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Utility MQ2FeedMe 4.2

Other Authors
A_Druid_00, pms, Woobs, MacQ, Eqmule, sym, ChatWithThisName
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
Live, Emu, TLP, Test Server
MQ2FeedMe - Food-handling plugin

Rich (BB code):
        /autodrink          -> Force manual drinking
        /autodrink 0        -> Turn off autodrinking
        /autodrink 3500     -> Set Level where plugin should drink
        /autofeed           -> Force manual feeding
        /autofeed 0         -> Turn off autofeeding
        /autofeed 3500      -> Set Level where plugin should eat
        /autofeed add       -> adds food from your cursor to the .ini list
        /autodrink add      -> adds drink from your cursor to the .ini list
        /autofeed reload    -> reload the .ini
        /autodrink reload   -> reload the .ini
        /autofeed list         -> list of foods on the .ini
Sample ini

Rich (BB code):
Drink1=Exquisite Elven Wine
Drink2=Refreshing Milk
Drink3=Honey Qeynos Afternoon Tea
Drink4=Water of Eternity
Drink5=Water flask
Drink6=pod of water

Food1=Decadent Jumjum Cake
Food2=Plump Sylvan Berries
Food3=Spicy Wolf Sandwich
Food4=Basilisk Eggs
Food6=Brasha Berries
Food7=Cactus Pulp
Food8=Chameleon Rat
Food9=Cobalt Rock Crab
Food10=Cockatrice Egg
Food11=Emerald Orange
Food12=Frontier Stink Beetles
Food13=Frost Turnip
Food16=Green Radish
Food17=Griffon Eggs
Food18=Habanero Pepper
Food19=Handful of Tea Twigs and Leaves
Food20=Hermit Crab
Food21=Honey Berry
Food22=Lichen Roots
Food24=Moldy Tea Leaf
Food25=Mud Crabs
Food27=Nifilik Egg
Food28=Phoenix Egg
Food29=Rabbit Meat
Food30=Ro Dates
Food31=Rockweed Bulb
Food33=Ruhiri Berries
Food34=Rujarkian Potato
Food35=Spikerattle Root
Food36=Sylvan Berries
Food37=Twisted Tuber
Food39=Vein Worm
Food40=Wild Cabbage
Food41=1 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food42=1 lb. Hynid Meat
Food43=2 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food44=2 lb. Hynid Meat
Food45=3 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food46=3 lb. Hynid Meat
Food47=4 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food48=4 lb. Hynid Meat
Food49=5 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food50=5 lb. Hynid Meat
Food51=6 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food52=6 lb. Hynid Meat
Food53=7 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food54=7 lb. Hynid Meat
Food55=8 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food56=8 lb. Hynid Meat
Food57=9 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food58=9 lb. Hynid Meat
Food59=10 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food60=10 lb. Hynid Meat
Food61=11 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food62=11 lb. Hynid Meat
Food63=12 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food64=12 lb. Hynid Meat
Food65=13 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food66=14 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food67=15 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food68=15 lb. Hynid Meat
Food69=Dragon Egg
Food70=Drake Egg
Food71=Wurm Egg
Food72=Rye of Eternity
Food73=aircrisp apple
Food74=Iron Ration

[Toon name here]
[Toon name here]
[Toon name here]
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Last update
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Latest updates

  1. Added an option to turn off consumption messages.

    added bAnnConsume --- the bAnnConsume toggle was done in the same way the rest of the plugin...
  2. code cleanup

    Updated CursorHasItem function (consultation from CWTN & Brainiac) changed instances of BOOL to...
  3. camp check

    -Updated MQ2Feedme.cpp to include a check if you are camping, so you don't interrupt camping out...

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