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Combat Assist MQ2Monk 2019-12-07

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Software Requirements
MQ2Nav (optional), MQ2MoveUtils
Server Type
Live, TLP, Test Server

MQ2Monk Overview

BandoSwap and Monk: First Look

While there are some tank abilities utilized with MQ2Monk (Death Line, Earth, Step, and Counter Disc Lines), MQ2Monk is designed around DPS - we may add more tank consideration later, but we have those items added for now.

We optimize a 4-tier burn routine built around our 4 primary dps disc lines:
Heel - Dicho - IoT - Spire
Speed - Dicho - IoT - Spire - Ton Po's - (Will use Focused Destructive / Destructive if Ton Po's is down) and Poise
Terrorpalm - Dicho - IoT - Spire - Focused Destructive / Destructive (Ton Po's if FD/F is down), and Poise
Ironfist - Crane

Silent Strike

If we are not in tank mode we will use Eye of the Storm as a filler, and Earth as a filler regardless of role

Feign Death:
you can toggle /monk usefeign on to toggle on FD or not - currently it is designed that it will only use FD if usefeign is on & you are in manual, assist, chaseassist, or pullerassist mode.

Mend is set to fire at 80% health since it comes back quickly

Swift Tails
Swift tails is set to be used at 60 mana/endurance

We will use our Breaths line at 40% endurance and out of combat

Purify Body
We will use our purify body in and out of combat if we have a Disease, Poison, Curse, or Corruption debuff on ourselves. (Also Blindness, Root, Snare)

Puller Mode:
Currently, it is using the lvl 83 Vigorous Shuriken ability to pull. This will be updated in the future to use Distant Strike AA ability

Same as other CWTN plugins you can /monk useintimidate to toggle on/off this ability

Kicks & Claws?!
As of now, it is hardcoded to use Flying Kick if you are 30+, Round Kick if you are 5-29, and Kick 1-4
and Tiger Claw if you are above level 10.
It is possible, if there is enough request, to add the other kicks and punches with the ability to toggle them as needed/wanted

We will use these ability lines whenever they are available.
Fists of Wu
Zan Fi's
Two-Finger Wasp (comes back quick enough not to hold)
Firewalker's Precision
Doomwalker's Precision

We have these abilities added to the backend, but currently, do not have anything added for split pulling or mezzing

Fists of Steel & BandoSwap?!
We created a function that will have you swap to 1hb/h2h until Fists of Fury procs, and then back to your 2hb. Some want this; some will not. Currently, reports are saying the benefit isn't that strong at current end game AND I can confirm, the proc can actually proc using only 2hb autoattack. If they fix this in the future OR you want to use it anyway you can /monk usebandoswap on

We're using similar "tier'd" logic for which dicho/dissident to use --- if you have Tier 1 of Dissident ensure you actually have the "Dissident Form Trigger 1" in your spell book - if you do not, go to Virtuous Dusk and say "reminder" get "update" your rank 1 ability

- Fixed a problem that caused progressive spell scrolls to fail to scribe their first ranks. If your new Dissident ability is failing to cast when you activate it, go to Stratos and ask Virtuous Dusk for a reminder.
This allows you to swap targets if your MA swaps target
/monk switchwithma on
Digital product
License duration
365 Days
20.00 USD
Renewal price
20.00 USD
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