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EpicReq.Mac - An Epic Ornament Achievement Macro - MQ2 Legacy Only

Quest / Event EpicReq.Mac - An Epic Ornament Achievement Macro - MQ2 Legacy Only 1.0.0

Other Authors
Software Requirements
MQ2 (Identified as 'Legacy' in the launcher)
DeneCore (https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/denecore.1632/watch)
Server Type
  1. Live
EpicReq.mac Pronounced: Epic Wreck :P
An Epic Augment Achievement Macro

A single-toon macro to help you earn your Epic Weapon Ornamentation Augs.
⁃ Designed for Level 110+ characters (but can be used by any level character)
⁃ Travels from PoK to S. Felwithe, gets quest, returns to PoK, and commences to run to all required zones
⁃ Invis’s, IVU's, shrinks, and levs as necessary
⁃ Basic combat support if aggro’d

MQ2 - Identified as 'Legacy' in the Launcher
DeneCore - https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/denecore.1632/watch
⁃ Temporarily using my own mesh repo until Wire420 gets his sorted out - available here - https://github.com/BDeakins/DeneCore-Meshes)
⁃ All required plugins will be loaded automatically if not already enabled. They will be unloaded when macro ends.

/mac EpicReq - Basic start up command

Information and Recommendations:
⁃ Needs to be started in PoK.
⁃ You do not need the quest at start. It will get it for you.
⁃ Macro will automatically go to your bank and retrieve your Epic 2.0, 1.5, or 1.0. The quest requires you to carry it with you.
⁃ The macro will change your bind point to the Guild Lobby. DO NOT CHANGE BIND POINTS WHILE THE MACRO IS RUNNING.
⁃ The macro will determine the order of zones based on your class. It will do the zone with your class-specific event as early as is reasonable (in case you fail your class event, you haven't wasted 3 hours).
⁃ Macro will END a short distance from your class event.
⁃ Move forward to trigger the event (you will zone into an instanced version of your current zone).
⁃ When your class event ends, wait until you zone back to the regular version of zone.
⁃ Once you're in the regular version, just restart the macro. /mac EpicReq
⁃ Use of two Invis clickies, an invis AA, or (a LOT of) cloudy potions are HIGHLY recommended. If your class doesn’t have an AA invis, and a clickie isn’t specified in the INI, the macro will search your inventory for the two fastest-cast invis clickies and store them in the INI for you. If you don't have clickies, it will buy Cloudy Potions.
⁃ A Shrink clickie, AA, or (a LOT) Philter of the Ant potions are HIGHLY recommended. If your class doesn’t have an AA shrink, and a clickie isn’t specified in the INI, the macro will search your inventory for the fastest-cast shrink clickie and store it in the INI for you. If you don't have a clickie, it will attempt to buy Philter of the Ant potions from the Bazaar.
⁃ Same as above for Levitation and IVU. Clickie, AA, or Pots. (It will buy them)
⁃ Combat support is minimal. (You may want to pause the macro and “handle yo’ bidness”).
⁃ You must attend to your toon while macro is in use.
⁃ Two hotkeys are recommended.
/noparse /hot PauseExp 1 /multiline ; /mqp on ; /docommand ${If[${Navigation.Active},/nav Pause,]}
/noparse /hot UnpauseExp 14 /multiline ; /mqp off ; /docommand ${If[${Navigation.Paused},/nav Pause,]}

Known Issues:
MQ2Nav dynamically determines the path through zones. I’ve tried to catch any funky pathing, but the possibility still exits to get stuck on a low hanging volcano or trip on a snowflake.
⁃ For the Epic Retelling, CLR and SHM need items from their 1.0 quest. Macro DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY RETRIEVE THESE.

Possible Updates:
⁃ Looking into automating the class events. No promises.

Special Thanks To
Hytiek - For re-energizing my excitement to write this, the many code fixes, and the testing...
License Name
© Denethor, 2019
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