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Explore.Mac - An Explorer / Traveler Achievement Macro

Quest / Event Explore.Mac - An Explorer / Traveler Achievement Macro 1.3.1

Other Authors
Sicprofundus, Kaen01
Software Requirements
DeneCore (https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/denecore.1632/watch)
*Meshes (These are different than provided by the downloader. https://github.com/BDeakins/DeneCore-Meshes)
Server Type
🏢 Live

2019 ESA Winner
An Explorer / Traveller Achievement Macro

A single-toon macro for earning all non-instanced Explorer / Traveler achievements.
⁃ Designed for Level 110+ characters (but can be used by any level character)
⁃ Explores “routes” corresponding to Explorer (xpac-level) achievements.
⁃ Can run all routes, or specify one or more specific routes.
⁃ Invis’s, shrinks, and levs as necessary
⁃ Basic combat support if aggro’d
⁃ Detects locked / blocked / keyed zones
⁃ Has support built-in for doing the Reign Of Fear portal attuning quests and their prerequisites as well.

DeneCore (https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/denecore.1632/watch)
⁃ Meshes for every zone. For ease, the Mesh Updater provided with the Launcher is a good starting place.
⁃ ^^ The meshes provided by the MeshUpdater for MOSTLY compatible. If you have issues, please try using the meshes here (https://github.com/BDeakins/DeneCore-Meshes) first. East Cabilis is a noted example of an Updater-provided mesh that is NOT compatible.
⁃ All required plugins will be loaded automatically if not already enabled. They will be unloaded when macro ends.

/mac explore - Basic start up command, will run Routes specified in INI
/mac explore help - lists all available routes
/mac explore SoV TSS Underfoot - Will run the Scars of Velious, The Serpent‘s Spine, Underfoot xpac routes.

Information and Recommendations:
⁃ All routes begin and end in PoK.
⁃ The macro will change your bind point to the Guild Lobby. DO NOT CHANGE BIND POINTS WHILE THE MACRO IS RUNNING.
⁃ Use of two Invis clickies, an invis AA, or (a LOT of) cloudy potions are HIGHLY recommended. If your class doesn’t have an AA invis, and a clickie isn’t specified in the INI, the macro will search your inventory for the two fastest-cast invis clickies and store them in the INI for you. If you don't have clickies, it will buy Cloudy Potions.
⁃ A Shrink clickie, AA, or (a LOT) Philter of the Ant potions are HIGHLY recommended. If your class doesn’t have an AA shrink, and a clickie isn’t specified in the INI, the macro will search your inventory for the fastest-cast shrink clickie and store it in the INI for you. If you don't have a clickie, it will attempt to buy Philter of the Ant potions from the Bazaar.
⁃ Same as above for Levitation. Clickie, AA, or Pots. (It will buy them)
⁃ Combat support is minimal. (You may want to pause the macro and “handle yo’ bidness”).
⁃ Starting with Underfoot and beyond, USE THIS MACRO WITH CAUTION. As stated above, the combat support is minimal.
⁃ Underfoot and beyond, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you have an appropriate merc out.
⁃ You must attend to your toon while macro is in use.
⁃ Nagafen's Lair, House of Thule (Upper), Upper Guk, and several other zones, the macro will REQUIRE you to have EverQuest in the foreground. If EQ doesn't have focus, the macro will pause and beep at you.
⁃ Two hotkeys are recommended.
/noparse /hot PauseExp 1 /multiline ; /mqp on ; /docommand ${If[${Navigation.Active},/nav Pause,]}
/noparse /hot UnpauseExp 14 /multiline ; /mqp off ; /docommand ${If[${Navigation.Paused},/nav Pause,]}

Known Issues:
MQ2Nav dynamically determines the path through zones. I’ve tried to catch any funky pathing, but the possibility still exits to get stuck on a low hanging volcano or trip on a snowflake.
⁃ Will not earn the Housing Explorer achievement. This would require specific routes for each given server. And the owners could change permissions at any time.
LDoN Explorer is not attempted. This is a coding nightmare. It is on the list for possible updates later. Support added in v1.1.0
⁃ The 'Special Events' route requires use of a key purchased with 864 Loyalty Tokens. The macro will check your Loyalty Tokens and if you have enough, it WILL spend them.
⁃ For the slow people in the audience, THE MACRO WILL SPEND 864 LOYALTY TOKENS when running the 'Special Events' route. You've been warned.

Possible Updates:
⁃ LDoN Support Support added in v1.1.0
⁃ Incorporation of Adventurer’s Stone quest to unlock magus ports.
⁃ Group support via EQBC and Dannet
⁃ Improved Combat handler

Many thanks to all the people in the Discord channel that have put up with me talking about the macro for months and answering my ceaseless (and often stupid) questions.
Wired420, ChatWithTheName, Brainiac, LamahHerder, Toadwart, Gillybear, and many more.

Special Thanks To
Kaen01: For providing enough code snippets to keep me going, but not so much as to rob me of the experience of writing this myself. And for finding the countless curlibois that went missing. :P
Sicprofundus: For the several hundred hours of testing, of re-testing, and of re-re-re-testing to make sure this was as good a product as I could make. And sticking around through it all. I would have given up months ago otherwise.

License Name
© Denethor, 2019
First release
Last update
4.67 star(s) 18 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. v1.3.1 - Added support for GD PoK Stone Update

    Updated routes that use the PoK Great Divide or Shar Vahl to now select the appropriate version...
  2. v1.3.0 - For MQ(Next) Compatibility

    v1.3 FixesChanges- - Updated to reflect switch from MQ2 to MQ (Next) - Fixed spelling of...
  3. v1.2.0 - Bard Fix, ToV Route Added, General Code Improvement, and DeneCore

    *** ToV Route Added *** - Can start with /mac explore tov - Will run Torment of Velious Zones --...

Latest reviews

A+ Macro, happy with my purchase. LDoNs are a bit tricky but in the end they work.
Excellent macro and at $15 it is a great value. Ran this on 3 toons so far and there is a few hiccups here and there but for what is involved I would expect that. Highly recommended.
Just Awesome. Gr8 job everyone involved. Odus route seemed a little buggy...Kept Zoning and re-zoning in the same area and had to restart it a few times. But BRILLIANT nonetheless!
Ldon getting over and over "A missing boss/LdOn zone pair was encountered and logged"
Most commonly caused actually by one member of the group not dropping mission when sent the command to do so.
Awesome macro!! Helped me finish off all traveler ach. LDON portion was a breeze. Thank you!
I really want to like this macro, but I'm having too many issues with it. After the first circuit, it went and bought lev potions off of the bazaar even though my toon has a levitation clicky. The macro saved my clicky in the configuration, so it's not that it didn't find it. It just didn't use it.

It got caught in a loop trying to use a prestige clicky that was failing because my account is free.

There were some other minor flaws I can live with, but these were the most glaring. I hope the dev continues to work on this and improve it. It's an ambitious project.
Necro Levi has Changed to Dead Man Floating
Very nice macro. Would be nice if there is an option to only visit the zones what are missing for the TBL chase boot requirements.
Excellent Work! Adding LDoN is really sweet.