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Utility MQ2Camera

Other Authors
Knightly, brainiac
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Wiki Manual
plugin to manipulate the game's third person camera.


Currently this provides a distance option that lets you zoom the camera further away from your character.

Rich (BB code):
/camera distance # [save] - Set a new maximum distance. Cannot be lower than the default max camera distance. (/camera distance 500)
/camera distance reset [save] - Reset the camera distance to the default
/camera info - show the current settings for the camera distance

If save is specified in a command, the value will be written to the INI file and automatically applied the next time the plugin is loaded.

Sic did a little video demonstrating it here:
The save portion in the video isn't broken - Sic was doing it wrong.
/camera distance # save works as is in the instructions
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  1. misc cleanup

    Knightly: https://github.com/brainiac/MQ2Camera/commit/6e09413873ab808152383c658b5e8d92ad37bc15