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Int64 represents integers with values that range from negative 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 through positive 9,223,372,036,854,775,807

This Data Type is added by core MacroQuest.
int64 is used as a return type by these members:  [ Toggle ]

Page Member Description
advlootitem ID
alertlist GuildID
buff CountersCorruption
Dar The remaining damage absorption of the buff (if any). This is not entirely accurate, it will only show you to the Dar of your spell when it was initially cast, or what it was when you last zoned (whichever is more recent).
character AAVitality The total number of AA Vitality you have
CareerFavor Career favor/tribute
Cash Total cash on your character, expressed in coppers (eg. if you are carrying 100pp, Cash will return 100000)
CashBank Total cash in your bank, expressed in coppers
CountersCurse Number of curse counters you have
CountersDisease Number of disease counters you have
CountersPoison Number of poison counters you have
CurrentFavor Current favor/tribute
Dar Damage absorption remaining (eg. from Rune-type spells)
Exp Returns your current level's exp out of 10,000
GuildID Returns the ID number of your guild
TotalCounters this case adds and returns all resist Counters
Vitality Returns current vitality
VitalityCap Returns your vitality cap
DanNet ObserveReceived[<query>] Returns timestamp of last received observation. short version: OReceived
QueryReceived[<query>] Returns the timestamp of last received query. short version: QReceived
DanObservation Received Timestamp of last received query or observation, e.g. ${DanNet.Query.Received} You can get a more specific result by providing the query and peer, e.g. ${DanNet[tankname].Query[Me.PctHPs].Received} or ${DanNet[clericname].Observe[Target.ID].Received}
DPSAdv MyDamage My total damage
PetDamage My pet's damage.
TotalDamage The combined value of mine and my pet's damage.
everquest HWND Window handle.
int64 Reverse
item BuyPrice The cost to buy this item from active merchant
macro RunTime How long the macro has been running (in seconds)
pointmerchantitem Price Price of item
spawn CurrentHPs
PctHPs Percent hit points
spell Base
CounterNumber The number of counters that the spell adds
timestamp Hours Number of hours remaining in the timestamp (1hr 23min 53 seconds will return 1)
Minutes Number of Minutes remaining in the timestamp (1hr 23min 53 seconds will return 23)
Raw Remaining time value represented in milliseconds
Seconds Number of Seconds remaining in the timestamp (1hr 23min 53 seconds will return 53)
Ticks Remaining time value represented in ticks
TotalMinutes Total number of remaining minutes in the timestamp (1hr 23min 53 seconds will return 83)
TotalSeconds Total number of remaining minutes in the timestamp (1hr 23min 53 seconds will return 5033)
zone ZoneFlags


Type Member Description
double Double
float Float
int HighPart
int64 Reverse
string Hex
To String The number


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