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Latest reviews

I use this plugin every day!!!
Love this Lua! Really usefull and so easy to use! Great job!
This is AWESOME. It took my dumb ass a lil' minute to figure it out but once I did I've been blown away. Astounding amount of work getting this together. It's a LOT of fun and saved me from wrist surgery.
Raid must tool.
Have run 4 epics from 0 to 2.0 with this, even in its beta state. Well worth it.
Fantastic as expected.
I love it. It's very simple and a great way that I can lazily move from one mob to another to farm target mobs. I am specifically using it for tradeskill items for my 350 grind.
Amazing plugin. It let's me focus my time in game on quests and raids, leaving the aa grind to the bot. Hytiek has also been extremely responsive to issues, definitely worth the $50.
Most Exellent!
Even if ya have skull made of solid bone, like mine, you can still use this.
Most of the time. It does not compensate low memory.
Have to remember put it on :)
This has helped me soooo much. I have a problem where I have to do achievements on my boxes as well as my main even if they aren't necessary. This helps me monitor the status rather than atl + tabbing to check each box.

Thank you!
This macro is really useful.
I would highly recommend it.
I use not to bother about my epics because i simply had no time, for this.
Now after 20 years, I can a last do a few of them.
Cool. Conditions were useful :)
man I love this I get so tired of searching through my hunter tabs, simple and really convienient!
Very nice! I am using it alot on my two warriors!
Not only is this a great script that everyone has a use for, Lisie has been extremely responsive and is pushing this script toward perfection quickly. Well done!
Works well and the only place I found this info all together.