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Combat Assist MQ2War 2020-11-20

Software Requirements
MQ2Nav (Optional only for Manual mode, required otherwise) MQ2MoveUtils
Server Type
Live, TLP, Test Server

2019 ESA Winner
Be sure to scroll down for additional information on the plugin.
Redguides Exclusive - NO, this won't work on the other guys build.

MQ2 War!


An example of your map when in pullertank mode
Blue circle is my /war Radius (the radius from which I will pull mobs)
Green circle is the range of my pull item (my bow in this case)
Red circle is the group's camp
These circles will get "set" on your map when you set your camp and they will stay in place when you run (as you can see by second image)


Tank is the top green arrow - "out of camp" because I'm pulling, but you can still see the stationary "camp"

Below is the warrior's abilities used on each timer. Some timer options are not used, and are mentioned as such. The abilities are from the highest level to lowest level.

Be sure to type
/war missing
to ensure you have all the abilities for your character.

//Timer -1 - WarAura
Champion's Aura
Myrmidon's Aura

//Timer -1 - Armorer (Short Duration AC Buff, recast anytime in combat)
Paragon Champion
Field Champion
Field Protector
Field Guardian
Field Defender
Field Outfitter
Field Armorer

//Timer -1 - Defense (Active Disc for defense)
Courageous Defense
Resolute Defense
Stout Defense
Steadfast Defense
Stalwart Defense
Staunch Defense
Bracing Defense

//Timer -1 - Voice (Increase dodge chance of group members)
Commanding Voice

//Timer -1 - ThroatJab (Increase Cast time for casters)
Throat Jab

//Timer -1 - Lionhearted Rally-Cry (AoE which terrifies or impedes enemies - Not currently used. If you can tell me why it should be added and for what situations I'll take it into consideration)

//Timer 2
Ultimate Stand Discipline
Culminating Stand Discipline
Last Stand Discipline
Final Stand Discipline
Stonewall Discipline
Defensive Discipline
Evasive Discipline

//Timer 2b
Offensive Discipline

//Timer 3
Fortitude Discipline
Furious Discipline

//Timer 4
Mighty Strike Discipline
Charge Discipline

//Timer 4
Biting Tongue Discipline
Barbed Tongue Discipline

//Timer 5
Armor of Relentless Runes
Armor of Tenacious Runes
Armor of Darkened Runes
Armor of Stalwart Runes
Armor of Mystical Runes
Armor of Phantasmic Runes
Armor of Timeworn Runes
Armor of Draconic Runes
Aura of Draconic Runes
Aura of Runes Discipline

//Timer 5 - Offensive
Weapon Covenant
Weapon Bond
Weapon Affiliation

//Timer 6
Brutal Onslaught Discipline
Savage Onslaught Discipline

//Timer 7
Stormstrike Defense Discipline
Tempestuous Defense Discipline
Shocking Defense Discipline

//Timer 8
Kragek's Roar
Kluzen's Roar
Cyclone Roar
Krondal's Roar
Grendlaen Roar
Bazu Roar
Bazu Bluster
Bazu Bellow

//Timer 8 - Shield Reflect
Shield Reflect - Not currently used.

//Timer 9
Ancient: Choas Cry
Bellow of the Mastruq

//Timer 9B (Strike)
Precision Strike
Cunning Strike
Calculated Strike
Vital Strike
Strategic Strike
Opportunistic Strike

//Timer 10
Knuckle Break
Knuckle Snap
Knuckle Crush
Knuckle Smash

//Timer 10
Tempest Blades
Dragonstrike Blades
Stormstrike Blades
Stormwheel Blades
Cyclonic Blades
Wheeling Blades
Maelstrom Blade
Whorl Blade
Vortex blade
Whirlwind Blade
Cyclone Blade

//Timer 10 - Forceful
Forceful Attraction

//Timer 11
Flash of Anger

//Timer 12
Strike Through
Jab Through
Punch Through

//Timer 12b
Wade into Battle

//Timer 12c - Not used.
Determined Reprisal

//Timer 13
Fourth Wind
Third Wind
Second Wind

//Timer 14
Roar of Challenge
Rallying Roar

//Timer 14b -- Self Heal, out of combat long reuse - Not used.
Inner Rejuvenation

//Timer 15
Unending Attention
Unyielding Attention
Unflinching Attention
Unbroken Attention
Undivided Attention

//Timer 16
Warrior's Rampart
Warrior's Bastion
Warriors Bulwark
Warrior's Auspice

//Timer 17
Oppressing Shout
Burning Shout
Tormenting Shout
Harassing Shout

//Timer 18
Finish the Fight
Pain Doesn't Hurt
No Time to Bleed

//Timer 19
Phantom Aggressor

//Timer 20
Dissident Shield
Dichotomic Shield

//Timer 21
Concordant Expanse
Harmonious Expanse

//Timer 21b
Concordant Precision
Harmonious Precision

//Timer 22
Shield Sunder
Shield Break
Shield Topple

If you have questions, please post to the discussion page for this resource.

First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 8 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 10/21/2020

    - Corrected Disarm to lvl 10 instead of 35. - Will now correctly use dps glyph if not...
  2. 9/09/2020

    - Added additional stacking checks for Expanse.
  3. re-build since VV was rebuilt

    applies same hotfix as this am

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