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Utility MQ2Nav 1.3.3

Other Authors
eqmule, plure, xowis, jdowling, drwhomphd
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
  1. Live
  2. Emu
  3. TLP
  4. Test Server

2018, 2019, 2020 (x2) ESA Winner
MQ2Nav allows intelligent navigation and pathfinding in EverQuest. The plugin also includes an optional in-game overlay.

To make a mesh, use MeshGenerator.exe.

  • Meshgenerator tool to make and modify zone meshes.
  • Can handle tricky terrain. including stairs and doors.
  • Waypoint system
  • Navigate to doors, items, characters
  • Customize navigation based on an area in the zone
  • Test paths in Meshgenerator.
A full feature list with screenshots can be found on the MQ2Nav wiki.

For quick setup and usage with KissAssist, consult our MQ2Nav guide.
For build instructions, see the github readme.

  • /nav Target Navigate to your current target.
  • /nav Stop Stop navigation.
  • /nav Pause Pause navigation.
  • /nav ui toggle displaying the in-game user interface
  • /nav [save | load] Save/Load settings.
  • /nav Reload Reload Navmesh.
  • /nav Recordwaypoint <waypoint name> <waypoint tag> create a waypoint.
  • /nav loc X Y Z Navigate to coordinates.
  • /nav Item [click] [once] Navigate to item (and click it)
  • /nav Door Navigate to door/option (and click it)
  • /nav wp <waypoint> Navigate to waypoint.
  • /nav help shows in-game help
More commands and details can be found on the github command page.

Macro Data Reference
Include MQ2Nav in your macros with brainiac's guide.

Common issues:
"mq2nav won't load"
Download and install the latest Directx for win 10.

"the zone is too big so I can't make a mesh"
try changing the tile size.

Beginner's Guide:

MeshGenerator Advanced Tutorial:
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 4 ratings

More resources from brainiac

Latest updates

  1. 1.3.3

    The navmesh compatibility version has changed in this release. MQ2Nav is backwards compatible...
  2. 1.3.2 build #133

    1.3.2 This is a minor release of MQ2Nav Features Add ${Navigation.Velocity} which returns the...

    1.3.1 This is a bugfix release of MQ2Nav Bug Fixes Fix for potential floating point error when...

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