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Combat Assist MQ2Rogue 2020-01-19

Added Hide/Sneak logic for out of combat

Moved Knifeplay and Executioner out of burns cycle and place for always use if no active disc and you don't have the rogue's fury buff. Knifeplay before Executioner.

Reconfigured the rogue's downtime section so that it will still sit/sneak while invis. it will sneak while moving, and hide once sneaking. Added Casting as a base case for not entering the downtime routine to reduce spam.
Don't start using Hide until level 3
Don't start using Backstab until Level 10
Pickpocket - removing entirely from plugin, this is what is causing the lockup, confirmed didn't happen before level 7 when I unlocked this skill, now is happening. (Thnx Kaen for the tip)

Should resolve issues where you were unable to click on things, open inventory/other windows/bags and allow other skills to fire properly.