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Guide Using MQ2AutoLogin's Modern Secure Profiles With ISBoxer

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ISBoxer, MQ2
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🏢 Live Test
NOTE: @r1pt1de originated this process -- I'm just documenting for posterity

NOTE: Throughout the process listed in this guide, if you have issues with some toons logging in but not others, make sure all toon names are in lower case.

Following these two guides prior to this one:
  1. https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/multiboxing-everquest-the-red-guide-videos.1603/
  2. https://isboxer.com/wiki/EQ1:Quick_Start_Guide
By this point you should have a basic EQ setup that will autologin via mq2autologin and at least start via ISBoxer. ISBoxer at this point will not auto login your accounts. That will be next.

Prior to starting the below steps, try using mq2 to autologin all of your toons. If that does not work, please re-watch the video above as the rest of the steps will not work until mq2autologin will login your group.

Adding Per-Character Profiles to ISBoxer
  1. Right-click the innerspace icon in your system tray and left-click on 'Configuration'
  2. Left-click on 'Game Configuration'

  3. Select 'Everquest' from the drop-down menu. You should then see the following screen, in which you will click 'New Profile'.

  4. Change the title from 'New Everquest Profile' to the character you want to autologin. THEN HIT ENTER (this seems silly but is super important due to ISBoxer behavior). Set 'Main executable filename' to eqgame.exe. Set main executable parameters to 'patchme /login:<mq2autologin profile set name>_<server short name>:<character name>'. Set 'Main Executable path' to your Everquest install's base directory. Then click the 'Apply' button. Example

    Here the profile name I used in MQ2 Autologin is 'live' (this is what shows when you right click in MQ2 in the system tray, and look in the Profiles menu). I'm playing on Firiona Vie (firiona). My character's name is ExToon. And I have pointed it to my Everquest folder.
  5. Repeat Step 4 for every character you want to auto login.
Setting Profiles in ISBoxer Suite
  1. Open up ISBoxer Suite
  2. Under the 'Characters' tree item you should see your list of characters
  3. Select each character and then change the 'Game Profile' for that character to the one you created in the previous section:
  4. Do Step 3 for each character you have.
Logging in!
Presuming you completed the previous steps, MQ2 will now takeover automatically logging in your toons when you start them via ISBoxer.

Again, thanks to @r1pt1de for pointing out this method and @Sic for pointing out a previous method with station names.
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Latest reviews

Tried this yesterday without success. But some minutes ago I launched to start my todays session, I remembered to have forgotten to export the modifications from ISBoxerToolkit to Inner Space. So I did this final step befor I starteed. This time most charse logged in full automatic. The 2 who didn't likely have an error in the config I made, which should be easy to fix.

I tried to understand, how the authors could figure this out. My understanding of the stuff is not sufficient to understand it. Great improvement. Many thanks.
This worked great. I noticed I had to click "Close Profile" after clicking "Apply" before repeating the steps for a new character.
This was a fantastic help - thank you!
Finally got off my lazy butt and did the secure method of logging in. Thanks for guide!!!
Really great, this is exactly what I needed!
This is a game changer, thank you so much for writing this.

It takes a little bit to get everything right for the first toon (which is no fault of this guide), but after the first, the rest of the box goes fast :-).

I start the login process for my party with a click, and 4-5 min later they are all logged in.
Worked perfectly and was easy to follow. Thanks!
This was just what I was looking for, I had configured all my stuff in mq2 but didn't realize it wouldn't detect the station names! Now I don't have to keep my passwords in plain text!
Very helpful