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EasyFind is a plugin that helps get you around EverQuest
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Authors eqmule, brainiac, Knightly, Kazadoom_32
Software type Plugin
Config file EasyFind.yaml, ZoneConnections.yaml

Maintained Yes and supported
Acknowledgements MQ2Nav

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EasyFind is a plugin that helps get you around EverQuest, and while the heavy lifting and actual character movement is provided by the Nav plugin, EasyFind tells it where to go.

EasyFind provides two main categories of functionality:

  1. Finding locations in the current zone.
  2. Navigating to other zones.

You can interact with this plugin in the following ways:

  • Ctrl+click on items in the Find window (opens with Ctrl+F by default)
  • The /easyfind command - find locations in the current zone
  • The /travelto command - travel to another zone

You can also access settings for EasyFind through /mqsettings


Syntax Description
/easyfind [search term] | group [command] | stop | reload <file> | ui | migrate | nav [nav command] Finding locations in the current zone.
/travelto [zonename] | [zonename] @ [easyfind command] | group [command] | activate | stop | dump Find a route to the specified [zonename] (short or long name) and then follow it.



It's best to configure EasyFind's settings through the user interface, /easyfind ui, but here's an example config/EasyFind.yaml,

GroupPlugin: auto # specifies which group communication plugin you want to use, eqbc, dannet, etc.
GlobalLogLevel: debug # the global log level. default is info
DisabledTransferTypes: [] # disabled transfer types. e.g. Portal, Tree, Rubble, etc. Best set through the UI. 
ColoredFindWindow: true # Use colors on the find window
DistanceColumn: true # include distance column on find window
SilentGroupCommands: true # squelch group commands to avoid spam
VerboseMessages: false # turn on verbose messaging, helps with debugging
NavLogLevel: error # logging level for issues related to Nav
Colors: # color settings for added and customized locations
    AddedLocation: "#63fa4d"
    ModifiedLocation: "#2cb7f8"


EasyFind uses EverQuest's Zone Guide as well as some internal logic to find connections between zones and traverse them. Sometimes these connections are not reliable or don't exist, so we use ZoneConnections.yaml to fill in the blanks. This is especially needed for teleport NPCs because the Zone Guide and Find Window do not provide any information about them.

This file can be edited, but it will be overwritten during patches. You are encouraged to submit any fixes to the linked repository so they can be shared by all. What follows is a partial example with comments,


    southro: # zone short name
        -   type: Translocator # type of connection, can be: Translocator, ZoneConnection
            name: Magus Jerira # name of the translocator. If name includes a hash sign, wrap it in quotes e.g. '#Translocator Deela'
            keyword: Nedaria's Landing # the phrase your character must say to the translocator
            targetZone: nedaria # the target zone's short name
            expansion: Lost Dungeons of Norrath # the xpac this zone is first required
        -   type: Translocator
            name: Magus Jerira
            destinations: # When a translocator offers multiple destinations
                -   keyword: Butcherblock
                    targetZone: butcher
                -   keyword: Commonlands
                    targetZone: commonlands
                -   keyword: Everfrost
                    targetZone: everfrost
                -   keyword: North Ro
                    targetZone: northro
            expansion: Lost Dungeons of Norrath
            requiredAchievement: 500980300 # the achievement required for this Translocator
        -   type: ZoneConnection
            switch: 20
            targetZone: everfrost
            replace: false # if false, we won't replace any built-in information if it exists.
        -   type: ZoneConnection
            targetZone: feerrott2
            name: 'Feerrott: The Dream' # zone long name
            switch: 4 # the switch ID. The switch name is also accepted, e.g. POKOGPORT500  
            script: | # the Lua script to run once arriving at the switch.
                -- Wait for window to open and click the button on the left
                mq.delay('5s', function() return mq.TLO.Window('LargeDialogWindow').Open() end)
                if mq.TLO.Window('LargeDialogWindow').Open() then
            scriptFile: example.lua # (editor's note: untested.) If the script is too long, leave "script: |" empty and provide a file here.
            expansion: House of Thule
        -   type: ZoneConnection
            location: [-2290, 95, -160] # If you walk across a zone-line, provide the location
            targetZone: akheva
            identifier: 2 # if there are multiple entrances to the same zone, list the unique identifier
        -   type: ZoneConnection
            location: [-2310, 235, -160]
            targetZone: akheva
            identifier: 1

Switch names and ID's can be found with the Command:/doors


A third YAML file, resources/ZoneGuide.yaml, is created when you run /travelto dump. This is not a config file, rather it's a collection of interesting zone information sent from the server to the client, which provides us an easy way to tell if and when something has changed. It contains information on continents, zone types, transfer types, ID's, min level, max level, basically everything you want to know about zones.

Find Window

Note the title: "CTRL-CLICK" to navigate

EverQuest's in-game "Find Window" is opened by default with CTRL+F, and EasyFind modifies this in some neat ways.

  • Ctrl+Click on destination to move there with Nav
  • Ctrl+Shift+Click for group to move to destination with Nav

EasyFind uses the Find window to find locations in the current zone. This list can be augmented by modifying the ZoneConnections.yaml as described above. By default, green zone names are added by EasyFind, white EverQuest, and blue modified by EasyFind.

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