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Guide - Using MQ2AutoLogin's Modern Secure Profiles With ISBoxer

Oct 4, 2019
drwhomphd submitted a new resource:

Using MQ2AutoLogin's Modern Secure Profiles With ISBoxer - A guide to explain how to setup autologin's modern profile system with ISBoxer

NOTE: @r1pt1de originated this process -- I'm just documenting for posterity

Following these two guides prior to this one:
  1. https://www.redguides.com/community/threads/multiboxing-everquest-the-red-guide-videos.68686/
  2. https://isboxer.com/wiki/EQ1:Quick_Start_Guide
By this point you should have a basic EQ setup that will autologin via MQ2 and at least start via ISBoxer. ISBoxer at this point...
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