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Utility MQ2MoveUtils

Other Authors
eqmule, Knightly, outlander, SwiftyMUSE, tonio, Lax
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Wiki Manual
MQ2MoveUtils was created in early 2004 by tonio, giving players a significant improvement over EverQuest's built-in /follow command, as well as a handy way for bards to run "circle" macros.

As of 2022, the main features of MQ2MoveUtils are as follows:
  • Stick: This is the main use for this plugin and allows you to "stick" a certain distance from your target. It can be set to always stick behind the target, or always in front if you're tanking.
  • MoveTo: Move to a certain point or target. This has some built-in logic that will allow it to move around obstacles.
  • MakeCamp: You can set a spot as a "camp", so that you can return to it if you get too far away, or after combat, etc.
  • Circle: Run in a circle.

Basic Commands
/calcangleDisplays lots of basic numerical information related to moving such as Dist values, angular distance, 3D distance, melee range, stick range, speed multipliers.
This command is useful to help determine what to set plugin options such as arc values or AllowMove, backup dist, etc.
/circle [option]... | toggle <setting> | set <setting> {on|off}Autofaces character to run in a circle with a given radius
/makecamp [option]... | toggle <setting> | set <setting> {on|off}The makecamp command will create a camp spot for you to return to after combat, or to establish boundries for your character to prevent them from moving beyond a certain radius.
Using makecamp with no parameters will set up a camp at your current location, using default values.
/moveto [option]... | toggle <setting> | set <setting> {on|off}The moveto command will move you from your current location to a specific location or target. You can combine any number of these parameters together inline to enable multiple options for the moveto.
/rootme [off]Roots the player in place, unable to move. this is not any form of actual debuff, just a plugin implementation of locking a character in place.
Supplying the optional off parameter disables the root.
Other commands will not function when rootme is active.
/stick [option]... | toggle <setting> | set <setting> {on|off}/follow-like command, works for any pc|npc. Default distance is melee range. /stick with no parameters will stick you to your current target, using max melee range.

Main Plugin Settings

INI options

TLOData Type(s)Description
CirclecircleUsed to return information about the circle created with the /circle command
MakeCampmakecampUsed to return information about the camp created with the /MakeCamp command
MoveTomovetoUsed to return information about the /moveto command.
MoveUtilsMoveUtilsUsed to return information about plugin settings and general plugin information
StickstickUsed to return information about the /stick command and settings
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