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Utility MQ2Rez

Other Authors
ChatWithThisName, Knightly, brainiac, TheZ, dewey, s0rcier, jimbob, eqmule
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
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  3. TLP
  4. Test Server

Wiki Manual
A plugin that will accept resurrections based on any conditions you set. Inspired by Wait4Rez.mac.

/rez [ accept|safemode|voice|silent ] [on|off] | [ pct <#> ] | [ setcommand <command> ] | [ help|settings|release ]Configures settings related to if and when you accept a rez, as well as notifications.

This plugin can also be configured through the in-game GUI, available with /mqsettings
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Latest updates

  1. mqsettings panel, "/rez ui"

    added /mqsettings, https://gitlab.com/redguides/plugins/mq2rez/-/merge_requests/1 added "/rez...
  2. (MacroQuest "Next") MQ2Rez new settings gui & demo

    You can now adjust your rez settings via the /mqsettings gui
  3. Added option for /rez delay #, so rezzes can be delayed again.

    https://gitlab.com/redguides/VeryVanilla/-/merge_requests/414 Added code to delay rezzes by a...