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Explore.Mac - An Explorer / Traveler Achievement Macro

Quest / Event Explore.Mac - An Explorer / Traveler Achievement Macro 1.3.1

A+ Macro, happy with my purchase. LDoNs are a bit tricky but in the end they work.
Excellent macro and at $15 it is a great value. Ran this on 3 toons so far and there is a few hiccups here and there but for what is involved I would expect that. Highly recommended.
Just Awesome. Gr8 job everyone involved. Odus route seemed a little buggy...Kept Zoning and re-zoning in the same area and had to restart it a few times. But BRILLIANT nonetheless!
Ldon getting over and over "A missing boss/LdOn zone pair was encountered and logged"
Most commonly caused actually by one member of the group not dropping mission when sent the command to do so.
Awesome macro!! Helped me finish off all traveler ach. LDON portion was a breeze. Thank you!
I really want to like this macro, but I'm having too many issues with it. After the first circuit, it went and bought lev potions off of the bazaar even though my toon has a levitation clicky. The macro saved my clicky in the configuration, so it's not that it didn't find it. It just didn't use it.

It got caught in a loop trying to use a prestige clicky that was failing because my account is free.

There were some other minor flaws I can live with, but these were the most glaring. I hope the dev continues to work on this and improve it. It's an ambitious project.
Necro Levi has Changed to Dead Man Floating
Very nice macro. Would be nice if there is an option to only visit the zones what are missing for the TBL chase boot requirements.
Excellent Work! Adding LDoN is really sweet.
This is AWESOME, great use of downtime. this way I don't have to run every toon to every zone THANK YOU.
I LOVE everything about it except for some reason when I run it on my bard it doesn't work.... it cast his invis then cast his selos so then it waits every 5 seconds I make it 5 feet everytime it does that and makes it hard to get that done on bard
Just started using this, need to run through some old expansions.
Fabulous macro - the only thing that would be nice to see is transport clickies, or for macro to perhaps detect the Drunkards Stein as a PoK portal
It does detect the Drunkard's Stein as a PoK portal. However, it "runs back" to PoK so as to reserve the Stein (and other quite a few other teleport options) for when it hits "dead ends".
The list of detected dead-end solutions: Brick of Knowledge, Throne of Heroes AA, Drunkard's Stein, Gate AA, Philter of Major Translocation, Bulwark of Many Portals, Ethernere Travel Potion, and (Fabled/Regular) Binden Concerrentiae.
Love it, thank you so much! This is awesome
This macro is INCREDIBLE so simple and easy to set up and saves a TON of time.
works great. makes life easy!!
I had a chance to pay a little early and use it while it was in its final stages of development. It's awesome. Buy this.
Love it!