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Request - Looking for advice (1 Viewer)

Jan 9, 2019
hey everyone im back and set up but i find there have been more and more things added to the site and wanted to try something new out as i really like the site/programs

iv made 25 accounts 9 are buffers only but i wanted to make a 3 group bad momma jamba group is there any recent stuff that could help me with a few commands that work together good. I used to use kissassist commands that way well learned a few things in a year of getting things to work correctly. these days it seems things run a bit off a little and so I'm here looking for answers and something easy to if anyone has any thanks in advance as well and Happy questing/hunting
Aug 19, 2020
Getting Started / Returning user

Welcome to RedGuides, fellow EQ multi-boxing enthusiast!

The best place to begin is our "New User Guide" video series, click this TV to watch:

This step-by-step series will teach absolute beginners how to control 6 characters at once while highlighting Nav, AutoLogin, and DanNet, which are fundamental plugins that will enhance every aspect of your game.

Returning users check out - MacroQuest Release Party: https://www.redguides.com/community/threads/macroquest-release-party.80628/ for information about changes from the legacy MQ2 to the new and awesome MQ
Sep 26, 2021
Oct 26, 2020
Always start here RG Video

Watch the vids in Sic's signature (I'm sure he will post soon if he has not done already while I'm typing this) and then mess around with Kissassist Beginners Guide, Kissassist Commands , RGmercs, and especially cwtn plugins ( you can also /testcopy your toons and use the cwtn plugins there for free.).

Check out the macros and lua's available as well like buttonmaster, mq2autogroup, mq2autoaccept, mq2status, GuildClicky, and more.
Agree...also @Sic loves answering questions he already answered before so go for it.

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Apr 12, 2023
The Plugins are in the area labeled Plugin they are only $20 and they effectively run your toons and that Price is per class. so if you have 4 Rogues 1 Plugin covers all 4. It's a great value for me I have 3 or 4 of a lot of toons. But more than a value they are valuable. Like I said they automate your toon. If you're tired of trying to have buttons that reach across multiple characters. This is your answer. The cool part is there is also a manual option that allows you to play but takes care of the things you need for you. You should seriously watch some videos that are on the indvidual Plugin Pages. I suggest the Necro Video to start. I have like 10 or 12 of these I think all but warrior. There are still 4 in the process of being made Bard, Ranger, Wizard and Druid. But Sic has said Druid, Wizard and Maybe Ranger might be out before September. But there are so many options for running your Bard until a Plugin is ready.

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