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Sic's Hotkeys

Utility Sic's Hotkeys

Server Type
  1. Live
  2. Emu
  3. TLP
  4. Test Server
To use the /cwtn and /cwtna etc ALIASES, please make sure you create them.
There are instructions...
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First release
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Latest updates

  1. Updated to include a video "Sic's Move Your Toons Guide"

    Created a video demonstrating the use of some of these hotkeys and how i move my group around...
  2. Reorganized a bit, changed the Berzerker.Command to Me.Class.ShortName

    - put the "frequently used" hotkeys at the top - these are the ones i get multiple questions...
  3. Updated with some of the CWTN commands i use

    Updated post with some of the CWTN commands I use

Latest reviews

One of the resources I come back to time and time again. Thank you!
Sic I Have to say thank you for your efforts. You have Made EQ fun Again! I Started long time ago ,(not beating my chest) because the game got so group/guild depended. I found myself planning my day around the game. Returning player.......Now I can have few ipa's. wipe out my own group!
Makes it easy for a newb to set up a team.
Awesome stuff for newbies
Best compilation of hotkeys on redguides. 10/10 will link page to people.
nice job ...wish I understood more about what you are talking about. Been a member for a while but do to health reasons, I am just now getting into learning the ins and outs of the best way to utilize MQ2 and Kissassist.
it gets easier with time! Sorry to hear about your health issues, you'll get the hang of it soon enough.
Thanks Sic. What's the pink potion?
some cureall potion
thanks Sic, this gives a great place to start. now to be able to import them to all my boxes simply :)
Awesome sic as always! Spent today working out using Knightly's parse, updated the Camp on to (if you wanted to update): /bcg //if (${Parse[0,${Me.Class.ShortName.Equal[BER]}]}) /zerk mode 1