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Utility MQ2Map

Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
  1. Live
  2. Emu
  3. TLP
  4. Test Server

Wiki Manual
This plugin provides additional functionality to the in game map.

/mapfilter help|option [show|hide] [color R# G# B#]
/mapfilter help
- will show all current settings.
/Mapfilter show or /mapfilter hide

Set map to defaults: /mac map


/highlight [reset | <spawnfilter> | size | pulse | [color # # #]]Highlights the specified spawn(s). Accepts partial names or any terms from Spawn search.
/mapactivelayer [0 | 1 | 2 | 3]Changes active map layer.
/mapclickRun a command when you click a spawn on a map.
/mapfilter <type> [ <param> [<param>]...] [color [<r g b>]] [show|hide]Controls spawns and other markup displayed on the in-game map. Passing a type without any parameters will either toggle show/hide or disable. There's a nice GUI for these filters in /mqsettings
/maphide [<spawnsearch> | reset | repeat]This will hide spawns from the map, using Spawn search. Hidden spawns are in effect until you reset /maphide, or the mapped spawns are regenerated (such as changing certain map filters).
/maploc [size <10-200>] [width <1-10>] [color <r g b>] [radius <distance>] [rcolor <r g b>] [<yxloc> [<zloc>] | target] [label <text>] | remove [<index> | <loc>]Places a big X on a location. Helpful when you're given a loc and want to see it on the map. It's as simple as /maploc 1 2 3
/mapnames {target | normal} <namestyle> | resetControls how spawn names are displayed on the map, from minimal information to a very log name with ID#, class, race, level, etc.
/mapshow [<spawnsearch> | reset | repeat]This will show spawns on the map, using Spawn search. Shown spawns are in effect until you reset /mapshow, or the mapped spawns are regenerated (such as changing certain map filters).

/mapnames normal [%l %R %C] %N - %h%%

Will display all spawns in the following format:
[40 Human Banker] Banker Tawler - 100%
[70 Wood Elf Ranger] BillyBob - 100%

/highlight spawnname [color # # #] [reset]
Temporarily highlights spawnname on the in-game map
Color # # # can be used to specify an RGB value for the highlighted spawn(s)

TLOData Type(s)Description
MapSpawngroundspawnObject that's created when your cursor hovers over a spawn on the map
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Latest updates

  1. settings window and various fixes

    Work-in-progress iteration of settings window for MQ2Map added. more to come in the future...
  2. campradius and pullradius - @chatwiththisname

    - Added two new /mapfilter options for CampRadius and PullRadius. - They add two new circles...