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Utility MQ2Map 1.0

Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
This plugin provides additional functionality to the in game map.

/mapfilter help|option [show|hide] [color R# G# B#][/SIZE]
/mapfilter help
- will show all current settings.
/Mapfilter show or /mapfilter hide

Set map to defaults: /mac map


Mapfilter Options
All Shows/hides all map items that have already been set to "show".
Aura Show/hide auras.
Banner Show/hide guild banner.
Campfire Show/hide campfire.
CastRadius # Show a cast radius circle around your own spawn on the map. Set to "hide" or "0" to disable.
Chest Show/hide chests.
Corpse Master toggle to show/hide all corpses (PC and NPC).
Custom searchfilter Set a custom filter, which can contain any filtering arguments from the Spawn Search page.
Group Whether group members should be listed in another color.
Ground Show/hide ground spawns.
Merceneary Show/hide mercenaries.
Menu Enable or disable the right-click context menu
Mount Show/hide mounts.
Named Displays only 'named' NPCs, other NPCs are filtered out (not perfect).
NormalLabels Toggles normal EQ (non-MQ2) label display.
NPC Show/hide all NPCs.
NPCConColor Whether the dots on the map should be the same as the NPCs con colors.
NPCCorpse Show/hide NPC corpses.
Object Show/hide destructible objects (as were implemented in Prophecy of Ro expansion), like catapults, tents, practice dummies, etc.
PC Show/hide all Player Characters.
PCConColor Whether the dots on the map should be the same as the PCs con colors.
PCCorpse Show/hide Player corpses.
Pet Show/hide pets.
SpellRadius # Show another radius circle around your own spawn. Functions the same way as CastRadius.
Target Show your target in a different color.
TargetLine Draw a line between yourself and your target.
TargetMelee Draw a melee range circle around your target.
TargetRadius # Draw a radius of # around your target. Using "hide" or "0" will disable the TargetRadius circle.
Timer Show/hide timers.
Trigger Show/hide trigger locations.
Trap Show/hide traps.
Vector Display heading vectors.
Untargettable Show/hide untargettable spawns.
Rich (BB code):
/mapfilter npc show
/mapfilter npc hide
/mapclick [ list | keycombo | clear ] command - Allows you to define custom commands to execute when right-clicking with a certain key combination on the in-game map.

List will show you the current mapclicks that have been defined.
Keycombo can be one or more of the following (multiple keys must be specified with +):
The default mapclicks are the following:

ctrl /maphide id %i Hides that spawn from the map
lalt /highlight id %i Highlights the clicked spawn

/mapnames [help] [ target|normal options ] - Sets how spawn names will be displayed on the MQ2 map, for your target or all other spawns.

Rich (BB code):
%n     The default unique "name" of the target, like "a_coyote34"
%N     The cleaned up name of the target, like "a coyote"
%h     Current HP percentage
%i     Spawn ID
%x     X coordinate
%y     Y coordinate
%z     Z coordinate
%R     Full race name (eg. Dwarf)
%r     3-letter race code (eg. DWF)
%C     Class full name (eg. Shaman)
%c     3-letter class code (eg. SHM)
%l     Level
%%     "%" sign
/mapnames normal [%l %R %C] %N - %h%%

Will display all spawns in the following format:
[40 Human Banker] Banker Tawler - 100%
[70 Wood Elf Ranger] BillyBob - 100%

/highlight spawnname [color # # #] [reset]
Temporarily highlights spawnname on the in-game map
Color # # # can be used to specify an RGB value for the highlighted spawn(s)
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