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Combat Assist MQ2Melee 8.802

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Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
The classic MQ2Melee, used for automating melee skills and movement in combat.

Q. What is the name of my ini file?
A. Your MQ2Melee ini is named after your server and charter in the following format sever_Charactername.ini
  • If your character's name is Bob and is on the Povar server the file would be povar_Bob.ini.
Q. Where is my ini file?
A. Your MQ2Melee ini file is located in the root folder of your MQ2 compile. i.e. c:/macroquest2/povar_Bob.ini

Q. Why is there no ini file in my Macroquest folder?
A. MQ2Melee does not automatically create your character ini file. You must use the following command to create the file.
Rich (BB code):
/melee save
Q. Why are my /melee commands not working?
A. There are some macros that create an alias for /melee that can change what echos in the MQ2 window i.e Zbot. To fix this, type the command below but be aware it will over write any alias your macro created for /melee.
Rich (BB code):
/alias /melee /melee
Q. How many downshits/holyshits does MQ2Melee support?
A. MQ2Melee currently supports up to 15 of each downshits/holyshits.

Q. My downshits/holyshits are not working?
A. Check to see if they are turned on. Each downshits/holyshits must be numbered and have corresponding downflag/holyflag set to 1. If you had 4 holyshits in your ini file you need to have 4 holyflags as well See example below.
Rich (BB code):
Q. Why isn't my spell/item/AA isn't being cast?
A. MQ2Melee uses MQ2Cast for casting a spell/item/AA. It must be loaded and the proper syntax is as follows:
Rich (BB code):
/casting "Minor Shielding"
/casting "Fabled Journeyman's Boots" item
/casting "Radiant Cure" alt
Q. Why isn't my Aura casting? ${Me.Aura[Aura of the Pious].ID}
A. Recent changes in MQ2 changed the syntax of Auras as follows: ${Me.Aura[Aura of the Pious].Length} See cleric example below.
Rich (BB code):
downshit1=/if (${Spell[Aura of the Pious].Stacks[0]} && !${Me.Aura[Aura of the Pious].Length} && !${Me.Moving} && !${Me.Invis}) /casting "Aura of the Pious"|8
Holyshit and Downshit snippets.

Do something when target health below 95%
Rich (BB code):
Do something when target health above 85%
Rich (BB code):
Do something when target health between 85% and 98%
Rich (BB code):
${Target.PctHPs}>85 && ${Target.PctHPs}<98


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