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Combat Assist MQ2Mage 585

Other Authors
Software Requirements
Redguides Level 2 membership to access up to date Macroquest from --Redguides ONLY--
MQ2Nav (Optional, included with VV)
MQ2MoveUtils (Optional, included with VV)
Server Type
  1. Live
  2. Test Server

2021 ESA Winner
Redguides Exclusive - NO, this won't work on the other guys build.


MQ2Mage window as of 6/15/2021

DPS testing results, 119 Luck, pretty much max AA (45.3kish)
Average DPS over long period of time. All combat took place primarily in ToV, with some CoV combat

Breakdown for above fights.

Zlandicar fights are an approximation, tried getting screenshot at 5% health.

not max AA (30kish)

Nearly Max AA (41.8kish AA) 119 Luck (Basically CoV crafted gear)

Some AA Suggestions and info:

Passive AAs
-- Utility
Mnemonic Retention - More Gemslots.
Companion's Suspension - as a passive effect, makes your pet a valid target for group spells.
Conjurer's Efficiency - 70% chance not to consume summon pet components. Reclaim Energy = 300% return. Reduced Cast times for some spell lines
Persistent Casting - 66% chance to regain your concentration when stunned. (Rank 15)
Secondary Forte - Secondary Spell specialization
Spell Casting Subtlety - Reduce aggro from attacks and spell cast by 68% (Rank 36)

-- Damage
Conjurer's Synergy (Triggered by Riotous Servant/Remote Riotous Servant)
Focus: Bolt of Molten Shieldstone (Bolt of Skyfire/Bolt of Molten Komatiite)
Focus: Capricious Fire (Fickle Conflagration, Chaotic Fire, Chaotic Inferno, Chaotic Pyroclasm)
Focus Spear of Molten Shieldstone (Spear of Molten Shieldstone, Spear of Molten Arcronite, Spear of Molten Komatiite)
Twincast - 5% chance to twincast.
Destructive Fury - Increases damage dealt by Critical DD spells by 355% (Rank 41)
Fury of Magic - Increases your chance to land critical hit with your DD Spells by 57% (Rank 30)
Extended Swarm - Increase duration of Swarm pets by 20 seconds (Rank 15)
Quick Damage - Reduced cast time on DD spells by 20% (Rank 10)
Theft of Essence - Shock of Many has 45% chance to empower all standard pets in 60 ft, and all swarm pets for 4 minutes.
Twinproc - 21% chance to twincast your weapons detrimental combat-activated spells. (Sympathetic Surge of Ice for example)

-- Mana endurance
Gift of Mana - 10% chance to reduce cost of next cast to 1 point of mana (Make sure you have level appropriate version)
Mental Clarity - Increases mana regeneration by 45 points. (Rank 45)
Mental Stamina - Increases max mana by 8550 (Rank 48)
Expansive Mind - Increases maximum that your mana regen can be raised with items by 45
Spell Casting Mastery - Reduces mana cost by 15% (rank 4)

-- Healing
Healing Gift

-- Survival
Armor of Wisdom - Raise AC
Combat Agility - Raise avoidance
Combat Stability - increase AC Softcap
Delay Death - More unconscious health.
Discordant Defiance - Increase max resist value.
Energetic Attunement - Increase Health Regen from items.
General Sturdiness - Increases maximum health.
Innate Regeneration - Increases Health Regen
Innate Spell Resistance - Can you guess?
Mystical Attuning - Increases the number of buffs you can have by 24
Mystical Shield - 5% chance to completely resist detrimental spells.
Natural Durability - Increases maximum base health (based on stamina)
Planar Power - Stat caps
First release
Last update
4.57 star(s) 21 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Jul 7 2022

    MQ2Mage - Added XTargetBuffing
  2. April 25 2022

    MQ2Mage - fixed combatmemorize
  3. 3-9-2022

    - fixed summon item issue

Latest reviews

This plugin takes a rookie mage player and teaches them what a mage is supposed to be like. Excellent addition to the entire VV package. Only thing to even consider as an issue is when it rests you underwater in hunter mode. :p
Love it!! Have had 0 issues with it plays the class very good1
This is what I was looking for the whole time.
Sustained dps around the 1 million mark, impressive plugin, top marks
Absolutely amazing. Love it. Together with Shd, Ber and Clr, have added this back to the lineup after testing it before launch. Makes you want to roll a 6 man Mage team.

Thanks for making this work so well, right out of the box.
Finally give up my Druid and go for Mage, u won’t regret to try this plug-in
I arrogantly thought my mage ini was pretty good, wow was I wrong! DPS increase is very impressive! Great work on this plugin!
Great plugin!
I love it but just one draw back for me, it just keep casting summon Imperative minion over and over over till i run out of mana or i pause can u help to get it to stop
Yes, but you should post your issue to the discussion thread so that we can have a discussion. The reviews is not a place to discuss issues.
This is the only mq2 plugin that has given me any trouble so far. 1, the summon weps often repeats and you end up with a million bags with the 2 enrage weps left in them. 2, having issues with the mage melee'ing, 3, today the plugin shows up as corrupt. When I redownload it gives me an error message. These are very plug and play ready and I appreciate your hard work. I hope these are simple problems and I am just not able to find the solutions.
If you're having an issue with the plugin, you should post in the discussion thread so that we can try to resolve issues.