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Combat Assist XGen

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Software Requirements
XGen-Bridge (Highly Recommended LUA GUI), MQ2Dannet, MQ2SQLite, MQ2Hud, MQ2Nav, MQ2Collections, MQ2lua
Server Type
🏢 Live Test

This is a multi class SqLite DB driven set of macros. Currently there are a few classes missing but are in the works to be made available ASAP.. Current Classes supported are :
Berserker, Bard, Beastlord, Cleric, Druid , Enchanter, Magician, Monk, Ranger, Rogue, Shadow Knight, Shaman, Warrior, Wizzard, Pally.
We are working on making this a Low level toon friendly set of macros, but it takes a lot of time to get all those spells entered and do the macros. Be patient if yours is not already a low level toon. Its coming.

Helpful links:

This Macro suit has a full set of user friendly tools. Like Pre-made hot buttons, a Head Up Display for your settings, pre-defined spells for great all around playing. For those of you who wish to make your own spell sets, you can. There are tools for that in game.
It also offers a 1 shot button for adding or removing clicky items to in combat or out of combat use. The macro will cast for you. Simply pick up your item, and click the button with item on cursor. Your done! Come give it a try, there is lots more to offer. Great Tanking, Great pulling on select classes. Currently SK, War, Rogue are pullers. Monk and Bard are in the works.

NOTE ( For the bard to Mez, you actually need the Songs loaded. 1 AE, 1 Single Target ) Yes the bard does a wonderful job at mezzing!

Also Warrior and Sk both need bandoleers labeledTanking 2hander and (the war only) 1hs

HUD Examples.

BUTTON Example

Example of /cc listvars. this shows you all the abilities the Class is currently using. You can change these with /cc byos See in game command for more.
Source Repository
[git] Automation options?
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Last update
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Latest updates

  1. Enchanter aura update

    Just a minor aura update for enchanters, fixes low level chanters with Rk II and III spell...
  2. ENC Aura fix, Ranger Spells in DB now.. No really.

    Fixed Enchanter auras, will now recast properly. Actually updated the DB with Ranger spells...
  3. CLR updates, RNG spells to 125

    Added DI Toggle for Clerics and removed raid check. This is ON by default, use /cc dodi to...

Latest reviews

Make sure you Get Xgen bridge i was started using it with out it and wow makes it 100x better The dev who made this program is great helps out with all my questions
At the time of this review, I use Xgen for: PAL, SHM, BRD, DRU, and MAG.

I've been using XGen for just a couple of days now but I must say I'm very impressed! It provides macs for all classes and offers a nice range of class specific options you can change to fit your needs. Also, the author Aipoc has been very accommodating in answering any questions or issues that I have; thanks for taking the time Aipoc!

Personally, Xgen is a godsend for me as I'm usually running/leveling several boxes at once and maintaining separate KissAssist ini's was getting the best of me. If you're in a similar boat or just looking for a "All-in-one" mac, I highly recommend this!
Thank you., Glad I could help!
So as I'm writing this review I'm thinking of how this has changed EQ for me, the phrase that comes to mind is ease of use. I am far below the level than what the product is intended for,( a 39 Shadow Knight) but this mac has an amazingly helpful author Aipoc76 who took hours (Yes I mean several hours out of his day to help me make it work for my lowbie character, and explained a myriad of features of it) To say I'm impressed is an understatement. Thanks again Aipoc I look forward to seeing this macro evolves.
Your welcome, hope you continue to have fun. !
Awesome mac!
I use the RNG, BRD, SHM, MAG and occasionally the CLR ones. Exceptionally happy with the design, easy of use, and overall performance. Builders are helpful and very responsive to questions or problems. Recommend this for anybody looking for a drop in and run tool.
Runs well with minimal setup, great support and questions answered, and it works on an ever growing list of classes. If you start running it on one toon, i bet you put it on all the others.