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Sic's Hotkeys

Utility Sic's Hotkeys

Server Type
Live, Test Server

Since Chat just added all of the CWTN plugins to use shortnames for their commands you can also replace any /${Berzerker.Command wtih /${Me.Class.ShortName} and not have to have...
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Latest updates

  1. Updated to include a video "Sic's Move Your Toons Guide"

    Created a video demonstrating the use of some of these hotkeys and how i move my group around...
  2. Reorganized a bit, changed the Berzerker.Command to Me.Class.ShortName

    - put the "frequently used" hotkeys at the top - these are the ones i get multiple questions...
  3. Updated with some of the CWTN commands i use

    Updated post with some of the CWTN commands I use

Latest reviews

thanks Sic, this gives a great place to start. now to be able to import them to all my boxes simply :)
Awesome sic as always! Spent today working out using Knightly's parse, updated the Camp on to (if you wanted to update): /bcg //if (${Parse[0,${Me.Class.ShortName.Equal[BER]}]}) /zerk mode 1