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Utility MQ2Map 1.0

Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
  1. Live
  2. Emu
  3. TLP
  4. Test Server
This plugin provides additional functionality to the in game map.

/mapfilter help|option [show|hide] [color R# G# B#]
/mapfilter help
- will show all current settings.
/Mapfilter show or /mapfilter hide

Set map to defaults: /mac map


Mapfilter Options
All Shows/hides all map items that have already been set to "show".
Aura Show/hide auras.
Banner Show/hide guild banner.
Campfire Show/hide campfire.
CastRadius # Show a cast radius circle around your own spawn on the map. Set to "hide" or "0" to disable.
Chest Show/hide chests.
Corpse Master toggle to show/hide all corpses (PC and NPC).
Custom searchfilter Set a custom filter, which can contain any filtering arguments from the Spawn Search page.
Group Whether group members should be listed in another color.
Ground Show/hide ground spawns.
Mercenary Show/hide mercenaries.
Menu Enable or disable the right-click context menu
Mount Show/hide mounts.
Named Displays only 'named' NPCs, other NPCs are filtered out (not perfect).
NormalLabels Toggles normal EQ (non-MQ2) label display.
NPC Show/hide all NPCs.
NPCConColor Whether the dots on the map should be the same as the NPCs con colors.
NPCCorpse Show/hide NPC corpses.
Object Show/hide destructible objects (as were implemented in Prophecy of Ro expansion), like catapults, tents, practice dummies, etc.
PC Show/hide all Player Characters.
PCConColor Whether the dots on the map should be the same as the PCs con colors.
PCCorpse Show/hide Player corpses.
Pet Show/hide pets.
SpellRadius # Show another radius circle around your own spawn. Functions the same way as CastRadius.
Target Show your target in a different color.
TargetLine Draw a line between yourself and your target.
TargetMelee Draw a melee range circle around your target.
TargetRadius # Draw a radius of # around your target. Using "hide" or "0" will disable the TargetRadius circle.
Timer Show/hide timers.
Trigger Show/hide trigger locations.
Trap Show/hide traps.
Vector Display heading vectors.
Untargettable Show/hide untargettable spawns.

Rich (BB code):
/mapfilter npc show
/mapfilter npc hide
/mapclick [ list | keycombo | clear ] command - Allows you to define custom commands to execute when right-clicking with a certain key combination on the in-game map.

List will show you the current mapclicks that have been defined.
Keycombo can be one or more of the following (multiple keys must be specified with +):
The default mapclicks are the following:

ctrl /maphide id %i Hides that spawn from the map
lalt /highlight id %i Highlights the clicked spawn

/mapnames [help] [ target|normal options ] - Sets how spawn names will be displayed on the MQ2 map, for your target or all other spawns.

Rich (BB code):
%n     The default unique "name" of the target, like "a_coyote34"
%N     The cleaned up name of the target, like "a coyote"
%h     Current HP percentage
%i     Spawn ID
%x     X coordinate
%y     Y coordinate
%z     Z coordinate
%R     Full race name (eg. Dwarf)
%r     3-letter race code (eg. DWF)
%C     Class full name (eg. Shaman)
%c     3-letter class code (eg. SHM)
%l     Level
%%     "%" sign

/mapnames normal [%l %R %C] %N - %h%%

Will display all spawns in the following format:
[40 Human Banker] Banker Tawler - 100%
[70 Wood Elf Ranger] BillyBob - 100%

/highlight spawnname [color # # #] [reset]
Temporarily highlights spawnname on the in-game map
Color # # # can be used to specify an RGB value for the highlighted spawn(s)
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