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Utility MQ2EasyFind

Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Recommended Together:
MQ2Nav plugin by Brainiac, included with Very Vanilla. EasyFind and MQ2Nav were made for each other! Use meshes in each zone for problem-free navigation.

An exclusive RedGuides plugin that works in conjunction with MQ2Nav plugin.
This plugin works with anything in the find window, including zone lines, to automate the navigation to said item.

Simple Usage:
At the most basic level, there is no specific command line syntax required for this plugin. Bring up the find window, click, and away you go. Press any movement key to stop EasyFind. It works best with MQ2Nav (with a nav mesh for the zone) to run you flawlessly to the person/zone line selected from your EQ's FIND window (CTRL+F).

This video shows its basic usage, before command lines options were released:

Advanced Usage:
MQ2EasyFind has command line support.

Rich (BB code):
/easyfind "Description"
Any description from the "Find Window" (CTRL + F) will work. This includes NPCs and zones.

If you're in an adjacent zone, type this to go to West Freeport.
/easyfind "West Freeport"

EasyFind works without MQ2Nav, or in zones where you don't have an MQ2Nav mesh. Having MQ2Nav with meshes will give far better navigation performance, so mesh-less navigation should be considered a fallback for the lazy.

MQ2EasyFind.ini can be used to fix issues with mesh-less navigation

This video demonstrates mesh-less navigation:

${EasyFind.Items} (returns count of the list)[/CODE]
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Would be perfect if able to invoke the Zone Guide feature from command, e.g. /bcga //zoneguide "The Plane of Knowledge"