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Utility MQ2ToolTip

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ChatWithThisName (Original Maskoi)
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Wiki Manual
MQ2ToolTip - Mouse over any NPC or player to see MQ2 info about them in the Tooltip window. Credit to Brainiac for the idea.


Make sure your hud is on either by hitting the F11 key or by typing /hud always


Rich (BB code):
/tooltip on|off - {Enables or disables the Tooltip window)
/tooltip autoclear on|off - (clears the tooltip window if you move the mouse)
/tooltip cleartimer <ms> - (Sets the number of milliseconds tooltip shoud wait before if clears the window if autoclear is on
/tooltip follow on|off - (Will follow the mouse around)
/tooltip guild on|off - (Will display Guild tag in the tooltip as when mousing over playersl)

Download the latest compile.
Download and copy the MQUI_ToolTipWnd.xml file into your Evequest>UI>Default folder or Custom Ui folder
(You can also do this with the RGupdater. XML file is included in the compile in the UIFiles folder)
/plugin MQ2ToolTip
/loadskin - If you need to reload your UI
/tooltip on
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