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Combat Assist MQ2Enchanter

Other Authors
Software Requirements
Redguides Level 2 membership to access up to date Macroquest2 from --Redguides ONLY--
MQ2Nav (included with VV)
MQ2MoveUtils (included with VV)
Server Type
In Pre-Release which is included with your VV lvl 2 - just load it /plugin mq2enchanter load

Redguides Exclusive - NO, this won't work on the other guys build.

[ATTACH type="full" width="610px"...​
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First release
Last update
4.85 star(s) 13 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 02/14/2021

    - Will pull with your Tash Spell. - Will only turn off attack for our mez if we're...
  2. 01/20/2021

    - Added option to broadcast mez. -- autodetection of eqbc or dannet. ---...
  3. 01/13/2020

    - Fixed the crash with non-aa slow. - Azure/Sanguine crystals now get used during combat.

Latest reviews

Great from where it started, to where it is now. This plugin made my Chanter more than just a mez bot, my dps went from 2mil a fight to topping 5mil. Great feature is Spier of Enchantment, Calculated Insanity, and many more dps AA's are now working in this plugin. In closing if your not using this while its free your missing out.
Love it! Makes my enchanter much more functional.
Thrown everything at it - and handles it brilliantly! Recommended! Along with all the other cwtn plugins!
Already have MQ2 War, Eskay, BST, MnK, Clr, so I knew I would like it but always appreciate the free beta to test it out. Thank You! and please keep these coming out.
Newish to MQ2 and even newer to CWTN plugins but this is great. The mez is quick and charm seemed to work well even though my chanter died so quick after charm break i turned it off.

One thing i would request is debuff while mez if possible. Or maybe it is there and i haven't found it yet.
Thanks guys. I could not get my enchanter working until I download this.
Very nice job. I've been using the free beta version and I'm truly impressed. Looking into buying the MQ2war.

For MQ2Enchanter is there a way to create toggles on the setup menu so the enchantress will use area of effect (AOE) AA's for: mez, slow, blur abilities if available.

I've been tackling dungeon camps recently where monsters add swarms due to close proximity. I've noticed I had to manually fire thse via buttons, it'd be really nice if after a specific count the enchanter just fires off aoe stun/mez/slow. Food for thought...

Also...not sure why...but somehow i've lost the window where I can click enchanter preferences. I'm having to setup and change settings via /enc commands

Keep up the great work!
Hi an_image, The AA slow should already be getting used. The Mez/Blur abilities haven't been implemented until I sort out a way to handle using them that doesn't result in undesired effects.
To show the window, /enc show
Not finding this as useful as the SK plugin. Would like to have a BYOS option as the mez function in this isn't fantastic - not using any of the low resist fast cast mezzes - also isn't maximising aDPS as doesn't use spire in burn, or calculated insanity for own DPS.
This is a beta plugin. BYOS hasn't been added yet.
It uses spire and calculated insanity.
The free enchanter during the beta led me to buy the eskay and cleric. No regrets on any of them. Great job!
Excellent work. plugin is amazing !!!!!