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Latest reviews

Love this, it is an incredible way to run a mage. it is easy, out of the box and good.
makes restocking inventory so much faster
5-Stars for continuing to make quick updates and adjustments. Great dev.
Did the boring parts for me - thanks! Worked no problem at all.
Ran this today on a few heroics, had to re-start the macro in some portions but other than that it ran smooth as could be, fantastic job. Thanks!
I am very happy with this bard build. DPS is solid, getting about 180K sustained over time, in a group where my bard is often locking down a couple mobs. I don't use the pulling, but I did play around with it and it seemed solid. You'll probably want to check your gear and edit out what doesn't work and add in what you have.
Simple, gets the job done and improved upon daily
Works exactly as I expected it to, no issues at all. Love that I can spend less time setting up prices and more time gaming.
Works exactly as I expected, no issues at all.
It's currently free until 08/01/2021, it's as of this moment included in your compile. No need to buy it until the 1st.
If you could kindly delete this review and post questions in the discussion, that is the more appropriate place for questions. If I'm losing 2 stars for not making it available for purchase yet, you could also revisit your review on the 1st and apply the appropriate amount of stars.
Ran six toons through this quest, no issues, nice Aug.
the Plugin really works pretty well and there is a lot of work putting on, but I would love to see my beast uses his Ferociousness IV AA (id 38030 from, Lucy) on burning Command , and a shielding command also in case of getting hits and assigned as Tank or TankPulller like protection of the warder and shielding companion AA's, or to cast companion Aegis in case of pet is tanking.

Thanks a lot
Man, /mac lockpick is Awesome, just hover over the PoT book on the table and 441/441 in like 2 min. Great Mac guys!!!
when will it come out to tlp?
I'm afraid I don't understand the question. It's available for all live servers that macroquest currently works on, including for MQNext. It's currently included with the compile. You just need to load it with /plugin mq2mage load

It will be a paid resource starting on the 1st of August.
I love this program. I just got back a week or so ago and, I had forgotten how amazing this is. Great job.
MQ2Shaman has been fantastic for my first real foray into boxing. I play without mercs except to rez and buff and the shaman has been as better than most group pick up players by far. It is the main healer for War & Zerk. Still nothing like having your trusty years developed mate xyz shaman when sober but, is always there...always.
Gets the job done. Thanks for sharing.
Well Done!
Took me way longer to figure out than I care to admit, but all my toons gained AAs thanks to this macro. Thanks!