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Unmaintained XGen-Shaman (legacy)

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Software Requirements
mq2sqlite, mq2nav, mq2hud, mq2dannet
Server Type
🏢 Live
** mq2dannet needed as of update 1.97

This is a auto shaman with toggled options. Its pre-configured to run from the get go. It will malo, slow, heal, dot, group heal, x-tar heal, single tar heal, canni, buff, and use pets and do its best to survive .

Its pretty easy to set up, only requirements are that it be in a sub folder of macros called "xgen" " ex: macros\xgen\ ".
I have pre zipped it like this for ease of instalation.

only plugin required is sqlite. It has its own spell casting routine that i wrote for it. This is no where as complex as mq2cast plugin, but it works, and it was my first time ever writing anything like that.

Its a tad slugish at first on the first run as it builds the DB. But after that starting it is no issue.

** Buffs are ENABLED by default.

You must toggle on debuffs, dots, and what i call the CBN aka. Combat Nuker.
It chain casts frostline spells and Squalls when in combat. It will continue to do other functions that you have enabled also. Super fun to use!!! all is detailed in /cc

Builds a DB of named mobs, so it doesnt call for extra heals on trash or other false named. It will use swarm pets on named and heals start at 99%

HUD looks like this:

*** Even tho this says 85+ You are extremely limited to abilities at that level till you reach 95ish.
First release
Last update
4.80 star(s) 5 ratings

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Latest updates

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    Update Added 1 more check to Lupine Spirit (Tala'Tak), and also added a feature that if...
  2. clickie, no clickee, no its Clicky!!!

    Update Corrected a ShortName omission from clicky check. Clickies are on auto again!
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Latest reviews

Works Great! love the xdots, hotbutton generator, hud everyting. great job for sure. i do get an error, well i take it as an error, where i keep seeing this spammed in the MQ window. "There are no spawns matching: (0-200) pc ID: 14001" does this mean shaman is trying to target something not targetable or found? not sure if it is impacting anything or not.

Keep up the good work !
Thank you for the review! the no spawns matching was a targeting issue trying to get a invalid /target that i had for group main tank, its fixed. Ill release that patch now.
Thank you, just installed and so far works great! Only /cc loadhud not working with error: Hud "elements" not loaded
Thank you for the review. Your error is due to the plugin not being loaded. type " /plugin mq2hud load " and that should fix you up!
great macro, really easy to use after 8 weeks of adjusting....lol j/k, working better than i had originally thought it would, and am awaiting further updates, good job man!
Thank you for the review, yes its gone through a lot of adjustments, and will continue to do so as i add things, other things break. Sometimes i do code when the caffeine meter is on 0 and that makes more problems.. But ill allays strive to make it fun to use. Even if i have to make 100 patches.. Thank you again, and i Hope you continue to enjoy it.
Still playing with it but so far it’s great man, very diverse
Thank you for your review!
Very creative, well-written macro for the Shaman. The makebuttons ability is out of the box thinking at its best. More important, the macro makes for a very effective shaman. I love the combat nuker option (which weaves frostbitten gift followed by swell for excellent healing power). This is how I like to play my shaman.
Thank you for your review!! Glad your enjoying it!