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Utility MQ2FeedMe

Other Authors
Sic, Knightly, A_Druid_00, pms, Woobs, MacQ, Eqmule, sym, ChatWithThisName, s0rCier
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Wiki Manual
MQ2FeedMe - Food-handling plugin which will eat/drink items that you specify, in order to keep your hunger/thirst below a certain level (and thus not eat your stat food). Keep your stat food in the top slot and enjoy permanent benefits while you eat normal food in other slots.

Video Guide by Sic

To turn on,
/autodrink 1
/autofeed 1
Add item on your cursor to force eat/drink (not your stat food!)
/autodrink add
/autofeed add
To turn off,
/autodrink 0
/autofeed 0

Full options:
Sample ini

Rich (BB code):
Drink1=Exquisite Elven Wine
Drink2=Refreshing Milk
Drink3=Honey Qeynos Afternoon Tea
Drink4=Water of Eternity
Drink5=Water flask
Drink6=pod of water
Drink7=Bottle of Milk

Food1=Decadent Jumjum Cake
Food2=Plump Sylvan Berries
Food3=Spicy Wolf Sandwich
Food4=Basilisk Eggs
Food6=Brasha Berries
Food7=Cactus Pulp
Food8=Chameleon Rat
Food9=Cobalt Rock Crab
Food10=Cockatrice Egg
Food11=Emerald Orange
Food12=Frontier Stink Beetles
Food13=Frost Turnip
Food16=Green Radish
Food17=Griffon Eggs
Food18=Habanero Pepper
Food19=Handful of Tea Twigs and Leaves
Food20=Hermit Crab
Food21=Honey Berry
Food22=Lichen Roots
Food24=Moldy Tea Leaf
Food25=Mud Crabs
Food27=Nifilik Egg
Food28=Phoenix Egg
Food29=Rabbit Meat
Food30=Ro Dates
Food31=Rockweed Bulb
Food33=Ruhiri Berries
Food34=Rujarkian Potato
Food35=Spikerattle Root
Food36=Sylvan Berries
Food37=Twisted Tuber
Food39=Vein Worm
Food40=Wild Cabbage
Food41=1 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food42=1 lb. Hynid Meat
Food43=2 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food44=2 lb. Hynid Meat
Food45=3 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food46=3 lb. Hynid Meat
Food47=4 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food48=4 lb. Hynid Meat
Food49=5 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food50=5 lb. Hynid Meat
Food51=6 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food52=6 lb. Hynid Meat
Food53=7 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food54=7 lb. Hynid Meat
Food55=8 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food56=8 lb. Hynid Meat
Food57=9 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food58=9 lb. Hynid Meat
Food59=10 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food60=10 lb. Hynid Meat
Food61=11 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food62=11 lb. Hynid Meat
Food63=12 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food64=12 lb. Hynid Meat
Food65=13 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food66=14 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food67=15 lb. Cragbeast Meat
Food68=15 lb. Hynid Meat
Food69=Dragon Egg
Food70=Drake Egg
Food71=Wurm Egg
Food72=Rye of Eternity
Food73=aircrisp apple
Food74=Iron Ration
Food75=Fresh Fish

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[Toon name here]
[Toon name here]
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Latest updates

  1. 20230219

    〰️Commits Update for v143 Addresses https://github.com/macroquest/macroquest/issues/635...
  2. The amazing bard!

    Bards can now eat & drink while singing
  3. Feigned Death Update

    Will no longer try and eat if you are feigning death.

Latest reviews

Works Great. Thanks.
I absolutely love this plugin. Autoforage your stuff with MQ2forage, and then automatically consume them to save your stat food.
The .ini is not terribly difficult to edit the order of things, such as adding Lichen Roots above Rabbit Meat, for instance.
nice one!