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Combat Assist MQ2Melee

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Software Requirements
MQ2MoveUtils for movement (/stick parameters)
MQ2Cast for spells, AA's and item clicks
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu TLP Test

Wiki Manual
  1. Features
  2. Commands
    1. /melee
  3. INI File
  4. Top-Level Objects
    1. Debugging TLOs
  5. Troubleshooting
  6. FAQ
  7. More Examples & Guides
The classic MQ2Melee, used for automating melee skills, abilities, AA's and movement in combat. It can also be configured to handle pets and some items depending on combat conditions.

  • Auto use abilities according to user settings and game conditions.
  • Auto-equip defined items for bashing, backstabbing or ranged attack.
  • Built in user conditions to restrain the use of certain abilities.
    • Auto-stand on Failed/Broken Feign Death.
    • Monitoring of "Begin to Cast" messages for automatic Bash/Slam/Kick or casting of defined stuns.
    • Automatic turning on/off of Attack on Enrage/Infuriate.
  • MELEE:
    • Auto-equipping of weapon set(s) prior to engaging (aggro/non-aggro sets).
    • Auto-use of defined combat or other abilities.
    • User-configurable /stick arguments.
    • Auto Taunt when you loose aggro on target.
    • Configurable spells to cast to gain/maintain aggro.
    • Back off/Feign/Evade fight if your health goes below a point.
    • Auto Resume fight if your health goes back above a point.
    • Provoke can be configured to cast any AA, disc or spell. It will auto-detect if you lose aggro, and then attempt to use any of the defined spells to regain it.
      • To determine the proper Spell ID for any Discipline, Alternate Ability or Spell to be used with the provoke/stun commands use one of the following commands:
        • For Disciplines use: /echo ${Me.CombatAbility[${Me.CombatAbility[<disc>]}].ID}, replacing <disc> with the name of the Discipline.
        • For AAs, use /aa info <AA name>. The first number (before the AA name) is the Spell ID.
        • For Spells, use /echo ${Spell[<spell>].ID}, replacing <spell> with the spell name.
      • Alternatively, you can look on Lucy for the discipline/spell/AA and get the ID from there.
    • Stuns can also be configured to cast any AA, disc or spells when MQ2Melee detects that your target begins to cast a spell.
    • Provoke and Stun have built-in values, but they can always be overwritten using the command line (eg. /melee provoke0=5015) or by editing the provoke0 setting in the INI file and then typing /melee reload in game.
    • Toggle between Melee/Ranged mode according to Target distance.
    • Swap In/Out defined ranged items (bow/throwing).
    • Auto refill ammunition slot when less than 80 in a stack.
    • Built-in /throwit command you could use to pull (see below for explanation).
    • Auto-Sleep mode while auto-fire is on.
    • Configurable automatic facing of target.
    • Issue /pet back and /pet hold after each mobs dies.
    • Configure pet to wait to assist till mobs within range.
    • Configure pet to wait for a specified time before assisting.
    • Pet mend if its life goes below a certain point.
    • Option to automatically re-engage target when no longer mezzed.
    • Backup pet on enrage/infuriate events and re-engaging of target.
    • Auto /pet hold if you manually hit back button or do /pet back.
    • Allows for conditional use of various abilities/disciplines.
    • Allows for customized actions based on conditional statements.
    • Provides MQ2Data information for better macro integration and HUD designs.
    • Can be used with custom user-defined conditions.
/enrageoff <targetID>Tell plugin to react like the enrage event is over.
/enrageon <targetID>Tell plugin to react like an enrage event was detected. Target ID is optional.
/infurateoff <targetID>Tell plugin to react like the infuriate event is over.
/infuriateon <targetID>Tell plugin to react like infuriate was detected.
/killthisTell the plugin you want to attack current target.
/melee [on|off] [setting=on|off]... [setting=<int>]...Turns settings on and off, sets items for settings that require them, and turns the plugin on and off. /melee by itself will list all settings that are available to your character.
/throwitTell plugin to perform a ranged attack on current target


TLOs (Top-Level Objects)
TLOData Type(s)Description
MeleeMeleeHolds the Melee datatype which is much more interesting
meleemvbA TLO for debugging skills
meleemviA TLO for debugging variables
meleemvsA TLO to debug options

  • I have made changes to my INI settings. How do I activate the new settings?
    If you have MQ2Melee loaded and use an editor to make changes to your INI file, use /melee load to reload your settings. Alternatively, you can unload and reload the plugin.
  • I keep having to making changes to my melee settings from the command line. How do I save the new settings?
    From the command line type /melee save.
  • I can't get the StickCmd to work
    With Version 4 of the MQ2Melee plugin there was a change to the StickCmd, wherein it no longer requires "/stick" in the parameters. The old format of "StickCmd=/Stick hold 10 moveback" thus becomes "StickCmd=hold 10 moveback". Also you will have to execute /melee stickmode=1 to tell the plugin to use stick arguments from ini and not built-in default /stick behaviour.

Q. What is the name of my ini file?
Your MQ2Melee ini is named after your server and charter in the following format sever_Charactername.ini
  • If your character's name is Bob and is on the Povar server the file would be povar_Bob.ini.
Q. Where is my ini file?
Your MQ2Melee ini file is located in the root folder of your MQ2 compile. i.e. c:/macroquest2/povar_Bob.ini

Q. Why is there no ini file in my Macroquest folder?
MQ2Melee does not automatically create your character ini file. You must use the following command to create the file.
/melee save
Q. Why are my /melee commands not working?
There are some macros that create an alias for /melee that can change what echos in the MQ2 window i.e Zbot. To fix this, type the command below but be aware it will over write any alias your macro created for /melee.
/alias /melee /melee
Q. How many downshits/holyshits does MQ2Melee support?
MQ2Melee currently supports up to 15 of each downshits/holyshits.

Q. My downshits/holyshits are not working?
Check to see if they are turned on. Each downshits/holyshits must be numbered and have corresponding downflag/holyflag set to 1. If you had 4 holyshits in your ini file you need to have 4 holyflags as well See example below.
Q. Why isn't my spell/item/AA isn't being cast?
MQ2Melee uses MQ2Cast for casting a spell/item/AA. It must be loaded and the proper syntax is as follows:
/casting "Minor Shielding"
/casting "Fabled Journeyman's Boots" item
/casting "Radiant Cure" alt
Q. Why isn't my Aura casting? ${Me.Aura[Aura of the Pious].ID}
Recent changes in MQ2 changed the syntax of Auras as follows: ${Me.Aura[Aura of the Pious].Length} See cleric example below.
downshit1=/if (${Spell[Aura of the Pious].Stacks[0]} && !${Me.Aura[Aura of the Pious].Length} && !${Me.Moving} && !${Me.Invis}) /casting "Aura of the Pious"|8

More Examples & Guides

Holyshit and Downshit snippets.

Do something when target health below 95%
Do something when target health above 85%
Do something when target health between 85% and 98%
${Target.PctHPs}>85 && ${Target.PctHPs}<98

MQ2Melee Examples (Timers and /multiline and Healing, Oh my!) by @Araaak
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