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Combat Assist MQ2BerZerker 2019-10-17

To both release new copies of MQ2BerZerker for Live and Test to allow users to submit crash reports and subsequently get all the changes I had added such as AddClicky/RemoveClicky options.

Those that were experiencing crashes please PM me via discord the crash reports to expedite the process of locating and correcting any crashes. I do have copies of the symbols files this go around as well as backed up the code for when the compile was created in the event any changes are made to it before I receive any reports of issues.

This should make it so that the help pages are caught up to the live build.
New LIVE and TEST versions of the plugin.
Includes the added Chase and Assist modes (/zerk mode chase, /zerk mode assist),

Assist mode creates a camp at your current location and returns to that location after combat is complete while automatically assisting the Group's designated MA, the role must be set for MQ2BerZerker to assist them automatically.

Chase will follow the group member with the "Main Assist" role assuming an MQ2Nav Path to the MA can be found. Automatically assisting the MA when in combat.

By default the Assist health percentage is 98%, please check /zerk help for information about changing these values.

Now includes user defined Clickies to use during downtimes. Currently the user must manually add the entry into the INI and only supports the use of clickable items during downtimes. Future additions to this will be made, but are not currently available. Example Below.

Clicky1=Lizardscale Plated Girdle|Downtime
Clicky2=Razors Edge|Downtime
Clicky3=Minor Stone of Summoning: Earth|Downtime
Added a fix for some berzerkers not using combat abilities because of a mana check that was removed in this update.
Added more features, be sure to use /zerk help to see all options available to you.
See all settings with /zerk showsettings
So much other minor stuff that probably isn't worth mentioning as this plugin is getting additions so often atm.