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Utility MQ2Map

Other Authors
lax, amadeus, brainiac, eqmule, alynel, Knightly, dannuic, ChatWithThisName
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
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🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu TLP Test

Wiki Manual
This plugin provides additional functionality to the in game map.

/mapfilter help|option [show|hide] [color R# G# B#]
/mapfilter help
- will show all current settings.
/Mapfilter show or /mapfilter hide

Set map to defaults: /mac map


/highlight [reset | <spawnfilter> | size | pulse | [color # # #]]Highlights the specified spawn(s). Accepts partial names or any terms from Spawn search.
/mapactivelayer [0 | 1 | 2 | 3]Changes active map layer.
/mapclickRun a command when you click a spawn on a map.
/mapfilter <type> [ <param> [<param>]...] [color [<r g b>]] [show|hide]Controls spawns and other markup displayed on the in-game map. Passing a type without any parameters will either toggle show/hide or disable. There's a nice GUI for these filters in /mqsettings
/maphide [<spawnsearch> | reset | repeat]This will hide spawns from the map, using Spawn search. Hidden spawns are in effect until you reset /maphide, or the mapped spawns are regenerated (such as changing certain map filters).
/maploc [size <10-200>] [width <1-10>] [color <r g b>] [radius <distance>] [rcolor <r g b>] [<yxloc> [<zloc>] | target] [label <text>] | remove [<index> | <loc>]Places a big X on a location. Helpful when you're given a loc and want to see it on the map. It's as simple as /maploc 1 2 3
/mapnames {target | normal} <namestyle> | resetControls how spawn names are displayed on the map, from minimal information to a very log name with ID#, class, race, level, etc.
/mapshow [<spawnsearch> | reset | repeat]This will show spawns on the map, using Spawn search. Shown spawns are in effect until you reset /mapshow, or the mapped spawns are regenerated (such as changing certain map filters).

/mapnames normal [%l %R %C] %N - %h%%

Will display all spawns in the following format:
[40 Human Banker] Banker Tawler - 100%
[70 Wood Elf Ranger] BillyBob - 100%

/highlight spawnname [color # # #] [reset]
Temporarily highlights spawnname on the in-game map
Color # # # can be used to specify an RGB value for the highlighted spawn(s)

TLOData Type(s)Description
MapSpawngroundspawnObject that's created when your cursor hovers over a spawn on the map
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Latest updates

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    Work-in-progress iteration of settings window for MQ2Map added. more to come in the future...
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    - Added two new /mapfilter options for CampRadius and PullRadius. - They add two new circles...