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Utility Pocketfarm.mac 2.11

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Autoignore variable was building up to be too big for mq2 to handle in some zones, which caused crash boom bangs.

fixed now.
| V2.10
| - Added Big zone logic to limit the scan size to a smaller number of mobs when in a hugely populated zone.
| - Nicked eqmules placement routine to find a valid loc in case we cant hit mob proper.
| - Added Auto ignore of quest npcs, for missions, quests, and such things, not all are ignored,
but it should help a lot on what you have to add to ignore
| - Added go/pause feature so you can turn do your settings and then start it, pause if you need to go pee, then it will still self defend.
| V2.01
| - Fixed sit dance during resting when trying to cast something and the cast window dont show fast enough.
|   V1.8
| - Fixed and rewrote pull routine, to respect ranges and such
| - Added some checks so we dont spam target dead mobs.
| - Made mq2nav be quiet.
| - Now loads mq2melee as noauto if you dont have it auto load, this will be nice for you.
| - Also Laods mq2cast so mq2melee dont get sad and lonely
| - Included camp as start option to setup a camp.
| -- This means if you do /mac pocketfarm camp, it will kill anything inside your set radius.
| -- Places a circle and  X Marks te spot in your camp that shows your camp and the size of the hunting area.
|   V1.9
| - Attempts to fix timing issues with regards to rest and pulling mobs.
| - Trying to fix sit spam when trying to cast while rest mode.
|   V2.0
| - changed message from reloading the ini to show the loaded settings.
| - attempt to fix rest mode and casting, it keeps being stupid.
| - made desision not to load and use mq2rogue and mq2berzerker, but if you have them loaded it will use as normal.
| - mq2melee and mq2cast is loaded and unloaded as needed, with noauto, so should not change your macroquest.ini
| - added posibitlity of Camp radious setting on start, /mac pocketfarm camp 500 ,if no radius is supplied it will
|   use from ini setting or default of 250.

  • Changed nav chase logic
  • Fixed spelling mistakes
  • Added resting for endurance|mana|hp
  • monk use distant strike to pull
  • Bard uses Sonic Disturbance
  • added throwing and ranged attack, it should work, i ran out of throwing knifes while testing
  • added pet attack logic, but its not super tight yet, but if you are a pet class your pet will be told to attack, but so will you.
Fixed /pkf ignore/pull to actually work, remeber to use "", example /pkf ignore "skeleton"
Found a small bug on first run with no .ini file present.
Would fix itself by running it again, or doing /pkf load

but now it's fixed and should be working as intended.