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Plugin - MQ2DanNet (1 Viewer)

Sep 27, 2020
I had eqbc not connecting on a couple toons for some reason and suddenly they stopped getting cures.
Right. Wouldn't that be a KA implementation issue? I'm not gonna say DanNet is perfect, but it's been used long enough that an issue like this would've popped up by now. However, if you can put together a test to demonstrate the issue, that'll go a long way to helping identify where the breakdown might be occurring.
Nov 23, 2019
Seem to be unable to drop an observer once added. Using Lua script, here is how I add the observer:
mq.cmdf('/dobserve %s -q "%s"', peer, query)

When I drop the observer I use:
mq.cmdf('/dobserve %s -q "%s" -drop', peer, query)

This does not seem to drop the observer. I continue to see the observer and the observations continue to be updated. Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?

Edit: Never mind. User error. I was using ${Me.Invis} instead of Me.Invis for the query. While the query seemed to work just fine, this seems to have prevented being able to drop. Removing the ${} seems to have fixed it.
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