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Max Beg, Bind Wound, Alcohol and Forage Skills

Trade / Skill Max Beg, Bind Wound, Alcohol and Forage Skills 2023-04-06

Download now:  Join us with Level 2 access or earn your way in with  RedCents.
Other Authors
GPS_Soldier deathlock Maskoi Wirlin
Software Requirements
Ninjadvloot.inc, MQ2Nav, MQ2Exchange
Server Type
🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu TLP Test
| Original Version 1.0 20JAN15 by GPS_Soldier
| Updated Version 1.0 8/3/18 by DeathLock
| Ensure that you have Bind Wounds button enabled on your Action menu Ctrl+C and add it
| Updated By Cannonballdex - 2/16/20
| Added Alcohol Skill, PC check, suspend merc, nav support from pok to crescent reach and altered a few things
| Updated By Cannonballdex - 2/23/2020 Version 1.1
| Adjusted timing. Must faster rate of completion. Added return to POK when maxed.
| Updated By Cannonballdex - 2/24/2020 Version 1.2 Added Forage
| Changed If you have a mercenary up, will change to passive for the duration of the macro instead of suspend.
| Removed some unnecessary delays to speed up the process.
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. update

    If not loaded will run /plugin mq2exchange load
  2. Little obsessive I know

    | Updated 8/1/2022 | Will stop begging when maxed | Cleaned up useless error about picking up...
  3. Missed a Bracket

    Missed a bracket, but it still worked. :) | Updated 8/1/2022 | Will stop begging when maxed

Latest reviews

created a new ftp Rogue just to sit in the gh to keep the prot open. Used this mac for the first time. Worked fine for serveral ours ... just once a while /mqp'ed which could easily contiunued wwith /mqp
all skills listed where raised by serveral hundreds, apart from forage which stopped at 100 as intended
worked perfectly to max begging skill. thank you