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Utility MQ2Bandolier 3.0

Other Authors
Wassup, woobs
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
Live, Emu, TLP, Test Server
Slot # & Name
0 charm
1 leftear
2 head
3 face
4 rightear
5 neck
6 shoulder
7 arms
8 back
9 leftwrist
10 rightwrist
11 ranged
12 hands
13 mainhand
14 offhand
15 leftfinger
16 rightfinger
17 chest
18 legs
19 feet
20 waist
21 powersource​
Rich (BB code):
/createset <setname> slotname1|slotnumber slotname2|slotnumber2 ... (slotname21|slotnumber22)
Creates a set in MQ2Bandolier_<CharName>.ini using the selected equipment slots. If you use the name of an existing set, it will be over-written.
/deleteset <setname>
Deletes the specified setname from the characters ini.
/equipset <setname>
Equips all items of the specified set.
/createset ThisSet chest mainhand offhand
/createset ThisSet 17 13 14
Both of the above examples will create the following ini entry:
/deleteset ThisSet
Deletes the ThisSet section in the ini
/equipset ThisSet
Equips all of the items from the ThisSet section in the ini
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