleric from the group completely.
This is one of redguides only true plug and play macro systems with hardly any minimal set up required. The work these chars can put out are quite nice sure its not top of the line dps or heals but for what it does do is function as a normal played group. Need named killed? It can do it. Need quest done? It can do it! Need assistance with some raid boxes it can do it!
Inadequate for usage in general. It only has 4 buffs, but my 100 cleric with autogranted aa's, and 4 worn clickies, has 16. I also DPS and have spells for that, as well as 17 lines of heals to deal with group content, using conditions, and while healing Zerks, who have special hp control issues. Additionally there are a variety of aa cures to utilize, burn abilities from aa's, and a reason to use GoM, since you have it by this level, use it to cast an expensive group heal!
Nice app , allows afk farming.