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Syntax Key
Notation Description
Text without brackets or braces Required items
<Text inside angle brackets> Placeholder for which you must supply a value
[Text inside square brackets] Optional items
Vertical bar (|) Separator for mutually exclusive items; choose one
{Text | inside | braces} Set of required items; choose one
Ellipsis () Items that can be repeated
Syntax /mapfilter <type> [ <param> [<param>]...] [color [<r g b>]] [show|hide]
Description Controls spawns and other markup displayed on the in-game map. Passing a type without any parameters will either toggle show/hide or disable. There's a nice GUI for these filters in /mqsettings


Category Option Description
General help displays help
show|hide Will show or hide the type
<type> color [<r g b>] Will change the color of the specified type using RGB values. Omit RGB values to reset color to default.
Type All Shows/hides all map items that have already been set to "show".
Aura Show/hide auras.
Banner Show/hide guild banner.
Campfire Show/hide campfire.
CampRadius # Sets radius of camp circle to #. Omit or set to 0 to disable.
CastRadius # Show a cast radius circle around your own spawn on the map. Set to "hide" or "0" to disable.
Chest Show/hide chests.
Corpse Master toggle to show/hide all corpses (PC and NPC).
Custom <spawn search> [<params>] Set a custom filter, which can contain any filtering arguments from the Spawn search page. To turn off custom filters, pass custom with no options. e.g. /mapfilter custom note: The use of custom is a one time event, it is not persistent.
Group Whether group members should be listed in another color.
Ground Show/hide ground spawns.
Marker <type> <shape> [#] Change the marker shape for specified spawns. Passing a number at the end will change shape size. Accepted shapes: none/triangle/square/diamond. See examples below.
Mercenary Show/hide mercenaries.
Menu Enable or disable the right-click context menu
Mount Show/hide mounts.
Named Displays only 'named' NPCs, other NPCs are filtered out (not perfect).
NormalLabels Toggles normal EQ (non-MQ) label display.
NPC Show/hide all NPCs.
NPCConColor Whether the dots on the map should be the same as the NPCs con colors.
NPCCorpse Show/hide NPC corpses.
Object Show/hide destructible objects (as were implemented in Prophecy of Ro expansion), like catapults, tents, practice dummies, etc.
PC Show/hide all Player Characters.
PCConColor Whether the dots on the map should be the same as the PCs con colors.
Show/hide Player corpses.
Pet Show/hide pets.
PullRadius # Sets radius of casting circle to # (omit or set to 0 to disable)
SpellRadius # Show another radius circle around your own spawn. Functions the same way as CastRadius.
Target Show your target in a different color.
TargetLine Draw a line between yourself and your target.
TargetMelee Draw a melee range circle around your target.
TargetPath Draws EQ path to selected target.
TargetRadius # Draw a radius of # around your target. Using "hide" or "0" will disable the TargetRadius circle.
Timer Show/hide timers.
Trigger Show/hide trigger locations.
Trap Show/hide traps.
Vector Display heading vectors.
Untargetable Show/hide untargettable spawns.


  • Make named spawns appear as large triangles

/mapfilter marker named triangle 8

  • shows player pets within 800

/mapfilter custom pcpet radius 800

  • turn off custom filters

/mapfilter custom

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