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Very Vanilla MQ (Live Servers)

Vanilla Very Vanilla MQ (Live Servers) 1398

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Install & Update With The RedGuides Launcher

"Live server" works on: Antonius Bayle, Bertoxxulous, Bristlebane, Cazic-Thule, Drinal, Erollisi Marr, Firiona Vie, Luclin, Miragul, Povar, Ragefire, Rizlona, The Rathe, Tunare, Vox, Xegony, Zek
Does not work on: "Truebox" servers, such as Agnarr, Aradune, Corinav, Mangler, Mischief, or Thornblade (other tools such as MySEQ and IonBC are available)

See also: Test Server version, Emulated Server version.​


What is Very Vanilla?
A compilation of multi-boxing software for EverQuest. It's based on MacroQuest, which is needed to run plugins and scripts you find on RedGuides.

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What is MacroQuest?
MacroQuest is free and open source scripting software that makes EverQuest more functional, bringing unique and modern MMORPG features to the classic game.

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Is this allowed?
We want Very Vanilla to gain acceptance within the EQ community, so we designed it work only on servers that allow multi-boxing, and we don't allow game-breaking hacks or cheats. You can help us gain acceptance by:
  • Staying at your keyboard.
  • Being considerate of other players, socializing, and grouping.
While our style of multi-boxing has coexisted with other playstyles for over a decade, Darkpaw Games doesn't endorse any software but their own, and in 2021 they began to issue some users 7 day suspensions for using MacroQuest. Use with caution.

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How do I install Very Vanilla?
  1. Install the RedGuides Launcher.
  2. In the launcher, click "settings" and specify a folder to install Very Vanilla.
  3. In the launcher, click "Very Vanilla" and choose a version (Live, Test or Emu) to install.
If you need more help, watch the installation video.

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How do I update after EverQuest patch days?
  • Run the RedGuides Launcher, click the "Very Vanilla" tab, choose a version (Live, Test or Emu) and then click update.
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How do I run it?
  • Browse to the installation folder and run MacroQuest.exe. If successful, you should see a little MQ icon in your taskbar.
  • Now let's play EQ.
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What are some fun things I can do with Very Vanilla?
That's a big topic! Let's start with some simple functions:
  • Watch "The Red Guide to Multiboxing" videos for beginner's directions to multi-box a full group.
  • Automatically log in all of your characters with one click.
  • Read the beginner's guide to the KissAssist macro, so you can begin a multi-boxing group.
  • Need to find someone in the zone? Type, /target playername and then /face. This also works for NPC’s. /target King Xorbb
  • Get a notification whenever a rare spawn is up, check out MQ2SpawnMaster for more info.
  • Run a macro from the macro section.
  • Run a plugin from the plugin section.
  • Make KissAssist handle all your clickies and buffs, so you can focus on playing. After setting up KissAssist, just target yourself and type /mac kissassist manual and then /buffson and you'll have full control over everything, but your toon will do all your clickies and buffs for you.
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  • Before reporting an issue, make sure EverQuest is up to date, and then make sure Very Vanilla is up to date (click Update in the RedGuides Launcher). EverQuest patches break Very Vanilla.
  • For issues with the installer / updater software, please see this thread for help.
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