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Combat Assist MQ2Enchanter 05/01/2021

/enc help - shows the help menu
/enc show - Shows the CWTN UI window
/enc hide - Hides the CWTN UI window
/enc toggleui - Toggles visibility of the CWTN UI Window
/enc reload - updates the skills/abilities/discs, updates clickies from the INI etc.
/enc ShowSettings - Will output all the settings and their current values (IE: On/Off/true/false/their number value.
/enc missing - Shows what spells/tomes/abilities you are missing
/enc pause true/false/on/off/0/1 - Pauses the plugin from doing anything

/enc mode - Manual|Assist|Chase|Vorpal 0|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8
Has access to all of the CWTN plugin "Modes"
Mode 0 - Manual --- Manual
Mode 1 - Assist --- assist your MA and returns to camp
Mode 2 - ChaseAssist --- chasses and assists your MA
Mode 3 - Vorpal Mode (Assist but no camp or chase)
Mode 4 - Tank --- tank stuff
Mode 5 - PullerTank --- pull and then tank
Mode 6 - Puller Assist pull and then assist MA
Mode 7 - SicTank Mode --- sets a camp, and does tank stuff, but doesn't return/sit down
Mode 8 - Hunter Tank mode --- runs around and kills stuff

Raid Mode:
/enc RaidMode true/false/on/off/0/1 - Sets if you want to use the Raid Assist instead of the Main Assist for getting valid targets.
/enc RaidAssistNum 1-3 - Sets if you should use Raid Assist 1, 2, or 3 when in RaidMode

Pulling & Camp Related:
/enc CampRadius ## - Sets the campradius to the value provided. If no value is provided it outputs the current value.
/enc DisablePullAbility on/off/true/false/0/1 - allows you to disable the assigned pull ability
/enc Radius ## - This is your pull radius
/enc zRadius ## - This is your vertical pull radius
/enc zHigh ## - This is your vertical pull radius above you
/enc zLow ## - This is your vertical pull radius below you
/enc CampOverlapBuffer - is the distance out of Camp to help group members (assigned puller excluded).
/enc DoCampfire - Turns on dropping a campfire
/enc CampfireDistance ## - Create a new campfire if campfire is more than this distance from camp.
/enc Ignore - adds your target to the pullignores.ini file in your release folder - will skip this mob in the pull routine.
/enc Unignore - removes your target or typed name from your pullignores.ini file in your release folder.
/enc ShowIgnore - Outputs a list of NPC's being ignored. May show the previous zone if you haven't gone into puller mode in your current zone.
/enc Groupwatch - 1|2|3|4 - Everyone, CC&Healer, Healer, Self
/enc HpMedStart # - percentage of health you want to start waiting at.
/enc HpMedEnd # - percentage of health you want to stop waiting at.
/enc ManaMedStart # - percentage of mana you want to start waiting at.
/enc ManaMedEnd # - percentage of mana you want to stop waiting at.
/enc EndMedStart # - percentage of endurance you want to start waiting at.
/enc EndMedEnd # - percentage of endurance you want to stop waiting at.
/enc LevelMin # - Where # is the lowest level NPC you want to pull.
/enc LevelMax # - Where # is the maximum level NPC you want to pull.
/enc PullArc # - Sets an arc in the direction of your camp heading to the degress provided. Shows the Arc on the map displaying that area.
/enc GoToCamp - runs back to your camp (like if you were in sictank mode)
/enc debugpull on once - this will do 1 cycle of all the mobs and tell you why it isn't pulling mob by mob. This will notify you if you have no nav path, or out of zradius, or regular radius, or on ignore, etc.

/enc AutoAssistAt ## - Sets the autoassistat value to the number provided. If no number is provided it tells you what the current value is.
/enc AutoDismount true/false/on/off/0/1 - Automatically dismount from your horse
/enc AutoRemoveInvul true/false/on/off/0/1 - Automatically remove "Touch of the Divine" and similar
/enc AutoStandOnFeign true/false/on/off/0/1 - Sets if you want the plugin to automatically stand if you are Feigning
/enc UseAoE true/false/on/off/0/1 - Sets UseAoE to the provided value.
/enc AOECount ## - Use AoE at or above this number of mobs on XTarget
/enc BeepOnNamed true/false/on/off/0/1 - Beeps on named (when in a tank mode)
/enc BurnCount ## - Uses Burn at or above this number of mobs on XTarget
/enc BurnAllNamed on/off/true/false/0/1 - Sets using BurnAllNamed to the provided value.
/enc BurnAlways on/off/true/false/0/1 - Sets if you should always burn if a burn is up.
/enc BurnNow - will force a burn.
/enc ChaseDistance # - the distance at which you would like to move to your MA.
/enc StopBurnNow - will force stop "burn now".
/enc ForceAlliance true/false/on/off/0/1 - Force the plugin to use alliance.
/enc UseAlliance true/false/on/off/0/1 - Sets if you should use Alliance or not.
/enc StickSelection 0-9 - changes what "Stick Selection" you want to use for assist modes.
/enc SwitchWithMA true/false/on/off/0/1 - Sets if you want the berzerker to keep the MA's target during combat at all times.
/enc UseStick true/false/on/off/0/1 - Sets if you want the plugin to use MQ2MoveUtils to stick to a mob for combat (MQ2Nav will not go behind a mob)
/enc UseSwimFix true/false/on/off/0/1 - Will swim down to a mob to engage
/enc UseGlyph true/false/on/off/0/1 - Sets if you want to use the Glyph of Destruction line of Glyph's during Primary Burns

> See AddClicky Info <

Class Specific:

/enc aura for information
example: /enc aura 1 1 to make it use Learners Aura for aura 1
example: /enc aura 2 6 to make it use Twincast Aura for aura 2
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, for Mana, Learners, SpellFocus, CombatInnate, Disempower, Rune, Twincast

/enc AutoMezImmune true/false/on/off/0/1 - try and automatically add mobs to mez immune.
/enc broadcastmez true/false/on/off/0/1 - broadcasts mez usage (automagical eqbc/dannet detection)
/enc InterruptForMez true/false/on/off/0/1 - Interrupts non-mez spells if it needs to cast mez.
/enc UseCharm true/false/on/off/0/1 - Use Charm instead of pet
/enc UseDot true/false/on/off/0/1 - Use Dots
/enc UseHaste true/false/on/off/0/1 - Usage of haste
/enc UseMelee true/faose/on/off/0/1 - Use Melee
/enc UseMez true/false/on/off/0/1 - Mez stuff
/enc UseMindOverMatter true/false/on/off/0/1 - Use Mind Over Matter AA
/enc UseNightsTerror true/false/on/off/0/1 - Use Night's Terror
/enc UseNuke true/false/on/off/0/1 - Turn off nukes
/enc UsePhantasmal true/false/on/off/0/1 - Use Phantasmal Opponent
/enc UseReplication true/false/on/off/0/1 - Use Mana Replication
/enc UseShieldOfFate true/false/on/off/0/1 - Enables use of the Shield of Fate spell line
/enc UseSlow true/false/on/off/0/1 - Slows
/enc UseTash true/false/on/off/0/1 - Use Malo AA (or spell)
/enc SumAzureAt - What mana % minimum to summon Azure Crystal.
/enc UseAzureAt - What mana % to use Azure Crystal.
/enc SumSanguineAt - What mana % minimum to summon Sanguine Crystal.
/enc UseSanguineAt - What health % to use Sanguine Crystal.
/enc GatherManaAt - What mana % to use Gather Mana.

/enc ReportCA true/false/on/off/0/1 - Reports CA usage
/enc ReportAbility true/false/on/off/0/1 - Reports Ability Usage
/enc ReportCast true/false/on/off/0/1 - Reports Spell Casts
/enc ReportAutoDrop true/false/on/off/0/1 - Reports Auto Dropping
/enc ShowTargeting true/false/on/off/0/1 - Reports when we change target
/enc ReportAassist true/false/on/off/0/1 - Reports when we grab assist target