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Utility MQ2DanNet 0.72

Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Here we have an auto-discovery peer to peer networking plugin that utilizes ∅MQ and zyre. I have linked the README.md on the github for command/TLO/ini reference.

The gdrive link points to the latest live build, but the source compiles for ROF2 and Test without modification, so feel free to clone https://github.com/dannuic/MQ2Dan and compile it (all required libs are built and statically linked along with it). I usually have a test build available since I play on test, so if you are lazy then I might be able to send it to you.

Also, @Redbot has added this to VeryVanilla, so you can get a version of it just by downloading your chosen compile, but I cannot guarantee that it is latest. As the plugin matures more, this will almost always be true.
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Live, Emu, TLP, Test Server
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Latest updates

  1. fixes & a feature

    corrected detection of "all" group echos/commands , and added auto raid and fixed default 'all'...
  2. MQ2Dan Updated

    Fixed string stability issue Added auto group channels and commands.
  3. more stability fixes

    Found more ways the thread might zombify, and fixed it.

Latest reviews

must have
Seriously game changing plugin, essential to modern day MQ2 set ups.