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Combat Assist MQ2War 2019-10-06

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Beta - This is not complete. This is ALMOST ready, but it doesn't have a defensive "Burn" routine and as such should not be used for the most current content.

Wanted to drop this on everyone to give it a go. I'm fully aware that there are no defensive discs for a "burn" type routine at this time.

Give it a go, tell me what you think. I will be working towards a burn routine for named on the defensive side of things. If you are NOT the MA it will do a DPS burn when burn conditions are met, and it will not do aggro generating abilities in an attempt to gain aggro. If you are the MA it will do aggro generating discs/combat abilities

Documentation will follow eventually, for now use /war help

If you have questions, please post to the discussion page for this resource.
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