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Latest reviews

thank you for doing this! the amount of work you put into this must be huge, we very much appreciate it! keep up the good work!
thank you for doing this!
This is a huge undertaking. This zone in particular is a super PAIN in the backside to mesh. Thank you to @Saar for taking the work and putting this together for everyone. Saved me a whole bunch of headache
is the bees knees still a thing?
Great damage and good support even at level 1.
Good addon - but not as explosive of a result as MQ2Berzerker (I know, gear and AAs). Taking a star off because it made me want to play my zerkers more.
While I can agree that the Rogue class does not put out as much damage as the BerZerker class, I don't feel that the class lacking the ability to do more damage than a berserker should have an effect on the rating of the plugin itself. If you feel the plugin should be performing differently and can provide some information that shows why, and what those changes are, then I'll be happy to adjust the plugin accordingly.
Totally delivers... taking one star off because ... EQMule doesn't need it. :)
I quit playing my necro and started a 6 box team because of this plugin. Worth every cent.
nice one!
You are witnessing the death of EQBC.
Just a superb plugin to ease the GPU/CPU load on boxing and increase responsiveness in the background
Superb. This puts out amazing DPS with outstanding reaction time. Simple to set up and does exactly what it promises. Would recommend for anybody running one or more zerkers in their setup.
Working great so far! Make sure you buy your 13th spell gem asap to get the most out of it
no spell list
If you aren't using this plugin, you are fknoff.
SO nice!!
I have been using this since he released it. its simply Amazing the difference in dps. Watching mobs melt in less than 8 seconds consistently is well worth it. Can not recommend this plug in enough.