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Utility Pocketfarm.mac 2019-04-07

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Software Requirements
Welcome to Pocketfarm.mac.

This is a no nonsense no frills farm/hunter mac. you go to a zone, start it, and it will hunt every mob in sight till you tell it not to.

It will create a pocketfarm.ini that will keep your settings for your zone, so next time you will hunt with same settings.
Ignore and pull line uses spawn search criterias. read more about spawn search here, separate each spawn search by | to have multiple, like in the example, where i ignore any mob named Nerask or Tarlang.

Commands while running:
/pkf list - Shows both ignore and pull lists
/pkf ignore <spawn search> - add spawns to ignore list. Will not be saved in ini.
/pkf pull <spawn search> - add spawns to ignore list. Will not be saved in ini.
/pkf clear <ignore/pull> - Clear the ignore or pull list. Will not be saved in ini.
/pkf radius ## - change the radius around you to look for mobs in.
/pkf zradius ## - change the Z radius.
/pkf load - reloads the ini.

Pocketfarm.mac uses only mq2nav to move around and keep up with mobs to kill them, if you want, you can add in mq2melee so it uses your holyshits and what not, since it uses mq2nav you will need a valid and decent navmesh for the zone you hunt in. find some decent navmeshes here.

Pocketfarm.mac will attempt to validate mobs before running to kill them, so if other pc's are near the mob or the mob is not full health it should not try and pull them, also if there are unkillable mobs in and around your hunting areas, first time Pocketfarm.mac tries to kill them and finds them unkillable it will add their id to the ignore list automatically.

Pocketfarm.mac has no medding, no healing, no pet attacks, no spellcasting, no camp setting, its strictly run around and hit things with a big stick kinda deal, and will most likely never get it.

Can you use pocketfarm as leveling tool?, have your tank rund around killing mobs while your team follows behind using kissassist, sure you can, you will maybe die, but you can, not recommended though. again there is no features built in for checking group or health or mana or nothing.

Why do we need this when we have so many other farm.macs, you probably dont, i just dont agree with how the other macs was built so i built my own, and i am very happy with its performance.

I would like to Thank @dannuic, @Knightly, @ChatWithThisName and @Maskoi , the 2 first i bounced code and ideas of, and they was very helpful calling me out for being stubborn and doing things wrong, chats for having done a bad farm.mac i didn't like, and Maskoi for telling me my pull routine i put into my own kissmod was bad and he couldn't make it work and needed a standalone working version, btw my pull routine is much better than kiss, so i decided to make this mac instead.
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Latest updates

  1. Fixes and new features.

    v1.5 Changed nav chase logic Fixed spelling mistakes Added resting for endurance|mana|hp monk...
  2. Fixed /pkf ignore/pull to actually work, remeber to use "", example /pkf ignore "skeleton"

    Fixed /pkf ignore/pull to actually work, remeber to use "", example /pkf ignore "skeleton"
  3. Update to V1.01

    Found a small bug on first run with no .ini file present. Would fix itself by running it again...