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Combat Assist MQ2Ranger 2286

Other Authors
Software Requirements
MQ2Nav (included with VV)
MQ2MoveUtils (included with VV)
Server Type
🏢 Live TLP Test
“An archer’s heart is steady, their aim unwavering, and their spirit as strong as the bowstring.”


First release
Last update
4.33 star(s) 12 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 2/21/2024

    - Additional checks by name for spire and auspice - - this is to cover other rangers using a...
  2. 02/14/2024

    - Added ability to heal npc on xtarget - - options: XTargetHealNPC (true/false) & HealNPC (#)...
  3. 01/03/2024

    - Correct ProcKillShot trigger checking across all levels

Latest reviews

I have run a couple rangers as DPS for a long time. I should have rated this plugin at release, but I always forget to do these things. I used to have several custom KissAssist .ini files running my rangers in the past and they were fantastic. This plugin, however, gives much better control and I am able to pull some great numbers from my rangers. 5 mil+ burns under the right circumstances. Well done, CWTN and Sic. I appreciate you guys!
This one is my favourite. My Ranger has been collecting dust for years and now its fighting for top with my rogues dps. Honestly I don't know what I would do without these plugins. EQ used to seem like a hard game, now it feels like a an RTS on easymode.
So no matter what I do, my ranger will not use autofire. Even when sitting with shaman at range or I can throw him across the map. I even turned on bow>melee and still will run 400 units to throw hands with the mob. Second will constantly cast over just ranged dps.
In the FAQ and the video for MQ2Ranger it states that you need to change your stickhow to use a distance greater than 30, there is a premade one with 35 in it. You'll want to use that one to range.
Great plugin I highly recommend it. Nice addition to my team.
For the ease of use this Ranger plugin is really nice but there are KA INI's that runs better then this plugin also DPS wise.
Works pretty well. I am on a tlp server so maybe that has something to do with the problems i am having with it. Few issues i see is ranger seems to run out of mana after about 3-4 mobs due to spamming dew line of spells. He also burns trueshot disc first on his burn even if he is in melee range. Fix for this if anyone is wondering seems to be to turn on BYOS (Byos custom has him put his spells back on for some reaosn for me), only throw up one of each of his ice and fire DD spells(highest level one) and remove dew line.
I frakking love it...pew pew...die! 'Nuff said
A very fine product, been doing amazing on my neglected ranger. The ranged scripting on it is $$
My ranger was about to get benched. He is now up there in the DPS chart. Awesome work!
One of the best so far!