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Utility Pocketfarm.mac 2.11

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🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu TLP Test

2019 ESA Winner
Welcome to Pocketfarm.mac.


Pocketfarm.mac now have camp mode!!!!

Start it using /mac pocketfarm camp <radius(optional)>

It will then create a nice camp with your radius, if you leave out the radius, it will use what is in the ini for that zone, or if nothing in the ini use the default of 250.

The camp will be marked with a blue circle showing the radius, and a big blue X that is where you set the camp, once it has cleared out mobs in the radius it will return to the big blue X and wait for more mobs to spawn inside the blue circle or wander into the blue circle.

You will notice sometimes we run out of the blue circle and kill a mob, thats because when pocketfarm.mac decided that mob was a valid target it was inside the blue circle, so we chase it down and kill it, also if the path to a valid mob inside the blue circle takes us outside it to mesh it will do so.

Pocketfarm.mac will now attempt to med if you run low on endurance, health or mana. these are hardcoded values at 10% endurance, 30% health and 15% mana.

Pocketfarm has a few pull skills in depending on class and item availability:
  • Will throw things at mob if you have throwing weapons equipped in range slot.
  • Will use bow and arrow now, if you have both equipped.
  • Monks will use Distant Strike AA
  • Bards will use Sonic Disturbance AA
  • Anyone with Throw Stone combatability will use it.
  • Taunters will taunt when i taunt range.
  • Petclasses will send in pet, mage, necro, beast and chanter i think.
  • All will enter melee and use mq2melee to beat up the mob, if you want stick from mq2melee set it up, else just turn it off, mq2nav will handle sticking

It will create a pocketfarm.ini that will keep your settings for your zone, so next time you will hunt with same settings (Added my pocketfarm.ini to download)


Ignore and pull line uses spawn search criterias. read more about spawn search here, separate each spawn search by | to have multiple, like in the example, where i ignore any mob named Nerask or Tarlang.

Commands while running:
/pkf list - Shows both ignore and pull lists
/pkf ignore <spawn search> - add spawns to ignore list. Will not be saved in ini.
/pkf pull <spawn search> - add spawns to pull list. Will not be saved in ini.
/pkf clear <ignore/pull> - Clear the ignore or pull list. Will not be saved in ini.
/pkf radius ## - change the radius around you to look for mobs in.
/pkf zradius ## - change the Z radius.
/pkf load - reloads the ini.
Commands while running:
/pkf list Shows both ignore and pull lists
/pkf ignore "<spawn search>" Add spawns to temp ignore list, remember to use " ". Will not be saved in ini.
/pkf pull "<spawn search>" Add spawns to temp pull list, remember to use " ". Will not be saved in ini.
/pkf clear <ignore/pull> ## \ag- Clear the ignore or pull list. Both temp and the info loaded from ini, ini will not be cleared.
/pkf radius ## - Change the radius around you to look for mobs in, or size of camp
/pkf zradius ## - Change the Z radius.
/pkf load - reloads the ini.

Pocketfarm.mac uses only mq2nav to move around and keep up with mobs to kill them, if you want, you can add in mq2melee so it uses your holyshits and what not, since it uses mq2nav you will need a valid and decent navmesh for the zone you hunt in. find some decent navmeshes here.

Pocketfarm.mac will attempt to validate mobs before running to kill them, so if other pc's are , also if there are unkillable mobs in and around your hunting areas, first time Pocketfarm.mac tries to kill them and finds them unkillable it will add their id to the temp ignore list automatically.
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