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Tip - My MQ2 Adventure (1 Viewer)

Jul 12, 2020
I started using MQ2 about a month ago and I am still very new. I hope this post saves you some time. Let me start off with, I have an alt problem. I have run 4 groups of 6 on six accounts. I have been using alt-tab to play.

The people on this site are super friendly and helpful. All the information below is from the great people on this site. Thank you so much for being there. MQ2 can do almost anything, so the hard part is figuring out what you want it to do.

The Multiboxing EverQuest: The Red Guide (videos) guide got my machine setup. This great guide had me running in less than an hour.

I started using MQ2EQBC hotkeys to command the rest of my group. It was pretty easy. The downside was that it is just hard to get all the commands you need running at the same time. The pauses I was using caused my other spells to wait. When you have waited that might mean someone’s doesn’t get healed.

Next, I tried just using KissAssist to run the group with some hotkeys in case my characters stopped listening. I started using the KissAssist INI Library get my characters going. It worked great for my melees. I had a really hard time with healers madding and enchanters mezzing.

My next steps was to purchase MQ2Cleric, MQ2Eskay, MQ2Monk, MQ2War, and MQ2Rogue. The plugins are super easy to setup and run. They make it easy to run. I still have not figured it all out yet. The /war gotocamp command is great as I get lost all the time. I still use Kissassist for my druids, mages, bards and wizards.

I purchased MQ2EQWire to lower CPU and GPU usage for EverQuest when it's running in the background without affecting in-game performance. To launch /plugin mq2eqwire IMPORTANT: You will need to re-download it after every patch or you'll crash. The downside for me is when you ATL-Tab it takes a second or so to fresh the window.
Issues I had early on:

  • Camps – when moving the group from a area to another; they just keep running back. See camping keys below for the fix.
  • Can’t stop running to somewhere I clicked to go with Nav. Using /Nav Stop Does not work with follow use /afollow off.
  • Can’t move while attaching or turn off attack. This is caused by stickmode. Use /melee stickmode OFF for KissAssist.
These are the basic commands to get started with for hotkeys to command group:
MQ2EQBC Commands

  • /bcg //Sit Would make everyone in the group sit EXCEPT yourself
  • /bcga //Sit everyone in the group sit
  • /bct ToonName your text here Send "your text here" to ToonName
  • /bct ToonName //command - Send /command to ToonName
  • /bca //command - Send /command to all connected clients, excluding the client you issued the command from.
  • /bcaa //command - Send /command to all connected clients, including the client you issued the command from.
  • /bcfont # -S ets the font size of the UI window, similar to the /mqfont command
  • /bcmin - Minimizes the UI window, similar to the /mqmin command
  • /bcclear - Clears the buffer of the UI window, similar to the /mqclear command
Hotkeys to box a druid with EQBC:
Tell your bot a command
/bct ToonName //command
Example - /bct Thornydrood //sit
(tells Thornydrood to sit down)

To have your bot target what your main toon is targeting
target id $[Target.ID}
Example - /bct Thornydrood //target id ${Target.ID}
(tells Thornydrood to make his target my target)

To have your bot target you
target id ${Me.ID}
Example - /bct Thornydrood //target id ${Me.ID}
(tells Thornydrood to target me

EQ NAV Commands

  • /nav Target Navigate to your current target.
  • /nav Stop Stop navigation.
  • /nav Pause Pause navigation.
  • /nav ui toggle displaying the in-game user interface
  • /nav [save | load] Save/Load settings.
  • /nav Reload Reload Navmesh.
  • /nav Recordwaypoint <waypoint name> <waypoint tag> create a waypoint.
  • /nav loc X Y Z Navigate to coordinates.
  • /nav Item [click] [once] Navigate to item (and click it)
  • /nav Door Navigate to door/option (and click it)
  • /nav wp <waypoint> Navigate to waypoint.
  • /nav help shows in-game help
MQ2Melee is on by default. It has Stickmode on. What this means it that after you click melee it make you stay in melee range and will chase the mob if it runs. I died in lava a few times until I figured out how to turn this off and on.

  • /melee stickmode OFF or /melee stickmode=0
  • /melee stickmode ON or /melee stickmode=1

KissAssist Commands

  • /mac kissassist assist Bob
  • /mac kissassist assist Bob 98
  • /mac kissassist puller BobTank
  • /mac kissassist tank
  • /chaseoff Turns Chase off. Updates ChaseAssist=0 in INI file.
  • /chaseon Turns Chase on. Updates ChaseAssist=1 in INI file.
  • /backoff Toggle: Turns off attack, melee, stick, and if ReturnToCamp is set will return to camp. This is a great way to stop your puller while you need to AFK or whatever without having to pause KA, or /end. /backoff again and everything is turned back on. I.E. /bct PullerName //backoff. Or better yet: /bct ${Group.Puller} //backoff. See /setbackoff command.


This plugin will allow you to create a list of trusted character names that will allow your character to automatically accept Party invites, Raid invites, Trades, Taskadds, Expeditions (dzadds}. Plus auto accept trasolocate and primary/secondary real estate anchor ports. I have a lot of character so I saved one then just copied and pasted for each character.

/autoaccept - Displays command syntax
/autoaccept on|off - Main accept toggle. Nothing else will accept if this is off. Default *ON*
/autoaccept save - Saves settings to ini. Changes DO NOT auto save.
/autoaccept trade on|off
- Toggle acceptance of trades by people on the auto accept list. Will cancel any trade from a user not on your list. Default *ON*
/autoaccept group on|off - Toggles accept group invites. Default *ON*
/autoaccept raid on|off - Toggles accept raid invites. Default *ON*
/autoaccept list - Lists users on your auto accept list.
/autoaccept add NAME

Sic’s hotkeys that helped me
Campoff Key

  • /bcga //returntocamp 0
  • /noparse /bcga //docommand /${Me.Class.ShortName} mode 0
  • /noparse /bcga //if (${Me.Class.ShortName.Equal[CLR]}) /dismount
  • /bcga //chaseoff

CampOn Key for MQ2War

  • /bcga //camphere on
  • /war mode 7
  • /noparse /bcg //docommand /${Me.Class.ShortName} mode 1
  • /war resetcamp

CampOn Key for MQ2Eskay,

  • /bcga //camphere on
  • /shd mode 7
  • /noparse /bcg //docommand /${Me.Class.ShortName} mode 1
  • /shd resetcamp

CampOn Key for MQ2Eskay,

  • /bcga //camphere on
  • /shd mode 7
  • /noparse /bcg //docommand /${Me.Class.ShortName} mode 1
  • /shd resetcamp
War return to camp for MQ2War

  • /war gotocamp
Kiss Start Hotkey – I used this to start kiss on everyone that was not a monk, cleric, berzerker or rogue in my group (who wasn't the person issuing the command)

  • /noparse /bcg //if (!${Select[${Me.Class.ShortName},MONK,CLER,BER,ROG]}) /mac kissassist assist ${Group.MainTank} 98
  • /bcga //mqp on
  • /noparse /bcaa //if (${Me.Class.ShortName.Equal[BRD]}) /twist off

  • /bcga //mqp off
  • /bcga //makemevis
I use both the switchnow and a force target because I run mq2rogue/mq2berzerker and others with kissassist

  • /bcga //target id ${Target.ID}
  • /bcga //switchnow
Nov 21, 2020
I recently got MQ2 myself, and have been having a blast learning it. There is so much to learn. So much power to hold! I appreciate the time you spent on this. I am going to bookmark it so i can read it again when i need to.

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