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Latest reviews

aweosme work
Even better than the original! Great work!
This is a no brainer - Get it - Great work Jande
exactly the simplicity i was looking for!
Oh my god that was amazing! Great macro, ran perfectly.
Awesome, and just found out that it can support merc aas now too.
This should be in the default client.
Just starting to use it. And that's just awesome !!!!
Love RGMercs. I couldn't find any other place to put this feedback as Discussion is locked.
Druid was running fine on Live server all day Saturday 16 Oct, then Sunday morning would not start and closes the macro with the message below. No changes on this end, but I see there was an Update to RGMercs on the 16th after I already had it started.
"'WARNING: Undefined Variable DRU_Downtime_1_Rotation_Map used on line [email protected] /if (!${${rotationMap).Add[${cast_item},"${Parse[1,${condition}]}"]}){
Macro closed.
There is an extra { at the end, but I cannot seem to find this line in any files that I am able to modify.
Just want to say that people down-rating this excellent plugin to document their own incompetence at using them are idiots, kinda. :D I love all of the CWTN plugins, but Beastlord even more so as it is one of the most complex characters you can play in game. There simply are never enough options or spell gems. These guys did a miracle with this excellent and easy to use plugin.
The DPS output is legit! Have been using on a 112 ranger getting 110k+ consistently with middle of the road gear. Using Answer in mainhand and Ensorcelled whip in offhand
I was sceptical at first and this has turned out to be worth every penny.

I run with an unusual box setup (NEC|SHD|CLR) and three mercs (I may fire up my three berker boxes and run CWTN's great plugin that I helped beta two years ago and fill them in),
and while I made quite a few Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard (PEBCAK) mistakes, I was finally able to get it running with KissAssist for my Necro and CWTN's plugins for the
Shadow Knight and Cleric.
For the last two days, I've been running GMM on grind and have gotten about 1000 AAs for my 111 Nec and 110 Cleric and Shadow. This rate of AAs beat any week of farming AA in Ethemere camps
or the Beach in Morell's Castle back in the day (2+ years ago).

I only started trying the Goblins and Fools grind this evening, and though it had a few hiccups, it's running faster than GMM (obviously) and giving better regular XP to my 111 but worse AA than GMM
(GMM I got 1 AA per kill, here in Goblins and Fools I'm getting about 10AA total for the run but <2% Regular XP at a faster run time + loot).

111 SK: 5.452% Level XP end of run 111 NEC: 93.859% Level XP end of run 111 CLR: 23 AA at end of run
111 SK: 7.282% Level XP end of run 111 NEC: 96.148% Level XP end of run 111 CLR: 33 AA at end of run
111 SK: 8.732% Level XP end of run 111 NEC: 97.960% Level XP end of run 111 CLR: 42 AA at end of run

I can't wait to try higher level grinds with better AA / gear / levels!
New user here. Helped me alot to break it down like this. Thanks
Exactly what i was looking for with my loot manager.
Using it now for about a week now. After I learned how to do the settings of all the parameter-defaults I am very sadisfied.

After I learned to set my own meele-positioning I haven't seen any more spell-interruptions.

The way the autofollow is done in "chase" mode is the best I have seen so far. Works well even in areas, where other solutions of following fail, like dungeons with bridges and other obstacles where it's easy to get lost. This for me makes this plugin more reliable than other solutions. As my main group is done with CoV we are doing missing hero-aa's of the past. Doing so, the last days we did some crawling through Chardoc the past days. There was never the need, to manual correct the following of the ma the whole night, the chase-mode did a perfect job.
For this content of older expansions, the hybrid-mode is the best healing-mode for me.
The full healer heals as well as my own kissassist.ini
The hybrid-healer heals better and does slightly less dps than my own hybrid kissassist.ini
This plugin is more responsive than kissassist, as expected. An interpreted script can't be as responsive as a compiled plugin.
Not a must have, but likely the best solution around for your shaman.
Everyone has to get this! Takes the grind and makes it enjoyable, like watching TV!

One word: AWESOME!!
Outstanding! I can finally box on my old machine.
Saves SO MUCH time...thank you!!!!