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Contest 2nd Annual EverQuest Software Awards. Win Krono & Prizes For Voting (1 Viewer)


Oct 15, 2004
EverQuest Software Awards

RedGuides is proud to host the 2nd annual ESA. Votes are public and you may change them.

Win a fabulous prize for voting!
Select a Category to Vote

Voting in a category enters you into the drawing. Vote in all categories for 5 entries.

Door Prizes for Voters (chosen by in-game /random)

EverQuest: The 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition (Hardcover)
IMG_20170920_161120sm.jpg IMG_20170920_161149.jpg

Torment of Velious (Expansion Pack)

Three Krono

RedGuides Mug

Three Packs of 1994 Keith Parkinson Fantasy Cards

1578694618827.png 1578694710648.png
Feel free to use this thread to discuss the contest!

No purchase necessary. No more entries after February 24th, 11:59 PM PST.
Drawing of voters will be held in-game on the Vox server, by use of /random. Time & location of the /random will be posted after contest ends, you are welcome to attend.
Did we miss a piece of software that should be included? Reply and we'll add it.
Shipping of physical items is to USA only, an alternate prize will be selected if shipping is too expensive.
Posting with multiple accounts or screwing with the contest will lead to certain doom.
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Oct 15, 2004

MQ2Farmtest "Will help you farm specific creatures or area's in everquest for needed slayer achievement or items" - ChatWithThisName
MQ2DamageParser "A damage parser for EverQuest" - eqmule
MQ2XAssist "A plugin for outside group assisting" - eqmule
MQ2IniX "For macro authors. Writes Key=Value to [Section] of FileName" - s0rcier
MQ2BerZerker "WIth MQ2BerZerker your berserker is all the DPS you need." - ChatWithThisName
MQ2ShellCmd "Run a shell command from inside EQ" - Knightly
MQ2Rogue "MQ2Rogue - Stabbing you in the back since 2019" - ChatWithThisName
MQ2Twitch "Chat with Twitch users while you stream, directly from the EverQuest client" - eqmule
MQ2Collections "Collection types for MQ2 -- useful for scripts to create stacks, queues, maps, lists." - TypePun
MQ2Eskay "Tired of Dying? Let your SK do it." - ChatWithThisName
MQ2Sql "ODBC connector that allows you to utilize any database outside of EQ" - dencelle
MQ2MacroTool "GUI utilization for using macros in-game" - dencelle
MQ2PluginManager "Quickly view loaded and unloaded plugins, and one click load and unload of them." - ChatWithThisName
MQ2DotNet ".NET / C# Plugin and "Program" API" - alynel
MQ2War "Tank'n n Spank'n your way through content has never been easier" - ChatWithThisName
MQ2Status "Status report for your toons" - Sic
MQ2Py "python extension for mq2 developed by brainiac" - brainiac
MQ2KissBuffs "update KissAssist_Buffs.ini regardless of the macro or plugin you're using to run a character." - ChatWithThisName
MQ2Relocate "Easier use of relocation items/aas, as well as specific logic to handle "converting"" - Sic
MQ2Monk "Voidness is that which stands right in the middle between this and that." - Sic
MQ2TSTrophy "Trophy Swappin` Utility" - Sic
MQ2AutoClaim "Automatically claims DBCash from being an all access member." - ChatWithThisName

Trial of Three decoder ""Trial of Three" quest helper: takes your group to the correct room" - joojoobee
Druid macro for emu Ultimate EQ (healer) "Healing druid" -Enine
Ultimate Token Turn in Ultimate EQ (emu) "Token turn-in for ultimate boss" -Enine
Wizard nuke macro Ultimate EQ (emu) "Nuke for Ultimate EQ wiz" -Enine
Brell's Fishing Rod Fishing Macro "This is a bare basic fishing macro for use with brell's fishing rod." -jdkars
StickCmd.Mac "Pro mq2melee tool for setting your custom stickcmd= on the fly from ingame." -kaen01
A macro for moving around in the wending ways TBL trial "AKA Trials of Smoke" -eqmule
Dont Sink! Swimming Practice! "swimming skillup" -mybottysosmexy
IHCMercs - (War,Clr,Enc,Bst,Wiz,Ber) "High performace class specific macros with an out of the box config and unified command structure" -ihc385
Fish Eyes in the Dark "a macro to complete Fish Eyes in the Dark 19th Anniversary solo task" -ChatWithThisName
Get Drunkard's Stein on all chars and all accounts "Get Drunkard's Stein on all chars and all accounts" -eqmule
Knightly Includes File "Probably useless to anyone except Knightly" -Knightly
Claim Daybreak Cash Include file "Never forget your free fake money again..." -Knightly
THF Cleric Macro (Donor Item's included) Fully automated heal "Fully automated cleric for THF Emulator" -Enine
Vault - Store similar items in your house's vault "vault, housing, real estate" -ShinNoir
itemsort.inc - Item Sorter.. of DOOM "vault, bank, guild bank, tribute, personal tribute, guild tribute, parcel" -ShinNoir
PoKScribe "Scribe Macro that will take you to PoK and cycle your class vendors" -Sic
tranq_swim.mac "The best swimming macro you don't need." -gSe7eN
RoTs.mac "A very simple Remnant of Tranquility management tool." -gSe7eN
GroupAssistant.mac "Will follow group around and keep them buffed and healed" -kaen01
Auto_CLR: Saar's Version of Auto Cleric "Run your cleric smoothly, no setup required. Updated version of Noobhaxor's classic" -saar
cohort.mac "Converts ALL Amorphous Cohort's Pieces into class specific armor" -playj
Check Loyalty Tokens and Remind You - Include File "If you're not usin em you're losin em..." -Knightly
DPSMeter.inc "a DPS meter you can include in your macros" -Maskoi
Ture "easy to use Ture combat macro" -saar
LeaveGuild.mac "Macro to leave your guild" -Sic
GuildDeposit.mac "Making Guild Banking Easier" -Sic
Bat Phone Camper "Simple macro for camping named mobs and alerting you when they spawn while you do something else" -ihc385
navto.inc "ease MQ2Nav use in macro's" -LamahHerder
Guildrob "Stealin your guildbank!" -Sic
dumpaa.mac "MQ2AASpend dumpaa helper macro" -hellfyre
Ghetto Magelo "Because the real thing is too expensive when you have 36 toons" -vsab
TBM Progression: Seal of Approval "Because running and hailing is boring" -vsab
Core "The complete boxing solution" -exspes007
zonebench "Zone multiple times and average the zoning time to give you an idea of how fast you zone" -LamahHerder
shiny.mac (EQ collection items) "Manages collection in housing, allows easy retrieval/sorting" -jande
Bard Melody Macro with Alliance Burns "Melody Singing Mac." -Aipoc76
Shaman Healer "non-stop Shaman Healer, INI driven to work with 90+." -Aipoc76
No Heroism Without Fear macro by EqMule "This macro demos the new Task tlo to finish the mercenary j5 quest No Heroism Without Fear" -eqmule
Explore.Mac - An Explorer / Traveler Achievement Macro "For Your Evolving Efreeti Boot Needs" -Denethor
ItemSorter "Parcel off items you want to keep" -jande
Tradeskill recipes (max out Artisan's Prize) "Learn all recipes to get to the maximum skill" -jande
LazySupplies: Restock your reagents with one button "Simple macro designed to nav around pok and buy reagents depending on class." -hellfyre
PigClaim: Simple Currencly Claim Macro "A Simple Macro that claims all currency on all your bots" -KingArthur
TankBandoSwap "EZ Tank Bandolier Swapping - can be used with MQ2War or MQ2Eskay" -Sic
Summon SNACKS "Snaccccckkkkksssss" -drwhomphd
Set Social Keys "Want a bunch of default social keys for Very Vanilla's tools? Look no further." -drwhomphd
LobbyRez "LobbyRez inspired by TreeHugginDruid's LazyLobbyRez" -Sic
Run.mac - From Lobby to ToV Eastern Wastes "Simple Macro - Pok/Lobby to ToV The Eastern Wastes -Beta" -earykee
Spells.Mac "Easy lists of your spells and aa and memmed spells for use while building inis." -kaen01

MQ2Vendors "Lets you setup a search list of items that you want to be notified about if they popup on a vendor." - ChatWithThisName
MQ2Yes "Adds a command to accept confirmations." - Kaen01
MQ2Radar "displays a radar onscreen like many other games" - eqmule
MQ2TargetInfo "Distance, line of sight and place holder info directly on target window!" - eqmule
MQ2TributeManager "Adds a /tribute command in game for automatic tribute management." - wired420
MQ2EasyFind "Traveling Assistant for anything in the Find window" - eqmule
MQ2EQBC "Issue commands to other toons connected to the EQBC Server. Control all toons at once!" - jimbob
MQ2SQLite "Interact with a SQLite database" - Knightly
MQ2NetBots "Provides Linked MQ2EQBC Client way to exchange/share statistics/status" - woobs
MQ2Profiler "Why my macro slow?" - alynel
MQ2Posse "Checks for PCs in a defined radius identifying them as friends or strangers" - plure
MQ2DanNet "auto-discovery peer to peer networking plugin, similar to EQBC but better" - dannuic
MQ2Nav "Assist with intelligent navigation using a Navigation mesh of a zone file." - brainiac
MQ2XPTracker "Tracks Exp gained over time." -ChatWithThisName
MQ2Map "Provides additional functionality to the in game map." -ChatWithThisName
MQ2AutoLoot "control looting automatically" -plure
MQ2Log "Plugin writes all mq2 chat window output to your MQ2 folder /logs/servername_charname.log" -wired420
MQ2MyButtons "Adds an extra row of buttons which you can assign any command you like" -Knightly
MQ2DPSAdv "Shows the dps output of you and people around you in a custom dps window" -ChatWithThisName
MQ2AutoGroup "will create your group, set group roles, and then run a command" -plure
MQ2Rez "Will assist you by accepting rez based on INI settings." -ChatWithThisName
MQ2AutoForage "ini driven automatic foraging" -eqmule
MQ2Twist "Assists with the twisting of bard songs" -plure
MQ2Medley "MQ2Medley Bard Song Scheduler" -plure
MQ2SpawnMaster "Get an alert when a rare spawn pops" -ChatWithThisName
MQ2Spawns "Announce all OnAddSpawn and OnRemoveSpawn to a dedicated window" -ChatWithThisName
MQ2PortalSetter "set the guild portal with two clicks." -ChatWithThisName
MQ2FeedMe "Food-handling plugin" -Sic
MQ2Heals "Assists with Healing" -jimbob
MQ2AFNuke "It should assist the group/raid MA, and nuke." -jimbob
MQ2Melee "Automate melee skills & movement" -ChatWithThisName
MQ2AAspend "Spend AA's quickly" -ChatWithThisName

MoneyPot.mac (formerly Cauldron.mac) "Keep & destroy items from Mage's cauldron line of spells" -TheFiddler
Simple experimental environment (Forge, Kiln, etc) combine macro "Simple experimental environment (Forge, Kiln, etc) combine macro" -Rooster
AAList.mac - List only the latest Expac AA - HoT, VoA & RoF "AAList.mac - List only the latest Expac AA - HoT, VoA & RoF" -Wolfborn
Farm.mac "It will kill anything near you, and wander the zone" -ChatWithThisName
Fish.mac by Chatwiththisname "A fishing macro" -ChatWithThisName
Level10.mac (Get a char to level 10 with Red Wine) "Grabs money and repeats the red wine quest until a character is level 10." -Knightly
Multidrag.mac "Once you get within range of a player's corpse it will try and summon it." -kaen01
Tradeskill.mac "All tradeskills combine assistant - ini driven - mass produce - learn - skill up" -Rooster
[Macro] CheckBarter.mac "Assist with selling items in your bags to players currently in barter mode using an INI." -ChatWithThisName
newtoon.mac - setup to get ready to level "newtoon.mac - setup to get ready to level" -LamahHerder
Parcel.mac "Sends all TS/Collectible items via parcel to designated player" -ChatWithThisName
Pocketfarm.mac "Farm all the things" -kaen01
KissAssist "The most-used all class box assistant, for beginners and experts." -ctaylor22
Ninjadvloot.inc "An include file for macros to help with looting" -Maskoi
Hatchery.mac "Assists with running Hatchery to power level" -morisato
ModBot.mac "All class combat assistant for advanced users." -woobs
GroupCast.mac "Basic group cast macro" -jackstraw01
DumpsterDive.mac "Finds and buys items other players have sold to merchants" -toadwart
MuleAssist "EqMule's fork of KissAssist, with advanced conditionals. The macro used by the MQ2 master himself." -eqmule
GiveItems.mac "Gives all, some, or one tradeskill items, or collection item, or user defined group to a PC or NPC" -toadwart

WinEQ 2 "Window manager and optimizer. Includes EQPlayNice." -Lax
ISBoxer "Manages the client and each character window for multiboxing." -Lax
MQ2Macro extension for VSCode "Provides colour syntax highlight and other goodies for editing Macros in VSCode" -Dwendrox
EQBCS.exe (EverQuest Box Chat Server) "The server for MQ2EQBC" -jimbob
EverQuest Inventory Report (EQIR) "Exports an organized list of your character's items." -Fanra
Brewall's EverQuest Maps "map files for every EverQuest zone" -Brewall
GamParse "A log parser for data freaks. DPS, heals, and more via in-game overlays." -Gamanern
[Emu only] EQTrainer - EverQuest Hacking Program "EQTrainer - Free EverQuest Hacking Program" -erfg12
MeshUpdater (MQ2Nav Meshes) "Basic updater for MQ2Nav meshes. No more wasting bandwidth." -wired420
Good's EverQuest Map Pack "Goodurden made a map for every zone" -Goodurden
RedGuides Launcher "Automatically installs and updates Very Vanilla MQ2, plugins and your favorite macros" -r1pt1de
MacroQuest2 "an add-on system for EverQuest" -eqmule
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Diehard is a christmas movie
Jul 30, 2006
It’s fantastic to see this because I view it as sort of like a summary of all the work people put into the community this year. I can’t help but notice that the last few years have seen the community grow, which is surprising given we all play a 20 year old game.

well done to everyone... not just the eventual winners!


Jun 10, 2015
Cheers to whoever wins the mug, mines seen a few thousand cups of coffee in its day. xD



Well-known member
Mar 1, 2014
already liked that last year and like the idea this year, too :-)
(I still have the card pack unopened *lol* cannot get around ripping it apart)
Nov 30, 2019
So I do not play on VOX I assume to participate I would have to roll up a level 1 correct ? I voted in all categories already just not sure if I had to be on VOX.
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Oct 15, 2004
So I do not play on VOX I assume to participate I would have to roll up a level 1 correct ? I voted in all categories already just not sure if I had to be on VOX.
Nope, you can be on any server you like. You're not required to attend the drawing in order to win.


Well-known member
Mar 1, 2014
So I do not play on VOX I assume to participate I would have to roll up a level 1 correct ? I voted in all categories already just not sure if I had to be on VOX.
Well - only if you wish to follow the drawings - then - yes you would need a character there.
And for the Krono? Maybe - but only if Red wants to send it to a character on Vox (it could be done on any other server, too). So it depends.

In general? Just like Redbot said: NOPE.


Oct 15, 2004
The results are in!

Favorite New Plugin of 2019
@ChatWithThisName (maintainer) had an impressive clean sweep of this category, a record that may never be broken. His class plugins are extremely easy to use, produce immediate and impressive results, and he's improving them literally every day. There were also many notable new utility and developer plugins this year that deserve mention, including MQ2Relocate by @Sic giving us a way to quickly (and legitimately) zone around the world, MQ2Collections by @TypePun gave us collection types outside of arrays, and MQ2DotNet by @alynel gave us C# and .Net capabilities.




Favorite New Macro of 2019
In the most competitive and crowded category this year, IHCMercs took the gold with its zero-config combat routines that boast impressive DPS, heals and tanking as well as ease of use, thanks to the work of @morisato (maintainer), @drwhomphd, @ihc385 and others. An extremely close finish for 2nd and 3rd went to @joojoobee's clever quest decoder & @Denethor's ambitious Explore.Mac to which we owe our shiny Evolving Efreeti boots 👢. @jande's tradeskill macro missed an ESA trophy by a single vote!


Trial of Three Decoder

Explore.Mac - An Explorer / Achievement Macro

Favorite Updated Plugin of 2019
For the 2nd year in a row, @brainiac takes the gold with MQ2Nav thanks to its seamless navigation of any zone. @jimbob's maintenance of MQ2EQBC nabs a surprise 2nd place finish despite MQ2DanNet threatening to replace it, and @eqmule adds another ESA trophy to his collection with MQ2EasyFind.




Favorite Updated Macro of 2019
For the 2nd year in a row, @ctaylor22 & @Maskoi's all class macro enjoys a blowout win with KissAssist for its release of version 11, with revamped conditions and dannet support. @kaen01 secures his first ESA Trophy with his quick and easy farming macro Pocketfarm.mac, and @ChatWithThisName shocks the world with a 3rd place for the efficient & fun Fish.mac




Favorite Stand-Alone & Misc Software of 2019
In a surprise to no one, MacroQuest2 once again takes the gold thanks to the efforts of @eqmule, @brainiac, @swiftymuse and others. @r1pt1de earned second place by figuring out a way to deliver updates from hundreds of authors to thousands of users with the RedGuides Launcher. EQBCS.exe, @jimbob's box chat server (an important thing for a multiboxing community) took 3rd place. Was @wired420 robbed of a trophy for his brilliant MeshUpdater? Yes.


RedGuides Launcher


Authors: Thank you so much for sharing your work with the community, you're the reason we're here.

Winners: please contact me with a CHARACTER NAME on the VOX SERVER so I can parcel your krono!

The "Door Prize for Voters" drawing will be held in-game on the Vox server today, Feb 27th, at 5 PM PST. Join us in Crescent Reach!
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A Member to Remember
May 15, 2016
I'd like to thank the Academy, and my Gods, and the Producers and Directors of MacroQuest and especially the team at Redguides who make this all possible and <music starts to play> and <Joojoobee starts to cry and hugs his award> and all the beautiful people in my category you are all winners and I am so honored and of course my wives and families and <Ogre bouncers start to push Joojoobee off the stage>...
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Oct 15, 2004
Placeholder for results of the voter door prize drawing!

Drawing may be late, I'm putting together a list of everyone's votes now. ETA: 5:30pm PST

Attached: rgdrawing.xlsx is a list of the 2,741 😲 votes cast, and I'll use /random to determine the winners. Download it now so you can verify the drawing is legit!


DRAWING COMPLETE! Download the contestlog.txt (a couple names changed to protect in-game identities) if you're curious how it went.

Congrats to:

@ellsa20 on the Keith Parkinson (RIP) cards, EQ's original artist. PM me shipping info :)
@Connie on the coveted RedGuides mug. PM @Maskoi with shipping info :)
@achilise on the 3 Krono! PM a character name on Vox, and I'll parcel them ASAP.
@eqtrader74 on the ToV expansion pack! PM me and we'll sort it out ;)
@Lud on the EverQuest 10th Anniversary Hardcover Book! PM me with shipping info :)

And just a reminder, if you're an author and your creation won an award in this post, please PM me a character name on Vox, as you have Krono coming your way!


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Sep 16, 2019
congrats to everyone! As a community of gamers we have greatly benefited from the work of anyone who has contributed to MQ2's macros and plug-ins in some way, shape, and form.

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