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IRL - What is the basic minimum for boxing (1 Viewer)

Jul 22, 2020
Bit confused already .... Am I right in thinking you need Very Vanilla then an assortment of plugins for boxing or is Kissassist a collection of plugins that sits in Very Vanilla?


Jun 28, 2014
VeryVanilla has everything you need. KissAssist one of the macros that comes with VeryVanilla. There's a couple great getting started guides as well as Sic's video library that can help you get started. Most of the plugins are included with VeryVanilla, though some authors do charge for their plugins. I personally don't use any paid plugins and I get along fine. (Not to say you shouldn't use them, mind, just that I personally don't).

The question is often about what you want to spend your time on. For me, tweaking macros is part of the fun. If you want something that "just works" you'll probably want to use RGMercs (included with VeryVanilla), X-Gen (included with VeryVanilla), or one of CWTN's plugins (paid) since those will do the setup for you.
Nov 30, 2019
I would download the launcher and very vanilla. The I would look up Sic's new user guide there is alot of info and several videos that will help you get setup. After that I would look at the kissassist main page https://www.redguides.com/community/threads/kissassist-instructions-settings-info.26002/ on how to configure ini files or visit the ini library for a pre written ini file. After that Im sure you would have all of your basic questions answered. You will however have many more specific questions after that.


Nihil ᛗ
May 5, 2016
First post - lot;s to learn but I'm working my way through the video guides - looking forward to getting my hands dirty lol :)
howdy and Welcome Kane! we're lucky to have you.

The official RedGuides Starter Vids will get you from zero to hero in 30m or less.

> HERE <

These will help you get VV installed, mq2nav installed and setup, mq2autologin, eqbc, and some kissassist basics and you'll have a great base to start


Well-known member
Jan 29, 2021
from experience do it as you watch the videos. it will get you to where you can get a basic understanding. i spent 2 weeks watching videos goin huh???? but when i did it and paused did a step. watch pause did a step i was able to get things to work. I am far from being good at this but i am able to box way more efficient. im still long ways to go but just do it as you watch will make alot more sense,
Jul 10, 2018
Macroquest is like the foundational platform.
Very Vanilla is the flavour of Macroquest that Redguides supports. There are other flavours of Macroquest
User functionality (information, communication, quality of life, and automation) is delivered by plugins and macros.
Plugins are applications (in the classic sense of the word)
Macros are scripts (uncompiled code)

In general, something that is more technical in nature (eg navigation) will most likely be solved by a plugin whereas something more customised or general will be solved by a macro (eg re-order my inventory)

There are many different ways of solving ‘your problem’. Several plugins and many macros do similar things and have overlapping functionality. But broadly,
1) EQBC or MQ2Dannet handle communications (command and control instructions) between clients (tell character Y to do something from character X)
2) KissAssist, MuleAssist, and RGMercs are the broadest multi-class solutions for character automation. There are others like XGen and Modbot. CWTN and Sic have an (ever increasing) range of excellent class specific plug and play plugins
3) there are a range of information plugins, like DPS trackers, kill trackers, status (aa, tribute, invis), and
4) a panoply of macro resources, like explorer (run around the world), bag sorting, mission flipping , and fishing

Read a lot, as others above have said, there a bunch of guides, and an active discord group for ‘phone a friend’ or ‘ask the audience’ when a problem is stumping you.

Jun 18, 2014
The requirements for 6 toons on one computer is multi core CPU around 1500mb of ram per instance (can reduce it to around 500 to 600 per instance later) a gpu that is directx 10 compatible and should be good to go, and of coarse 6 accounts

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