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Utility MQ2Events

Other Authors
Bardomatic, Sic, brainiac, eqmule
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Wiki Manual
MQ2Events - Ini-determined, event driven.

MQ2Events allows you to configure a reaction to any text-based event. For example, if you want to /cry when the text "has become ENRAGED" appears, you're in the right place.

If the event doesn't make text, such as entering a body of water, you should use MQ2React.

/event [option] [<name> <trigger text | command text>]Adds, lists, deletes, and controls all events
/eventdebug [on|off]Turns event debugging on or off

Ini file name:
MQ2Events_CharacterName.ini i.e. MQ2Events_Bob
or you can have a generic "MQ2Events.ini" if no character name ini is defined

trigger=trigger text
command=command to execute when triggered

ini example entries
Rich (BB code):
trigger=#*#says out of character, 'cc#*#
command=/if (${Zone.ID}==703) /ooc Beget Cube

trigger=#*#says out of character, 'camp check#*#
command=/if (${Zone.ID}==703) /ooc Beget Cube

trigger=|${Target.DisplayName}| has become ENRAGED#2#
command=/attack off

trigger=#1# tells you, #2#
command=/tell relaytargetname ${EventArg1} told me, '${EventArg2.Mid[2,${Math.Calc[${EventArg2.Length}-2]}]}'

trigger=#1#To join the group, click on the 'FOLLOW' option, or 'DISBAND' to cancel.#2#
command=/timed ${Math.Calc[${Math.Rand[30]}+40]} /keypress ctrl+i

trigger=#1#To join the raid click the accept button in the raid window or type /raidaccept.#2#
command=/timed ${Math.Calc[${Math.Rand[30]}+40]} /raidaccept

2 Common Issues:

1. Ensure you have created your MQ2Events_ToonName.ini file in your RELEASE folder for legacy MQ2 or CONFIG folder for MacroQuest
2. Ensure the file is "MQ2Events_ToonName.ini" where ToonName is your dude like MQ2Events_Bob.ini --- you can't have MQ2Events_Bob.ini.ini or MQ2Events_Bob.ini.txt to verify your file type is correct:

open your release/config folder, Click the "View" tab

Move over to the right and select "File Name Extensions"

Then you should see your MQ2Events_ToonName.ini files
This is correct

This is NOT Correct

once you have correctly setup your mq2events file
and you have /event on

doing an /event list will display your "active events"

if you don't see the event, trying doing an /event load and try again

TLOs added by MQ2Events:

TLOData Type(s)Description
EventArg1Holds a string set by MQ2Events trigger #1#
EventArg2Holds a string set by MQ2Events trigger #2#
EventArg3Holds a string set by MQ2Events trigger #3#
EventArg4Holds a string set by MQ2Events trigger #4#
EventArg5Holds a string set by MQ2Events trigger #5#
EventArg6Holds a string set by MQ2Events trigger #6#
EventArg7Holds a string set by MQ2Events trigger #7#
EventArg8Holds a string set by MQ2Events trigger #8#
EventArg9Holds a string set by MQ2Events trigger #9#
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