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Discussion - Hows RGs doing as it's been 3 months for me? (1 Viewer)


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Jan 31, 2023
I quit playing after Wife passed away on May 11th and was curious how things are going here?

I will be back into EQ eventually, but wife was a bit of a hoarder and I been busy cleaning out the house for past few months. Lots of trips to Goodwill and other full loads each week for trash pickup. Not as bad a hoarder as TV shows, but she was trying hard :P

I have MQ2Eskay, MQ2Shaman and MQ2Mage and also Sic's 120 Bard .ini. So anything major going on with them?

Also had my Sabrent Rocket 4TB NVME M.2 crash 2 weeks ago and now I just got everything up and running again and still have to do all of RGs all over, lots of fun. Forgot to backup all my files onto the other PC so even more fun having to do it all from scratch.
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Sorry to hear about your loss!

Other than some small changes, they are operating amazing as always!

Enjoy the journey of returning and try to maintain a smile basically starting over
My condolences for your loss. Major life changes are never easy on all fronts.

Things are going well here. We hope to have you back in the near future.
Sorry about your loss <3

One of the great things about EQ is no matter how much life goes on, eq has always been here when we're ready.
Discussion - Hows RGs doing as it's been 3 months for me?

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