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Combat Assist MQ2Monk 2020-05-21

Add DoCampfire option to automatically create campfires for you (without ever bringing up the window).
Add CampfireDistance option to set the Max distance from your current camp a campfire can be in the same zone.
Correct issue with seemingly random decision made by the puller to go on strike. The character was apparently
upset they had a buff that didn't stack with rez sickness.

Group Shrink clickies will now shrink pets.
SwitchWithMA will now clear your target if the MA has no target at all.

All Plugins - Will no longer chain cast clicky items that are prestiege when you are not on a gold acct.
Testing needed by members who have lifetime accounts.
Added in the ToV abilities/updates --- its possible they will add more, so i will keep updating it as it goes
Updated MQ2Monk to use both Firewalker's Precision and Doomwalker's Precision Strike (still not sure if this is intended that they are on diff timers, since I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere including the 4 guides i used, and the 6 kiss monk inis we have on the boards) @timmy thanks for that catch, some extra deeps is always nice
CWTN has made MQ2Monk Available For Purchase!
Made an MQ2Monk Overview Video discussing routines, some AA abilities, settings, puller information, etc.