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Combat Assist MQ2Enchanter 1234

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Software Requirements
Redguides Level 2 membership to access up to date Macroquest from --Redguides ONLY--
MQ2Nav (included with VV)
MQ2MoveUtils (included with VV)
Server Type
🏢 Live Test
In Pre-Release which is included with your VV lvl 2 - just load it /plugin mq2enchanter load
Paid Release 3/31/2021

Redguides Exclusive - NO, this won't work on the other guys build.

MQ2Enchanter UI Window as of June 13 2021



Mezzing was required for Bled Enraged

One of the berzerkers got killed when Grik dropped down.

Thanks Hylander for this SS of Crusader Vraket in EW.
First release
Last update
4.73 star(s) 26 ratings

Resource team

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Latest updates

  1. 1/10/2023

    - Added Cripple (for byos/byoscustom usage)
  2. 1/3/2023

    - Removed the requirement of UseChaotic for mental contortion, phantasmal Opponent, and Forceful...
  3. 1/1/2022

    - corrected meleeauspice buffing issue

Latest reviews

I thought I was a good chanter until I seen the plugin in action. Umm, I must've been asleep a couple of days at chanter school. The plugin is amazing. I kept pulling to try to max it out. See how many mobs it could handle. It just kept mezzing mobs. It works awesome. I pull with a blind fold on now, nothing to worry about. CC is under control.
the version i bought is broken, the chanter tries to mez the 1st mob in camp non stop, then tries to slow the 1st mob and not mez anything else .. now its non stop memming 2 different tash spells lol ... worthless pls help
Looks like you just bought your first CWTN Plugin today. I've responded with your PM recommending you check out the getting started guide so that you understand how they work. Sounds like you don't have a Main Assist set, and so it thinks if you get any aggro at all that it's an add.
Your PM and your review could use more information. Please check out https://www.redguides.com/community/threads/how-to-request-help-halp-meh-xyz-isnt-working.77672/ and then post to the discussion thread of the resource you're having issues with. In this case the enchanter discussion thread is https://www.redguides.com/community/threads/mq2enchanter.72636/
Keep in mind that the discussion thread is the place to get help. Since Sic and I are not always available 24/7, the best way to get help is to post in the discussion thread for the resource you're having issues with, another player may be able to assist if they have time until we become available.
Highly recommended, really fantastic work!
Have been using pretty much all of the available CWTN plugs for almost a year now (with exception of WAR and MNK, but they are next). These are phenomenal! I cannot fathom the amount of time and work that must have been, and continues to be, put into each of these. Not to mention the pretty much live support from the developers and community. Bravo and Thank you!
This is what I was looking for the whole time.
I highly recommend if you are boxing more than 3 or want to experience what a good enchanter plays like. This plugin has enabled my old mid-level ENC to be productive while I focus on tanking and pulling. In the past I felt required to pilot my box team with my ENC to manage adds. This reduced my ability to tank and lowered dps. With MQ2Enchanter I no longer need to have constant manual control to help manage fights. I can focus on tanking and burning down mobs with DPS. The efficiency gained has helped every member of my boxing group by reducing TTK. That translates into better DPS output, lower heal requirements, and quicker xp gains.
I don't know how to play a chanter, however if you see mine working you'll think, "damn, this guy isn't half bad". I love the plug in, makes life easy.
Another great plugin from CWTN and Sic! Thanks again!
Highly recommend CWTN's plugins. Ease-of-use of mercs, but much better AI and customizable. Makes boxing a very enjoyable experience.
this is an awesome program. it does pretty much everything i'd need it to do in a group setting. there is one small thing that could be added, if at all possible. a toggle for tash before charm, similar to the tash before mez ... a charmed pet will last so much longer with a tash debuff on it before the charm lands