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Combat Assist MQ2Monk 2570

CounterDisc is now gated behind ModernEndRegen and/or if you are burning
- removed Jab Through and Punch Through from Fists
- t9/t12 adjustments
- pre-86 usage of Drunk will be only during burn
- added missing command usage for UseDevAssault
- added missing help output for UseDevAssault
- added missing settings output for UseDevAssault
- added missing ini entry for UseDevAssault
- Added devastating Assault
- - burn / aoe
- corrected an issue with TigerClawT9
- UseTigerClaw was missing from the Command/FAQ (unreleased new ui)
- SwiftTailsEnd can now be adjusted with slash command
- Add autoskill for Flying Kick, Round Kick, Kick, Tiger Claw, Dragon Punch, and Tail Rake when appropriate to use the respective skills.
- fixed crash
-- sorry about that
MQ2Paladin: |
- Will now use Autoskill for bash