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Combat Assist MQ2Cast

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s0rCieR, A_Enchanter_00, htw, devestator, Maskoi, EqMule, three-p-o, trev, alynel
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This is a plugin form of Spell_Routines.inc, and far, far superior. It can, among other things, memorize and cast spells, recast them, and, with the use of MQ2CastTimer, monitor the estimated duration on long term spells like DoTs, Buffs, etc. The plugin can also deal with events, similar to MQ2Events.

  • Reliably casts spells (auto-recasts on fizzles or gate collapses). Will attempt to immobilize you before casting. Will cast immediately a spell is available, before the gem is even fully ready.
  • Intelligently and reliably memorizes spells and allows saving and loading of custom spell sets. Will attempt to immobilize you if moving.
  • Clicks items and activates AAs. Will equip items in bags before clicking, and then return them once clicked.
  • Utilizes MQ2Bandolier to swap in sets of items before casting (ie. Focus items).
  • Auto-pause Stick and/or Advpath if detected and resume when complete.
  • Custom interrupt function, to interrupt spells during casting (includes dismounting).
  • Returns control to the macro immediately after it has started (ie. while the spell is casting), to allow the macro to perform other checks. Eg. while casting a heal spell, you could get the macro to check if the target has already been healed and then interrupt your spell if his HPs are above a certain amount
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[git] Automation options?
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