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Combat Assist MQ2Cast 11.1

Other Authors
s0rCieR, A_Enchanter_00, htw, devestator, Maskoi, EqMule, three-p-o, trev
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
Live, Emu, TLP, Test Server
MQ2Cast - This is a plugin form of Spell_Routines.inc, and far, far superior. It can, among other things, memorize and cast spells, recast them, and, with the use of MQ2CastTimer, monitor the estimated duration on long term spells like DoTs, Buffs, etc. The plugin can also deal with events, similar to MQ2Events.


Rich (BB code):
/casting "Arm Cannon" mainhand -forceswap
A nice little HUD snippet to go with the plugin:
Rich (BB code):
CS1=3,425,150,255,255,255,~~ CASTING ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
CS2=3,425,162,255,255,255,Cast Effect: ${If[${Cast.Effect.ID},${Cast.Effect.Name},NONE]}
CS3=3,425,174,255,255,255,Cast Timing: ${Cast.Timing}
CS4=3,425,186,255,255,255,Cast Ready : ${Cast.Ready}
CS5=3,425,198,255,255,255,Cast Status: ${Cast.Status}
CS6=3,425,210,255,255,255,Cast Result: ${Cast.Result}
CS7=3,425,222,255,255,255,Cast Stored: ${If[${Cast.Stored.ID},${Cast.Stored.Name},NONE]}
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