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Guide Useful commands/hotkeys to save time and trouble!

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There are so many useful (vital!) commands in MQ2, and also you can request stuff from your group too. Every time I notice I am doing something tedious many times, I will try to make a hotkey to do it in the future. These are just the ones I have figured out so far!

Most of these require eqbc (everyone should use this!). And some require mq2nav (most people should probably use this too).
p.s. You gotta tweak some of these to put your character's names in there, and the correct spell name for your group.

Tells group to all click and enter the door you are standing in front of.

/bcaa //doortarget
/pause 2
/bcaa //click left door
This works on stuff that isn't a door too! Like if you have to click a tree to enter a zone or whatever, it works.

Every time I have my wiz port the group to our guild lobby, it asks each person “Do you want to be ported to the guild lobby?”. So instead instead of me tabbing to each character to click yes, I press this:

/noparse /bcga //if (${Window[ConfirmationDialogBox].Open}) /notify ConfirmationDialogBox CD_Yes_Button leftmouseup
(It works for other stuff too, anything that asks you yes or no)

Kiss auto evacs when tank dies, but sometimes I rather evac before that point. Say you accidentally hit a friendly NPC, or you do an epic fail pull and you know you will wipe, you hit this hotkey:
/bct MyWiz //end
/bct MyWiz //stopcast
/bct MyWiz //tell MyTank I have turned my Macro off to evac, remember to turn it back on!
/bct MyWiz //casting “Exodus”
/bct MyWiz //casting “evacuate”
So first line turns his macro off, otherwise he sometimes thinks he knows better and wants to keep nuking when I am wanting him to stop and get us outta here.. Second line tells him to stop casting whatever he is doing now. Third line has him send me a tell as a reminder to turn his macro back on once we have finished evaccing.
Fourth line does his instant evac.
Fifth line does his spell evac incase the AA evac is still in cooldown. The only slight hiccup in this hotkey is that if both evacs are up, you will evac to safe spot and then he will cast evac again. No biggie. And I can usually stop him from doing the second one.

Sometimes I know I looted an item and I can’t remember which character I gave it to… I could go to each character and use their item search in their inventory, but with one click this hotkey will tell me who has it!

/noparse /bcaa //bc ${FindItem[augm]}
This is not perfect. To find something else you have to edit the hotkey and change the bit that says augm to be whatever item you want. You don’t have to type the whole word, so say you want to find a Short Sword of the Ykesha, you can just type ykes in there and it will find. Also it wont find multiple items, it only tells you if the character has at least one of those things. But most of the time this saves me a lot of screwing around and I love it.

Pacify My Target
pause 8, /bct MyBardsName //mqp on
/bct MyBardsName //multiline ; /target id ${Target.ID}; /casting “Silence of Silisia”
/pause 55
/bcaa //echo %t getting calmed
/bct MyBardsName //mqp off

Everyone Hail
A lot of quests need everyone to hail the mob so I made a hotkey to save a loooooot of time...! I have it disengage the macro first because I don't want anything to go wrong and them accidentally attack the NPC or something, and I don't want people casting buffs or whatever when I just want them to chill a moment and get a quest. So it goes like this:

/bcaa //end
/pause 15, /bcaa //assist MyTank
/bcaa //keypress q
/bcaa //echo Macro disabled. Remember to turn it back on.
So you gotta target the NPC first with your main character, then you press this and all your boxes will assist you and hail the NPC. I changed my keys to that Q is my hail key, you can just change this to whatever your hail key is.

/bct MyMage //multiline ; /target id ${Me.ID};/timed 10 /casting “Call of the Hero”
/bcga //echo COTH Happening in 5s

Tells all characters in the group to set everything in their current advloot window to “never” so that I can master loot everything. It also tells them to spam escape because I hate it when they have all kinds of windows open, loot window, inventory, maybe some quest window or whatever.

/pause 20, /bca //advoot shared set “Never”
/bca //keypress esc
/bca //keypress esc
/bca //keypress esc
/bca //keypress esc

I posted this a while back in another thread but I’ll put it again here. It tells your whole group to remove any invis spell on them, and any levitate on them with one click:
/bcga //makemevisible
/bcga //removebuff Group Perfected Levitation
/bcga //removebuff Shauri's Levitation
note: makemevisible will magically remove any invis spell, the other lines you have to specify whatever levitation spells your group will be using. I like to travel with levitate but I like to fight with everyone on the ground, so I use this a lot!!

HoT Me
I don't like my Cleric doing HoT's because my tank isn't very strong yet so his health can spike downwards fast! So I prefer she just spams her big heal. But if I remember, I can request a HoT before a big fight with this button:

/bct MyCleric //multiline ; /target id ${Me.ID}; /casting "Zealous Elixir"

Invis us
/bct MyWiz //casting “Group Perfected Invisibility”

Every time I want to go somewhere, I press this button. It tells my bard to use his run speed buff, and then use his invis+levitation AA. It has to be elaborate though because he will often break his own invis by twisting songs during the invis cast, and he also sometimes misses the first cast, so the only way to make it 100% reliable is to stop his macro first and tell him to stop casting anything he is doing right now. I also spent some time to learn how to pause with multiline so I could do the whole thing with one line :) So it goes like this:

/multiline ; /bct MyBard //mqp;/timed 10 /bct MyBard //twist stop;/timed 30 /bct MyBard //casting "Selo's Sonata";/timed 60 /bct MyBard //casting "Shauri's Sonorous Clouding";/timed 80 /bct MyBard //tar MyTank;/timed 90 /bct MyBard //mac kissassist
This could be simplified slightly by doing /mac kissassist assist rather than the target tank part, but I had that fail on me in the past so I always do things the target way.

Tells group to come to where you are now, and they will find the best path there:
/bca //nav id ${Me.ID}
They wont follow you, I have a follow me command for that. This is just to tell them to move up to where you are currently standing.

Sometimes when I zone, the group will stop following when I cross so they are left inches in front of the zone line. So this button will have everyone run forward for a few seconds and hopefully that likely puts them across the zone line. Use at your own risk! But if you have them facing a zone line, it is great.
/bca //keypress forward hold
/pause 35
/bca //keypress forward

I have a mage and a shaman, so this command will have the mage give all pet toys setup in their ini, to the shaman pet!

/bct MyMage //pettoysplz GROUP

When you finished a shared task (like Gribbles), the task stays active even though you finished it (cuz EQ was made in the 1800s), so this will end the task and let you get another one.

/bcaa //kickp task
/bcaa //taskquit
(Dannuic recomends the second one as the first one can misbehave)

Don’t Heal Me!
Usually I just pull with my tank, but sometimes I will screw up and hit my blades/area taunt too early and I will miss aggroing one or two mobs. I run back to my group and if my cleric heals on the way back, she will get aggro and can die fast. So I press this button a few times until I can get back to the group and do some more aggroing and have my mezzer help out with adds.

/bct myHealer //stopcast
/pause 20
/bct myHealer //stopcast

I don’t use this anymore because I am a high level master race now, but it served me well for a long time when levelling up.

/pause 10, /bcaa //end
/bcaa //tar gribbl
/pause 10
/bcaa //say leave
I should note that this stops the macros first because sometimes Kiss can insist on targeting something else, and also I don’t want them doing stuff once I pop back into a heavily populated area. So I just engage my macros again once I am ready.

If I had a huge glorious wipe and want to manually drag some corpses or something, I press this.

/bca //consent yourBestDragger
I usually consent my Bard because he is the safest dragger.

This checks the ini files you setup for spelling errors. I think kiss does this itself now, but the info flies past when it is loading the macro, so I still use this one sometimes:

/bcaa //mac kissnamechecker.mac

So 10000 mobs lie dead at your feet, and it feels good. But now your PC is running slowly. Press this:

/bcaa //hidecorpse NPC

If you have any other hotkeys or macros you want to share, please go ahead!
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