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    MQ2Posse - Checks for PCs in a defined radius identifying them as friends or strangers

    MQ2Posse allows you to create a friends list so any PC coming into range will be identified as a friend or stranger.
    If a stranger is it identified you can run commands such as /endmacro
    It also has several TLO's that allow you use MQ2Posse in your macros.

    /posse - Lists command syntax
    /posse on|off - Toggles checking of new pc's. Default is OFF
    /posse status - Shows the current status and settings
    /posse load - Loads ini file.
    /posse save - Saves settings to ini. Changes DO NOT auto save.
    /posse add NAME - Adds NAME to friendly list.
    /posse del NAME - Deletes NAME from friendly list
    /posse clear - Clears all char names.
    /posse radius # - Sets check radius to # (ex: /posse radius 300).
    /posse list - Lists current names and commands.
    /posse notify on|off - Toggles notification alerts. Default is ON.
    /posse friendnotify on|off - Toggles notification alerts for friends. Default is ON.
    /posse strangernotify on|off - Toggles notification alerts for strangers. Default is ON.
    /posse guild on|off - Toggles ignoring guild members, meaning guild members are invisible to all checks. Default is OFF.
    /posse audio on|off - Toggles audio alerts. Default is OFF.
    /posse testaudio - Test plays the audio alert.
    /posse cmdadd "COMMAND" - Adds COMMAND that is executed when a stranger is near
    /posse cmddel # - Deletes a command that is executed when a stranger is near

    ${Posse.Status} - Returns enabled status as true/false
    ${Posse.Radius} - Returns size of check radius
    ${Posse.Count} - Returns how many total people in radius
    ${Posse.Friends} - Returns how many friends are in radius
    ${Posse.Strangers} - Returns how many strangers are in radius

    The Global list must be manually entered in your mq2posse.ini file.
    Type /posse save to create the file.

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