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Utility MQ2Medley

Other Authors
winnower, Dewey, plure
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
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🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu TLP Test

Wiki Manual
Song scheduler for the modern bard.

Known issues:
* -targetid is not %100 reliable. works most of the time for me, but under some circumstances may not work.

This plugin grew out my frustration with MQ2Twist and it being hard to change from twist to twist while still being efficient and not recasting the songs that already had signification duration left. Was hard to use aria, "A Tune Struck in My Head", and burn twists effectively

This is the next evolution of MQ2Twist. Features
  • set conditions for each song in the medley. Only want to cast on named? Only want to do insult if mana > 10%? Only want to cast dots if attack is on? Only want to cast mana regen when not in combat?
  • Advanced queuing support. Can specific target of queued spells for mez or cure and plugin will switch back to existing target with plugin reflexes. Optional interrupt when queing song.
  • Adapt your song song set without missing a beat when under the effect of "A tune stuck in my head"
  • priority scheduling. Did you just mez 3 mobs? Switch back to your most important spells automatically
  • switch from medley to medley while still remembering the duration of current songs. Named up? just do switch to your burn medley to introduce new songs to the mix, while knowing what songs are already up.


Add a section to your server_playername.ini file like
Rich (BB code):
song1=War March of Jocelyn^18 + (6*${Medley.Tune})^1
song2=Aria of Maetanrus Rk. II^13 + (6*${Medley.Tune})^1
song3=Blade of Vesagran^180^${Melee.Combat}
song4=Fjilnauk's Song of Suffering^18^1
song5=Arcane Melody^18 + (6*${Medley.Tune})^1
song6=Silisia's Lively Crescendo^45^1
song7=Nilsara's Chant of Flame^24^${Melee.Combat} && ${Medley.Tune}

/plugin MQ2Medley
/medley melee

You are now singing songs

INI Format

Can define multiply medleys in section named MQ2Medley-medleyname.
Define up to 20 songs, song1-song20
Each song has 3 parts separate by carrot(^) symbol
Part 1: Song, Item or AA name
Part 2: Duration the song lasts, this must be an expression like you would send to ${Math.Calc[part2]}. This how long you expect the buff to last. Notice use of ${Medley.Tune} in my example to increase duration if A Tune Stuck in my Head is up.
Part 3: Condition for this song to cast. Also an expression for Math.Calc

Songs will cast in priority order, song1 > song2 > ... > song20
Songs that are not ready, will be skipped (Crescendo, Items, AA, etc)
Songs that still have active duration will be skipped (typically will start casting a song if less than 6 seconds left on their duration)
If all songs are active, then will cast the one that will expire soonest.

/medley [option] [setting] | [queue <song name> <id> [-interrupt]]Controls a queue for bard songs

Command examples
/medley melee
play medley defined in [MQ2Medley-melee] ini setion
/medley queue "Dirge of the Sleepwalker" -interrupt
Interrupt current song and cast AA "Dirge of the Sleepwaler"
/medley queue "Slumber of Silisia" -targetid|${Me.XTarget[2].ID}
When current song ends, will mez XTarget[2], briefly switching target to XTarget[2] then switching back to current target.
Target will be switched for one pulse, which is typically less than 20ms
/medley queue "Blade of Vesagran"
Add epic click to queue
/medley queue "Lesson of the Devoted"
Lesson of the Devoted AA will be added to the twist queue and sung when current song finished

TLOData Type(s)Description
MedleyMedleyHolds a form that returns the current medley, as well as the Medley data type.

Plugin Interaction
MQ2Medley has no plugin dependencies

MQ2Twist - should be able to coexist, just don't /twist and /medley at the same time
MQ2Cast - recommend not using this on your bard. use "/medley queue" to cast items and aa with cast time. use /alt activate or /cast item to cast instant cast AA and items, can do this even while medley is active (bards are awesome like that)
Source Repository
[git] Automation options?
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Latest updates

  1. 05/28/2024

    〰️Commits PR # [8](https://github.com/RedGuides/MQ2Medley/pull/8): to use /useitem for item...
  2. Quicktime improvements and more

    Compute song cast time dynamically (fix slow cast during quicktime) Track dot timer per mob...
  3. 20230219

    〰️Commits Update for v143 Addresses https://github.com/macroquest/macroquest/issues/635...

Latest reviews

I love Medley. It takes some time and effort to get it started and to understand how it works for newer RG members but once it's set up, it works perfectly. Thank you winnower.