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User levels

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Membership Levels and Benefits

Level 1 (free) - Register Here
Hey, the price is right.

  • Access to all public & level 1 sections
  • Can earn "RedCents" by posting helpful content, which can then be spent on higher levels of membership. Earn your way to level 2 for free!
  • Private messages per hour: 8
  • Private message limit: 30

Level 2 (as low as $6.65/month) - Sign up here
Simply the best.

  • Very Vanilla, the ultimate multi-boxing utility. Works on official servers & test server.
  • Support for any issue you run across.
  • The largest macro and Lua collection for EverQuest on the internet.
  • Can give "RedCents" to other users
  • KissAssist - the quickest and easiest Everquest boxing macro.

Level 3: Creators (not for sale)
Only for contributors.

  • Access to the Creator's forum.
  • A nice cloak.
  • If you've submitted 3 quality resources (plugins, guides or macros) and have been around awhile, you'll join these ranks.