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Utility Custom Tabbed Chat window 2022-09-06

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🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu TLP Test
Best custom tabbed chat window

Get your wellmade awesome chat windows here with awesome tabs and good looks

Standard textured look

Tinted Black

Tinted Black with 50% alpha

1 tab, name cleared to be a space.

These should be droppable into most other custom ui's like zilz and sparxx and others as there is no longer a need for the custom graphics, so any ui should take these.

There might be issues with tabs, tab settings and chat boxes not staying put, this is not a custom window issue, this is an EQ issue and not fixable by me.

I attached two different setups, one with standard input font size, and one with a much larger font and the tabs have the same sizes, so it's nice and easy to read the tab titles, i like the large font as i am old and have glasses and shit, now i can see what i type, which is nice!

Something extra for the minimalist in you, special request from @Sic .

Barebones chat windows. 3 tabs - 1 tab, name blanked out with space.
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